Ling Yi had just finished washing up and decided to go to the living room when he heard Lin Shurou, who was sitting on the burgundy sofa, exclaiming, “Did you see the news? The team looking for the mysterious player found them this morning!”

“They’ve seen them!” Her watery blue eyes were wide open as she stared expectantly at him.

Ling Yi noticed that she was wearing an emerald green short-sleeved skirt.

“Oh?” He raised his eyebrows and walked over unhurriedly.
He sat at the side of the sofa, “Did they take a picture of them? What do they look like?”

“Well… technically, they didn’t see them.” Lin Shurou pursed her thin red lips and showed her white tablet in her hand to Ling Yi.

The front page of the God’s Path forum was displayed.

And all the posts were all related to him.

Seeing Ling Yi’s focus, Lin Shurou also said with interest, “They didn’t see the newcomer’s face, but they are sure that there are two people.
The other one seems to be a woman.
It seems that she created the ice.”

Ling Yi scanned through them and realized that they were all meaningless titles.

There wasn’t anything worth his attention.

The only thing he was concerned about was the discussion on the forum about the joint server.

He knew the Server.

It was a type of operation that could be done between servers.

For example, basic maps could only be combined with other basic maps, and intermediate maps could only be combined with other intermediate maps…

Though it is still a rare thing to do.

It was only when a specific organization dominated a certain area and exploited all the people there that others would take the initiative to apply to join.

However, the situation in District 66…

“Mmm…” Ling Yi thought about it seriously.
He didn’t think that what he did was squeezing out the room for development for the others.

He had killed the monsters in the second and third stages of the main road, but there were still many wild monsters for them to kill.

He exterminated the Boss on the main road, and it didn’t affect the development of the others much.

But if they joined together, it would be more disadvantageous for the people in his district!

Just as he was thinking about this, a God’s Path notification suddenly rang in his ears.


Then, a light blue circle appeared in front of him.

When he clicked on it, a translucent blue screen popped out.

[Joint Server Application]

It has been jointly initiated by 1,000 people in the original region.

[Area Code: 25-03-20 (District 25, March, Year 20)]

[Number of people who have agreed: 1,023]

[Number of people who have disagreed: 778 ]

[Agree or Disagree: Yes | No]


Ling Yi was surprised when he saw the application.

Surprisingly, those people acted so quickly.
It had only been less than half a day since they posted the news, and they had already found a suitable partner.

They were surprised that more than a thousand people in their district had already agreed.

He opened the forum and randomly found a few posts about joint servers.
After checking the comments of other players, he finally found the reason.

[Arhan: District 25 of March is a large district that has been joined twice.
The average level of the players in the area is above level 20.
They have to kill monsters above level 20 to gain exp.
They won’t compete with us for low-level monsters.
So don’t worry, everyone.]

[Wang Tianze: Exactly.
If we get a good result in the resource challenge after the Union, the low-level monsters will drop more resources, which will benefit us.]

These two comments were pinned and can be seen as a popular posts.

In this short period of time, it had received hundreds of millions of likes.

However, there were also some objections that were also highly praised.

[Wood_of_Forest: I’m a player from District 66.
I’m firmly against joining the districts together.
Initially, all 10,000 of us started together.
And suddenly, 20,000 high-level players want to join us? It would be lying to say that it didn’t affect anybody.
We’ve suddenly become the lowest level in the entire region, and they can kill us with a snap of their fingers.
“It doesn’t affect us at all”!

Everyone in District 66, wake up.
They’re planning to sacrifice all of us to deal with one person]

[ScorchingSun: It wasn’t easy to get to level 5.
Now you want to send a large number of level 20 players to our district? Who suggested this whole thing? I disagree with it!]

[DarknessDemonFortress: Are you kidding me? Would anyone in our district agree to this? How much did you get?]

[FairyTale_Forest: If our server has an anomaly, so be it.
It won’t affect our leveling up anyway.
It’ll be over once we enter the True District!]


Some people agreed while others disagreed.

The two sides continued to argue further down the forum.

Ling Yi pressed ‘No,’ and the interface refreshed.

[Number of people who have agreed: 1,363]

[Number of people who have disagreed: 1,832]

The number of people who rejected the idea had already exceeded the ones who agreed!

Currently, there are 10,000 people in District 66.

God’s Path would determine which side won when the number of people supporting them reached 5,000.

And because this “joint server Application” popped up in front of all the players in District 66, the numbers were changing rapidly almost every second.

[Number of people who have agreed: 1,453]

[Number of people who have disagreed: 2,834]

[Number of people who have agreed: 1,521 ]

[Number of people who have disagreed: 3,866]

[Current number of people who agreed: 1,567]

[Number of people who have disagreed: 4,966]

In the end, most players reject the Alliance’s idea.

Suddenly, in front of all the District 66 players, a God’s Path notification appeared once more.

[Prompt: Due to a failed union, you will not be able to merge your District 66 again in the next week!]

“That’s great! It’s our victory!”

“The joint zone has failed! Everyone is happy.”

“Hahaha! Yes! We can focus on our own thing for this week! I’m relieved for now.”


On the forums, the players of District 66 were cheering excitedly.

Compared to them, Ling Yi was much calmer.

He touched his chin and looked back and forth at the Alliance’s post about the decision to join the server and the celebratory remarks of the players in District 66.

“Sh*t… Isn’t this a slap in the face for the entire Alliance?” He muttered quietly to himself.

Lin Shurou, who was sitting next to him, turned her head curiously and asked, “Are you talking about the joint server?”


“Wow, so that’s true.” Lin Shurou’s little face was full of surprise, “The Alliance is an international organization that manages all the players around the world.
Their decisions have always been carried out smoothly.
This is the first time I’ve seen someone disobey them!”

“… Still.
The joint server would be a disadvantage to the players in District 66.
Why would they agree to it?” Ling Yi shrugged helplessly.

“But this is what the Alliance had agreed on… There’s nothing we can do about it.
Who would agree to let someone else destroy their own rice bowl?”

“… What I’m trying to say is that they won’t accept this just like that.
District 66 might be in trouble.” Lin Shurou picked up the glass of water on the table and took a sip.

The cup was filled with hot water.
Faint steam slowly rose in front of her face.

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