f light, ten meters tall and five meters wide, floating one or two meters above the ground.

A pink, wave-like band of light around the ring of light added a dreamy, unreal look to it.

Qinghe Park is located right in the center of Shuimu Town.
Every day, many people would train and play here.

When Ling Yi walked straight towards the entrance of the secret realm, the people around him all looked at him.

“Wow, he’s a player too, and so young,” The two little girls were conversing with each other, and they looked at Ling Yi with envy.

“Another one came.
I don’t know what he’s here for.
It’s not safe in the secret realm now…”

“Who cares? We ordinary people should take care of ourselves.”

Just as Ling Yi was about to jump into the realm’s entrance, a white-haired old man with a walking stick on a wooden chair at the side called out to him, “Young man!”

“Yes?” He looked at the old man.

Although the white-haired old man was holding a walking stick, he looked full of energy, and his old eyes were full of light.

If somebody were to say that this old man can run a kilometer, Ling Yi wouldn’t be surprised at all.

“This secret realm isn’t open for entry.
I’ve heard that many bad people have run into the city to avoid being caught.” The white-haired old man shook his head and continued, “If you’re not strong enough, I’d advise you not to enter,”

Ling Yi smiled.
“Don’t worry, old man.
I know what to do,”

As he said that, he jumped in.

Seeing this, the white-haired old man could only sigh helplessly.
“Another overconfident young man.”

When the others saw the young man enter, they joked, “Haha, he can still jump in now, but he’ll most likely come out lying down later.”

“It’s also possible that he just doesn’t return.”


While the other passerby continued to mock him behind his back, Ling Yi entered the white veil.
It felt as if he had passed through a dry and wet curtain.

Before fully appreciating this feeling, he heard another person’s voice.

“Hey, young man! Do you want a map for this secret realm?”

Ling Yi blinked his dark eyes and started to scan his surroundings.

Everything around him was covered in rich, green vegetation.
The land was into lush grassland under the sun, and giant trees with great vitality grew around it, so tall that their tops could not be seen.
It was for this reason that the realm was named “Emerald Forest.”

The weather was warm, and the air was humid.

He could hear the birds chirping nearby and smell the fragrance of the grass on the ground.

Then on the clearing by the secret realm entrance, there was a circle of merchants who had set up stalls.

The person who had just called out to him was on his right, the person closest to him.

“I want it.”

“10 gold coins per piece… A great deal, a great deal.”

After the trade was completed, Ling Yi took the map and was about to leave, but the other merchants noticed how he had paid 10 gold coins without hesitation and began to shout their offers at him.

“Brother, I have some good medicine here.
One more bottle is one more guarantee!”

“Do you want an escape tool? Do you want it?”

“A level 30 temporary summoning talisman, one only costs 500 gold coins! 500 gold coins!”


Ling Yi shook his head and walked straight into the forest.

The group of merchants did not mind.
When they saw other players walking behind him, they shouted at them again.

It goes to be said, only level 30 or below players could enter the secret land.

Thus, Ling Yi wasn’t afraid of meeting people he knew.
When he entered, he didn’t use anything to cover his face.

He only had one purpose for this trip.

Find the Wind God Butterfly and defeat it to obtain its [Great Storm] skill.

He could use something to cover his face if he meets other players here.
That was what he initially thought.

However, when he walked to a remote part of the forest where no one was around, he ended up buying the [Faceless Mask] from the God’s Path store.

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