“Shenxia Treasure Alliance has obtained a new B grade treasure fusion formula, contributed by ’01’.
From the public…”

“It’s the same person that appeared on the World Announcement earlier today! Who is this allusive ’01’ who manages to create a 10 Star Skill?…”

“According to Shenxia’s officials, player ’01’ also contributed an unprecedented legendary ancient tablet.
Currently, the public vote is being held to decide on a suitable location for the tablet…”

In one day, the forum name ’01’ became a hot topic in Shenxia.

“Who is this ’01’? He somehow made many amazing feats in one day!” Lin Shurou exclaimed.
Her blue eyes filled with curiosity.
“And are the ’01’ who contributed to the formula, the 10 Star Skill, and contributed to the ancient monument the same person?”

“I guess,” Ling Yi calmly said, “On the forum, Shenxia Treasure Alliance already confirmed with the guy.
It’s the same person.”

The evening news was basically all about him and nothing else.

He picked up the ice water on the table and gulped it down in a few mouthfuls, feeling refreshed.

“They really are the same person.” Lin Shurou’s beautiful eyes widened in surprise, “That’s amazing.
Not only did he discover the fusion formula, but he also fused a 10 Star Skill… I think he’s probably a level 80 or 90 veteran player, or maybe he was one of the first million players to enter the God’s Path 20 years ago.”

“If that’s the case, he should be around forty or fifty years old, right? He’s probably an uncle.”

Ling Yi squinted his eyes at her, feeling somewhat insulted by her theory.
“I don’t think so,”

Lin Shurou turned her head and smiled at him, revealing her white teeth.

“Speaking of which,” She changed the topic.
“Things are getting more exciting, huh? A mysterious newcomer in District 66 and today, this ’01’ appeared out of nowhere.
It feels like a new trend is coming.”

“Maybe God’s Path is about to open up a new large-scale event?”

“… I’m not sure.”

Hearing Lin Shurou mention the event, Ling Yi suddenly remembered that his district had never experienced a newbie event.

Today is the fourth day, and the Beginner’s Event will be held on the seventh day…

‘I don’t think I need to make any preparations?‘

The so-called Beginner’s Event was an event targeted at the new players that would appear on the seventh day of each server opening.

At that time, outside the camp of each district, there would be a giant tower that reached the sky.

Each level had a corresponding monster, and the players only had to try their best to defeat them and continue to climb up.

The higher the floor, the better the rewards.

One day after the start of this beginner’s “activity”, God’s Path “event” function and “arena” function would be officially open to them.

They had only passed the fourth day and what people often call the “grinding” period in God’s Path.

As he recalled the contents of the beginner’s event in his mind, Ling Yi examined himself again.

He realized that his current combat power was too far to be considered a “beginner”.

Since the other players had a more challenging time leveling up, he doubted any of them could reach level 10 by the end of the week.
They couldn’t compete with him at all.

He was definitely going to get first place!

While Ling Yi was still thinking about this, Lin Shurou suddenly turned her head and asked him, “Oh, that’s right.
Did you vote for the monument?”

“Hm? I did.”

“Which one do you recommend?” She blinked her big eyes curiously.

On the laptop in front of her was the official voting interface.

She seemed to be hesitating where to place it.

“Of course, it’s our Firefly Town.”

Although Ling Yi could decide where to place the monument all by himself, he still felt that it was better for the public to determine since it was something that would serve the public.

He could place the ancient monument anywhere, as long as it was within Shenxia’s territory.

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