Who fights Boss monsters solo anyway?

Even Dark Players knew how to stick together.

It was extremely rare for a single player to attack a boss on their own like this.

Just as everyone was discussing animatedly, the wind in the distance suddenly grew stronger.
It was so strong that it almost knocked them down off their feet.

“The Wind God Butterfly has increased its wind power again!” One of the younger players exclaimed, but instead of fear, he was met with confusion from the more experienced players.

“That can’t be right.
It doesn’t seem like it’s just an increased wind power…”

They watched as the twenty to thirty meters high dust suddenly rose higher, reaching almost fifty to sixty meters off the ground.

Most knowledgeable players instantly ran away from the mere sight of the dust tornado without another word, leaving the others confused.

But as more and more players retreated, they finally realized what it was and reacted.

“That’s no overpowered wind! It’s the Great Storm!”

“The Wind God Butterfly is using its ultimate skill! Quickly run!”

The onlooking crowd immediately ran in alarm as a terrifying gust of wind erupted from the giant butterfly in the distance, spreading in all directions at a speed that was difficult to see with the naked eye.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The onlookers desperately ran away.
Some panic players knew they couldn’t avoid it in time, so they rushed to the store to buy “Wind Shelter Talismans,” but they weren’t quick enough to avoid it.

The strong wind carried a huge pile of dust like a tsunami sweeping them up from the ground.
It circles the air, almost like a whirlpool of dust, before gathering together, creating a massive dust storm.

The whooshing sound of the wind completely muffled the terrified screams and the players who were swept up by it quickly disappeared into the dust.

Wherever the storm touches, everything is swallowed up by the wind.
The flowers and the grass were pulled up from their roots and were shredded into a thousand pieces.

Only the deeply rooted small trees could still stand on the ground, but even so, their branches and leaves had all been trimmed by the “nature’s barber”.

Some were even knocked down, revealing their hidden roots.

After a full minute, the storm gradually subsided.

And by that time, the originally beautiful valley was no longer in sight.
In its place was a desolate valley that seemed to have just experienced a sandstorm.

It was all covered in dust.

After the storm subsided, the players that were buried in the massive pile of dirt crawled up one by one.

They coughed as they sat in the dust-filled air, their faces covered in dust.
They all revealed looks of self-blame for their bad luck.

“Bah! Pei Pei!” Some player quickly spat out the dirt in his mouth.

Fortunately, they were not in the center of the battlefield, nor were they the main target of the Wind God Butterfly’s attack.
Otherwise, nobody would have been able to escape as quickly as they did.

In the distance, when the players who were fast enough to escape saw that the storm had subsided, most of them turned back.

“I wonder how that mysterious person is doing? Did he die?”

“Who cares!”

These people looked at the Wind God Butterfly in the distance, watching as its entire body was on fire.

The sparkle that crossed their eyes made their intention very clear.

‘The Wind God Butterfly is going to die! If I go over now, we might be lucky enough to pick up some scraps!‘ The players thought unanimously.

With this thought in mind, the people quickened their pace, wishing they could rush to the Wind God Butterfly’s side as soon as possible.

Ling Yi raised his head and looked at the burning Wind God Butterfly in the air.

The sight of it made him feel a little emotional.

Watching the beautiful monsters gradually die, he felt a trace of pity.

However, he relaxed, knowing that the Wind God Butterfly would respawn in this or even other secret realms again.
This so-called special boss was a boss that would randomly appear in various secret lands.

It’s possible that another secret realm would also have its own Wind God Butterfly appearing simultaneously with this one.

It was also possible that a new Wind God Butterfly would appear when he returned to this secret realm the next day…

Ling Yi was lost in thought when the Wind God Butterfly that was burning in the sky suddenly exploded into countless bright spots.

Thousands of light spots flickered in the sky and slowly flew toward the endless blue deep space.

Slowly and quietly, it disappeared from his field of vision.

Under the effect of the [Hardworking Bee], the items dropped by the Wind God Butterfly were automatically added to his inventory.

[You have obtained the 7-Star Skill [Illusionary Body (Passive)]]

[You have acquired the 8-Star Skill [Great Storm]]

[You have received the [Soul of the Wind God Butterfly]]

The monsters that came out of Black Sky would not drop anything, while the monsters in the secret realm would only drop some materials and skills.

On the other hand, the monsters in God’s Path will drop all kinds of materials, skills, and experiences.

Which was why he did not receive any Exp after defeating the special Boss.

It doesn’t matter how many monsters they killed outside God’s Path or what special method you use to receive them.
You will not be able to get any Exp outside of it.

In short, he would always have to return to God’s Path if he wanted to continue to level up.

I got what I needed.
Now it’s time for me to go back.’

He could look at the skills later.
It wasn’t a good idea to linger in one place any longer.

Ling Yi turned his head and noticed the other players rushing over.
Although he didn’t understand why they dared to come close to him, he didn’t want to waste time on them.

He turned around and left at full speed.

By the time the crowd arrived, the place was already empty.

“Where’s that guy? I thought I saw him just now.”

“Did he run away? With his speed, he probably goes invincible from how fast he’s going.”

“The Wind God Butterfly didn’t drop anything.
I didn’t even see him pick it up.”

“I didn’t see him picking things either… No matter how fast he is, he would have stopped under the Wind God Butterfly for a while.
It looks like he’s really unlucky…”


Ling Yi turned off the effects of [Faceless Mask] and walked out of the secret realm’s entrance.

Sitting on a long wooden chair in the park, he couldn’t wait to check [Great Storm]’s effects.

[Great Storm (8 Stars) (Special)]: Creates a storm that spreads outwards and can increase wind power by consuming Hp.

“Hmm… Not bad.” He muttered.

Honestly, the effect doesn’t matter at the end of the day.
Even if its effects were terrible, he wasn’t going to learn it anyway.

He only wanted to fuse it with his other skill.

Ling Yi didn’t dawdle any longer and immediately activated the skill fusion function.
He then inserted the two skills, [Howling Wind] and [Great Storm].

[Confirm fusion? (This fusion will cost 100 gold coins)]

“I’m sure,”

A remarkable fusion effect appeared before his eyes, but Ling Yi wasn’t in the mood to look at it.

He couldn’t help but fantasize about the skill’s result.

The fusion effect suddenly stopped a few seconds later, and the white mist dispersed.

[Congratulations on obtaining the 10 Star Skill [Aeolus’ Call]!]

‘Yes! Yes! Yes!‘ Ling Yi was overjoyed.

Just as he was about to open his rucksack to check out the skill’s effect, a system prompt with a gilded frame that he had never seen before suddenly appeared in front of him.

[Congratulations! You are the first player to complete the great “Fusing a 10 Star Skill”.
A world announcement is about to be made.
Please choose the name you will use for the announcement:]

[① Real Name]

[② Forum Name]

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