But of course, it was one thing to see the treasure vault, but it was another thing to open it.

After all, only players below level 30 were allowed to enter.

After sending the information to the outside world, everyone hiding sighed again.

“The other four are fine, but that ‘Rock Sky Ape’ is the most troublesome.”

“That’s right, he’s ranked 17th on the new star ranking, and I’m not even in the top 10,000… ”

“I’m ranked in the 8,000, but even so, there’s still a big gap between him and me…”

The new star ranking that everyone was talking about was a ranking for players below level 30 that would only appear after the players had passed the seventh day of the Novice Trial.

The higher the player’s ranking was, the stronger that player was.

“17th place… Sh*t.
That means he’s among the top twenty strongest level 30 players worldwide.
I wonder if the people from the Divine Union can defeat him…”

” No problem.
The Union is an entire team!! ”

“That’s true.
I forgot.”

While these people continued to converse, someone suddenly pointed into the distance and shouted excitedly, “Quickly, look, look!! ”

“Someone’s charging towards them! Wow! He’s so fast!”

In an instant, everybody immediately turned their heads toward the scene.




Ling Yi’s agility had reached 368 points.
Thanks to [Accelerated Blessing], his speed had reached a terrifying level!

He held the Battle Flag with Elemental Spirit Blades in his right hand and walked through the five people.

With a light slash, he quickly knocked down three people in the blink of an eye.

“What? He’s too fast!”

One of the two remaining players shouted in surprise.
In the next second, the burning flag that shone like the sun smashed into his head, and he fell to the ground with just one hit!

The raging fire burned on his body, and the fallen man could not get up again.

“What the—?”

The last person’s eyes widened in horror, and he took a few steps back in panic.

He stared at Ling Yi in shock and horror.
His once fierce expression shows cracks of fear.

The last man standing was none other than the infamous 17th-ranked Dark Player on the New Star rankings.
The player with a bounty of 1,000,000 gold coins on his head, Rock Sky Ape!

“Y-y-you… How can you have such terrifying speed?”

Rock Sky Ape pointed at the blurry figure in panic, wondering if this was some agility-based advanced player who had used some unknown method to enter this basic secret realm.

He himself had 120 agility points, which was already considered very high among players below level 30!

After all, it was impossible for anyone to add agility and not add other attributes.

But now…

He couldn’t even see the other player’s movement!

And he knew very well what that would mean…

‘His agility must be at least 200 points!‘

Generally speaking, when a player has only one high attribute, the player would be very weak in other aspects.

However, when Rock Sky Ape saw the burning flag in the blurry figure’s hand, he knew for sure that this wasn’t the case.

He had never seen such a weapon before but subconsciously thought of the well-known support technique called the “Misty Elemental Spirit Blade”…

‘Is this originally a burning weapon, or is it a weapon that’s attached with an Elemental Spirit Blade?‘

The difference between the two was huge.

If it was the former, Rock Sky Ape felt he might have a chance of killing this guy.

However, if it was the latter…

WhileRock Sky Ape was still thinking about this question, the blurry figure rushed over again.
Before he could even react, the burning flag had already been waved down.

Just as Rock Sky Ape was about to be killed by the flag, a yellow light barrier suddenly appeared in the middle and blocked the attack!

“Huh?! ” Ling Yi exclaimed in surprise.
‘An [Earth Shield]!?’

This solid bald man with a fierce face had the support skill [Earth Shield]!

As long as this guy is still standing, he would be able to block dozens of attacks.

The specific number of times he could block it depended on the grade of this bald guy’s [Earth Shield].

In a few seconds, Rock Sky Ape took advantage of Ling Yi’s shock.

Seeing that the blurry figure was right beside him, he decisively shouted in a low voice, “[Evil Aura Explosion]!”

[Evil Aura Explosion (5 Stars)]: Releases a wave of evil aura around the body, causing the target to fall into a negative state of dizziness and powerlessness.

In the next moment, a burst of pitch-black mist suddenly burst out from the surface of his skin into the air, and in an instant, it filled the area within a radius of several dozen meters, filling the entire place with its ominous aura.

Then, in a blink of an eye, it disappeared, and the place became clear again as if nothing had happened.

Rock Sky Ape hurriedly looked around, but to his disappointment, he couldn’t see the blurry figure.

“Where did he go?!”

Just as he finished speaking–

He heard someone ‘tsked’ right by his ear, and the next thing he knew, the blurry player appeared and continued to slash him.

“[Evil Aura Exploding]!” Rock Sky Ape hurriedly used his skill again.
He planned to use this skill to force the other player to leave.

“[Evil Aura Explosion]! [Evil Aura Explosion]! [Evil Aura Explosion]! [Evil Aura Explosion]!”

He used it several times in a row and only stopped to take a break when he felt exhausted.

I can’t keep doing this.
I have to leave quickly.” He admitted.
If he continued, he would either be caught or killed once he exhausted his physical strength.

There was no other choice.

Thinking about this, Rock Sky Ape felt extremely sullen.

As an Assassin-type player who used agility to his advantage, being crushed by someone else with their agility made him feel extremely helpless.

Many of his skills were close-combat skills.
This shadowless and traceless figure made it impossible for him to even think about his next move.

If everything had gone according to this original plan,his [Evil Aura Explosion] would have stunned this player, and he might have had the chance to kill him.

But he didn’t expect the other party to be able to dodge this attack.

He really had no way to resist.

Thinking of this, he once again used a burst of malice to force his opponent back and hurriedly used his ever-successful escape skill.

[Underground Escape]: Immediately teleport the user to a certain distance away from the designated direction; if you use it continuously within 1 minute, your stamina consumption will double.

The reason why the Divine Union never managed to catch him for so long was thanks to this “instant escape skill” and his high agility.

In the blink of an eye, his figure disappeared into the black mist.

When the black mist dissipated, Ling Yi looked at the empty center of the valley and sighed silently.

“I didn’t manage to make him stay… Ah, you know what, forget it.”

He had no crowd control skills, so he couldn’t do anything even if he let them escape.

Battling these five people was just the opening course.


His main target is defeating the Wind God Butterfly.

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