However, Ling Yi had [Aeolus’ Call].
His ability to control the wind was not something that [Howling Wind] could compare to.

Seeing the Desert Mummies getting closer and closer, he willed a rising air current to blow him and Sister Yun into the air.

“Ah!!” Yun Zixiao yelped in surprise and stopped whistling as her feet left the ground.
She was blown up to a height of over 30 meters by the updraft.

“You did this?!” She turned to Ling Yi, the shock still on her face.

“Yes,” Ling Yi floated to the side naturally, “The Desert Mummies are getting too close.
Instead of standing there and waiting for our demise, why not run?”

“That’s…” Yun Zixiao was speechless for a moment.

She didn’t expect the person beside her to have such a superb ability to control the wind.
He could suppress the storm in the desert while still having the strength to blow them off the ground.

‘How high must his magic attribute be!‘ She was both surprised and secretly in awe.

“Thank you,” She said sincerely.

At first, she had overestimated herself and thought that with the Whistle Of The Undead, she could easily get them an A rank.

Now, it seemed that the guy beside her was more reliable than her.

[Congratulations! You have successfully cleared the Trial Event “Storm Desert”]

[You have successfully survived for 20 minutes in this trial and have received the score: S rank!]

[Congratulations! You’ve obtained a Support Skill: [Elemental Martial Body (S)], [Destruction Continuation (S)]]

[You have obtained: [One Heart Contract]!]

Just as Ling Yi returned home, he received a message from Nightingale before he got the chance to examine the items in detail.

[Nightingale_Chirping: Thank you very much! Without you, I would never have been able to obtain the S-rank Support Skill!]

Since they scored an S on the trial, both of them received (S) grade Support Skills.

[01: No need to be so polite.
The Support Skill is for me too, so, of course, I want it to be of a higher grade.]

[Nightingale_Chirping: Yes, Yes!(゚∀゚〃)]

[Nightingale_Chirping: I received an S grade “Destruction Continuation”.
So are we going to be Support Partners now?]

Because Ling Yi had the ‘Probability Reversal’, he immediately obtained the Elemental Martial Body, the hardest skill to get.

And his “would-be” Support Partner seemed to be quite lucky too.


Soon, the two of them completed the Support Bond.

[Congratulations! Your Support Bond with player “Nightingale_Chirping” has been officially confirmed!]

Ling Yi opened his personal stats and looked at them carefully.

[Name: Ling Yi]

[Level: 30 (0/12400)]

[Talent: Probability Reversal]

[Strength: 38]

[Mana: 100+450 (attributes copied)]

[Agility: 3+127 (support)]

[Physique: 3+260 (treasure)]

[Endurance: 3]

[Skills: Starfall (4 Stars) (Room to grow), Attribute Duplication (6 Stars), Ice Emperor Summoning (10 Stars), Eye of Truth (4 Star), Aeolus’ Call (10 Stars)]

[Remaining Star Slots: 29]


[Treasure: Dream Sacred Star (A)]

[Support Skill: Elemental Spirit Blade (S), Elemental Martial Body (S), Destruction Continuation (S)]

[Combat Power: An absolute powerhouse with overwhelming strength in beginner maps]

In five days, he had jumped from the lowest level player to the absolute strongest in the beginner maps!

Even to the extent that the current him would dare to launch an official attack on the Beast King tomorrow!

“All of the Ice Emperor’s attributes are now at 450 points.
She is much stronger than yesterday.
And I’ve become even stronger.”

Ling Yi clenched his fists.
There’s a hint of excitement in his eyes.

He remembered when he saw the Beast King’s attributes yesterday.
Its mana power was overwhelmingly as high as 900 points!

Yesterday, his level was not high enough to duplicate it.

But now…

“900 mana points…”

Mana affects a player’s energy attacks.

This meant that when his magic power increased, the power of his [Starfall] and [Aeolus’ Call] would be even stronger!

If he added the Beast King’s magical attributes to his, his mp would surpass it in one fell swoop!

He could gain the upper hand in energy attacks against the Beast King!

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Ling Yi took a deep breath and carefully read through the two support skills he had just obtained.

