After a few minutes of traveling, Luo Yao finally arrived at the Hot Wind Golden Summit.

However, as soon as she arrived at the top…

She was met with raging fire on the other side of the cliff!

“What’s that!?” Luo Yao asked in surprise.

Before she started investigating, she first bought a “Fire Escape Talisman” from the store and activated it.
Then she quickly approached the scene at full speed.

When she arrived at the edge of Golden Peak, she finally saw the terrifying forest fire.

The fourth stage’s Swamp Forest was no longer to be seen, and a huge furnace was in its place!

“T-this…” She stuttered in shock.

On the other hand, Qin Mengya calmly watched this scene through her ward’s soul.

“It’s obvious that the mysterious newcomer has ignited the Swamp Forest.
Twenty years ago, someone did the same thing.
As a result, the entire Swamp Forest burned down just like it is now.
Everyone here died.”

“It was also after that that the entire Alliance had a written rule that fire was not allowed in the Swamp Forest.”


Only players below level 10 could be instantly resurrected upon death.

Once players go beyond level 10, they have to wait for a long time before they can be resurrected.
And even then, they will gain and exp from their previous battle.

This could cause a significant exp loss, which was why the entire Alliance banned it.

However, if whoever set the fire didn’t die, they would gain a lot of exp in one go.

Who wouldn’t be tempted to do this?

Since then, everyone agreed to follow the rules so everyone can safely and fairly earn their exp.


However, even though the rules had been set, many people had taken the risk to try it over the past 20 years, and only a few had succeeded.

Even if they succeeded, they would still be hunted down by other players in the area for the destruction they caused and the exp they stole.

Not everyone was like Ling Yi, who could face an army of monsters single-handedly.
When faced with such a challenge, most players’ options were either to escape or die.

There was no third option.

“Wow…” Luo Yao was still struggling to grasp her words together.
“Fiery Big Brother is so bold.
He dares to do something that is prohibited by the entire Alliance.
It doesn’t seem like he’s afraid of them.”

Qin Mengya, on the other hand, had more grasp of the situation.

“When the news was announced, no matter how stupid they are, they knew that the entire Alliance wanted to deal with them.” Qin Mengya said as she floated in the soul space, a little speechless.

“Since they’re on the run anyway, why should they follow their rules?” Then Qin Mengya’s tone turned more serious as she warned her, “Luo Yao, don’t be so naïve.
In this world, only those with power can speak.
The only reason the Alliance has such power is because of the large number of first-rate players who enjoy subsidies from the various countries.”

“Right now, you might think that the entire Alliance is very impressive, but in a decade or two, when a large number of players have reached level 80 or 90, the entire Alliance will no longer have such a great influence.”

“Oh,” Luo Yao nodded, not fully understanding.

In fact, she wasn’t even listening to what her soul “guardian” was saying at all.
The only thing clouding her mind was how she could get close to the Ice and Flame Star Duo.

The fire was too big, and it was impossible to cross it with the “Fire Escape Talisman” alone.

[Fire Escape Talisman (E)]: Allows the user to be unaffected by fire for 30 seconds.
If the talisman were used continuously for a minute, the talisman’s power would continue to weaken.

After pondering for a moment, Luo Yao finally gritted her teeth and bought a “Flying Talisman”.

This could allow the user to gain the ability to fly temporarily, but it was relatively expensive.

Luo Yao sighed.

[You’ve killed Poison Bog King (Boss) (level 25), +500 EXP]

[You have obtained the 6 Star Skill [Fluid Form (Passive)]]

[You have obtained the 6 Star Skill [Advanced Damage Reduction (Passive)]]

[You have obtained the 7 Star Skill [Chaotic Muddle Touch]]

Elite Monsters gave 10x exp, while Boss Monsters gave 100x exp.

Thanks to God’s Path system, Ling Yi, a level 21 player, who managed to kill a level 25 Boss, gained a sum of 500 exp!

[Congratulations! You have accumulated enough experience.
You have been automatically raised to level 22!]

[You have received 5 free attribute points!]

Ling Yi opened his personal stats and added all the 10 attribute points he gained from leveling up to improve his strength.

His mana already had 100 points, which was more than enough for a beginner map, so he decided to shift his focus and work on his strength.

He wishes to be an all-rounder player!

Strength 3 → strength 13 (↑10)

After adding the points, he turned his eyes to the rewards.

The Poison Bog King did not drop any rare materials.
The things it drops were common loot [Poison Marsh Mud] with a 60% drop rate.

Since the drop rate was higher than 50%, his [Probability Reversal] skill was not triggered, and the probability still remained at 60%.

It was normal for the monster not to drop anything else.

As for the skills…

In God’s Path, it was considered lucky to get a skill after killing a monster.

Dropping two skills was already a rare occurrence.

So getting three skills at once was worth taking pictures as a souvenir!

As for getting more than three skills… Well, that was impossible.

This was mainly because all monsters could only drop a maximum of three skills when they died.

These were the laws of God’s Path.

He used the [Eye of Truth] to check the three skills one by one and found a surprise in the second skill.

[Advanced Damage Reduction (6 Stars) (Passive) ]: Any attack that was about to hit the user would be forcibly weakened by a medium degree (Around 20%).

(Advanced Damage Reduction + Advanced Damage Increase → Hundred Battle Tempered Body)

This was another skill that could be combined.

Having experienced [Aeolus’ Call] before, he now had high expectations for the results of this fused skill.

And most importantly, the Star rating would be very high.

“[Advanced Damage Increase]… ” Ling Yi muttered these few words as he searched on the forum.

The results were revealed very quickly.

[The First Beast King on the Beginner Map that Dropped ‘Advanced Damage Increase’ — What do You Think of This Skill~]

Ling Yi immediately understood after reading the post’s ‘braggy’ title.

“No wonder no one tried to combine it before.
It’s a special skill from a beginner-level Beast King.”

There were also many skills with an “advanced” tag on them.

Maybe if other players found these two skills, they would try to fuse them together.

But sadly…

Ling Yi shook his head and closed the forum.
He took one last look at the sea of fire below him and immediately flew north.

On the other side of the big river in the north was the beginner’s map main road’s last stage.

However, as Ling Yi was flying, he was surprised to see another figure flying in the sea of fire.

“What the–”

He quickly used his [Eyes of Truth] to look.

[Name: Luo Yao (lv7)]

[Gender: Female]

[Age: 20 (Single)]

[Talent: Fire Affinity]

[Attributes: strength 2, mana 20, agility 18, endurance 2, physique 3]

[Skills: Fireball (1 Star), Flame Reincarnation (5 Star)]

[Support Skill: None]

[Items Equipped: None]

[Soulbinding Weapon: None]

[Current Status: Healthy]

[Current Mood: Curious, Nervous]

“Luo Yao?” Ling Yi had heard of this person before.

He knew she was one of the more famous people in the District, and the main reason for that was her powerful father and intensive background.

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