The first item was what he had planned to do from the beginning.

The last two were unexpected.

‘Now that I have the flying skill I need, I’m ready to fight against the Beast King.‘

He planned to clear the fourth and fifth stages of the main road tomorrow and then start to fight the Beast Kings in those areas the day after.

He didn’t know how long it would take for him to fight the Beast King, but he knew very well that if he had the strength to defeat the Beast Kings in his districts, he would have a greater chance of wiping out a large number of monsters in District 87.

No one gave him a time limit for this mission that he placed upon himself.
He knew he could take his time.

He just didn’t like to delay things.

After finishing the watermelon, Ling Yi opened his inventory and started to check the two items he had received from the announcement.

[Random Ancient Tablet Voucher]: Obtain a random ancient tablet after use.

[Experience Pool (A)]: After activation, the experience gained by the user will be stored in this item.
The maximum amount of exp that can be stored is 10,000.
After that, you can use the exp from the experience pool.

He didn’t know what the Random Ancient Tablet Voucher was, but the effect of the Experience Pool was easy to understand.

And when he saw that it had a ‘high’ mutation potential, he immediately mutated it.

[Are you sure you want to mutate the Experience Pool? (Requires 42 mutation points)]

“Mutate it.”

A few seconds later, he opened the item’s effect again.

[Experience Pool (A)]: After activation, the experience gained by the user will be stored in this item.
There is no max limit to how much exp you can store.
After that, you can take any exp from the experience pool.

Initially, he could only store 10,000 exp, and now thanks to his mutation system, he could save an unlimited supply of exp!

Although it seemed like a massive change, to Ling Yi, this was no different from changing the maximum limit to one million.

He couldn’t save that much Exp by himself, and he knows he wouldn’t even reach half of that exp.

‘This item would be useful when I hit the map’s maximum level limit.
Especially once my level would be suppressed.‘

The Experience Pool was a safeguard.

When he gained a sudden influx of exp and reached the upper limit of the map in the future, the exp he gained would not be lost for nothing with the existence of this item.

When he entered a higher-level map, he could use this item to level up a few times.

It was not something that he would use as often for now, but very useful at critical moments.

Immediately after, he also mutated the [Random Ancient Tablet Voucher].

It only has a “Medium” mutation potential, so he did not expect it to mutate to anything good.

A few seconds later, after the mutation, he opened it again.

[Random Ancient Tablet Voucher]: After using it, one will receive a random legendary ancient tablet.

“Huh?” Ling Yi was slightly shocked.
“Wait, wait, wait! Was this item only a ‘Medium’ mutation potential? How did it change from an ancient tablet to a legendary tablet?”

No matter how he looked at it, the difference between an ancient and legendary tablet shouldn’t be more than a single level.

… Right?

With this doubt in his mind, Ling Yi logged into the forum and searched for the word “monument”.

In the end, he discovered that no records of a legendary ancient tablet were found anywhere.

It is evident that no one had heard of such a thing in the past 20 years.

But, he did know what the ancient monument was.
It was a kind of stone tablet that could bring benefits to countless people just by being inserted into the ground.

It was like blessing the building or place, a divine weapon that benefited the country and the people!

“Ah… So it’s that kind of item.”

Ling Yi had mixed feelings about this newly mutated item.

Logically, he should be disappointed that the mutation barely changes anything, but this tool could help many people.
He would consider it as a rare treasure.

He sighed, “I’ll just use it.”

He’ll just see what it would do.

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