[Elemental Martial Body (S)]: Causes one’s elemental attacks to have a moderate amount of physical damage.

[Destruction Continuation (S) (Passive)]: When dealing damage to the enemy, it can restore the user’s physical strength to a medium degree.

‘The damage of the elemental martial body has increased.
Sh*t… Recover physical strength? This is a surprise.‘

Ling Yi had initially planned to buy a few hundred Stamina Pills for tomorrow’s battle.

He had more than 10 million gold coins anyway, so buying a few hundred was not even enough to put a dent in his savings.
He could afford them.

It seemed like there was no need to buy it now.

What was worth mentioning was that God’s Path had a complete set of skill damage systems.

The “small damage” and “medium damage” described in the skills had long been tested on the forums by many players.

Ling Yi had only skimmed through it the last time.
This time, after seeing the effects of [Elemental Martial Body], he couldn’t help but find that post and click on it again.

From low to high, the damage of physical skills could be divided into five levels: slight, small, medium, large, and great.

[Slight damage: Increase by 5%]

In other words, the actual power was 105%.

[Example: If a player’s regular punch has a power of 100, then they can use a boxing skill with ‘Slight Damage’ to have about 105 power.]

[Small damage: Increase by 10%]

[Medium damage: Increase by 20%]


Although the S-grade[Elemental Martial Body], is only 10% more powerful than the A-grade [Elemental Martial Body] , the gap would widen as the player’s level increased.

On the market, skills that dealt small or medium damage made up the majority.

Occasionally, an ownerless skill that could deal a lot of damage would appear, and it would immediately attract a group of high-level players who they’re willing to fight for it.

If there weren’t any significant disadvantages to this kind of skill, its Star Rank would be very high.

‘Come to think of it.
If an A-grade [Elemental Martial Body] only inflicts a small amount of damage, a B-grade would inflict even less than that.
Then what about a C-grade?‘

Ling Yi searched again out of curiosity.

It was only then that he realized that a probability was required to trigger the C, B, and D grades [Elemental Martial Body]…

Shaking his head, Ling Yi closed all the interfaces, leaving only the rucksack interface open.

And finally, the last item left, the [One Heart Contract].

However, he had already seen this item’s details several times on the forum and other places, so there was no need to check it.

He looked down and saw its potential for mutation was ‘High’.
So, with no hesitation, Ling Yi immediately mutated it.

[Are you sure you want to mutate the [One Heart Contract]? (36 mutation points required)]

“I’m sure,”

While it was mutated, Ling Yi recalled the two Support Skills he had just obtained.

These support skills were like attributes and levels and could not be detected by the Super Mutation System.

It could not be mutated.

However, Ling Yi was content.
Getting an S grade item was already more than enough.

After a short while, when the item became clear again, he opened it with anticipation.

[One Heart Bond]: Special Support item.
After use, one heart level will be obtained.
As the support duration increases, the level will slowly increase.
The highest level of Support Bond was level 10.

For every increase in one heart’s level, the upper limit level difference between the two parties can be increased by one level.]

For every 2 levels, the Support Bond will receive an additional support position.]

The original [One Heart Contract] can only be used on the current Support Partner.
Once the Bond is removed, the [One Heart Contract] will disappear.

After mutation, there was no need to bind it to just one person.

He could use it over and over!

Not only that, thanks to the mutation, [One Heart Contract] had an additional effect of [One Support Position for every two levels gained].

This meant that he could help many people at the same time in the future!

‘However, this is a big effect.
I can’t help those who aren’t close to me.‘ Ling Yi touched his chin.
His expression was relatively calm.

This thing could not help him much at the moment.

It would only be helpful when his heart level increased.

But there’s no harm in trying anyway.

Very quickly, Ling Yi used [One Heart Contract] and found that under the Support Skill column on his personal stats, there was an additional column [Heart Level].

[Level: 1]

“Phew …” He sighed in relief, finding that he had used the time productively by sorting out all the gains from earlier.

He looked up at the small garden outside the window, where birds were chirping, flowers were blooming, and the sun was shining brightly.

His body and mind slowly relaxed.

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