ncement with the golden text slowly faded away.

And so did the announcement.

However, the excitement of the people around the world had just begun.

[You have received [Random Tablet Voucher] x1!]

[You have received [Experience pool (A)]!]

He watched as the information of the two God’s Path notifications faded away.

Ling Yi touched his chin as he began to think out of habit.

‘There’s a reward for the announcement? Well, I’m in.‘

The announcement’s reward was a pleasant surprise for someone like him who had never seen a world announcement before.

When asked to choose his name, he thought the announcement was just a simple one.

“F*ck! Someone has triggered the world announcement!” A cry of surprise beside him caught his attention.

Ling Yi turned his head and saw a few young men in their 20s discussing excitedly as they walked by.

“Someone managed to fuse a 10 Star Skill! This is too much!”

“Yeah! Doesn’t that mean whoever “01” guy is used two 10 Star Skills to make it? That’s some crazy brave move!”

“Actually, I’ve guessed that such a thing would happen.
I just don’t understand why those top powerhouses never tried before.” A yellow-haired young man suddenly said.

The people around were stunned by his statement, staring at him dumbfoundedly.

“Then let me ask you, why didn’t you fuse them yourself?” Someone asked.

“Because I don’t have any.” The yellow-haired man replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

Even the top powerhouses don’t have everything…”

The group of people walked further and further away, and their voices gradually disappeared.

Ling Yi also retracted his gaze and shifted his attention to the [Aeolus’ Call] he had just achieved.

[Aeolus’ Call (10 Stars)]: Obtain the ability to generate and control the wind.
The user can also ride the wind and fly.

It was the only ability to control the wind.

Skills with higher stars would have higher “control rights”.
For example, if a person who learned [Howling Wind] and someone who knew [Aeolus’ Call] were to fight for wind control within the same space, the latter would definitely win.

If both sides had [Aeolus’ Call], it would be like two people fighting for a ball of marshmallow on an equal footing.
Anyone had a fifty-fifty percent chance of winning.

Of course, those with higher attributes had the more significant advantage.

Ling Yi nodded indifferently when he saw the effect of the [Aeolus’ Call].

‘It’s good enough.
It’s worthy of its 10 Star rating.’

Controlling the wind alone was already a 6 Star ability.
But having the ability to both control the wind and fly, the skill is worth the 10 Star rating.

He looked down and focused on its potential for mutation.

[Aeolus’ Call (10 Stars) – Mutation Potential: High]

“Yes, yes, let’s go through a mutation.”

[Are you sure you want to mutate the wind god’s call? (48 mutation points required)]

“I’m sure.” Ling Yi said with certainty.

He also looked at his remaining points when he opened the ‘super mutation system’ interface.

[Current Collected Distress Points: 60] [Mutation Points: 1,516]

Recently, he had occasionally absorbed other people’s distress points and converted them into mutation points.

He thought it would drop below 1,400 points from all the mutations that he did, but it had unexpectedly remained above 1,500 points.

From the looks of it, if he didn’t deliberately use it, he might really never use everything up.

He closed the ‘Super Mutation System’ interface with satisfaction.
Seeing that the [Aeolus’ Call] had returned to its clear state, he immediately clicked on it to check.

[Aeolus’ Call (10 Stars)]: Gains the ability to generate and control the wind.
The user will also be able to ride the wind and fly.
[In addition, you have obtained the following abilities.]

Can sense the surrounding environment and listen to the surrounding sounds with the help of the wind.

Able to transform into the wind for short-distance teleportation.


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