Breath (Passive), Holy Shield of Extreme Frost, Ice Cloud Divine Art, Ice Jade Divine Body (Passive)]

[Items Equipped: None]

[Soul Weapon: None]

[Current Status: Healthy]

[Current Mood: Peaceful]

Just like before, he could not see the details of her skills, but Ling Yi was satisfied with just being able to see this interface.

“Why is her stats so high? She’s only level 17.” Ling Yi gazes greedily at the glaring ‘225’ points.

If he were to copy one of them, wouldn’t his attribute become a boss-level?


Strictly speaking, it would be slightly higher than a boss of the same level.

After all, the Ice Queen was stronger than bosses of the same level.
But added to his original attributes …

‘Well, I certainly wouldn’t say no to that!‘

“If I can duplicate it, I can copy whatever attributes need.”

If the description of a player’s skill didn’t state any restrictions, it meant there shouldn’t be any restrictions.

Players could use it at will.

If one’s mental strength were fast enough, it would not be a problem to use it hundreds of times in a minute.

[Attribute Duplication] was a skill that had no restrictions.


He would really be able to copy any of the Ice Queen’s attributes whenever he needed it.

So, if he needed more agility, he could just copy it.

When he needed more mana to kill monsters, he could just copy her mana attribute.

It might not change many things, but it would be enough to help him adapt to the situation.

Ling Yi took a deep breath as he thought of this.
He shifted his heated gaze from the Ice Queen’s stats interface to her beautiful and otherworldly face.

“Hehehe.” He scratched his neck, somewhat embarrassed, “Little Ice, I’m going to do it.”

The Ice Queen, who was floating in the air, turned slightly and looked at him with her pure white eyes.

Her snow-white hair fluttered in the wind.
She looked at Ling Yi with a calm and peaceful gaze.

“Attribute Duplication!” Ling Yi first tried to copy her strength attribute.

And the next second….


His heart suddenly beat violently!

Immediately, a tremendous amount of power, like water from the sky, violently poured into his body, making him feel numb all over.

With the infusion of power, his heart gradually became suffocated, and an urgent thought to quickly squander his physical strength emerged.

His hands were itching to fight an enemy for three days and three nights.


Ling Yi furrowed his brows as he felt the power in his body that had nowhere to vent.
He knew this was a symptom of his inability to adapt to the sudden increase in power.

His body would get used to it after some time.

However, before that…

He lowered his head to look at the crystal clear ice under his feet.
He wanted to test the power of his current punch.

He raised his right hand high and punched the ice under his feet with all his strength!


In an instant, a huge boom spread across a radius of a thousand meters!

The ice under his feet shattered instantly, turning into countless ice shards scattered in all directions.

It was as if a heavy hammer had hit the surface of ice! The terrifying impact spread rapidly in all directions, shattering the ice within a twenty to thirty meters radius.

An invisible shock wave spread out from the ice surface, blowing all the ice-cold white mist 30 meters away.

The area within the range became a vacuum in the icy white mist!

The ground under Ling Yi’s feet sank a few dozen centimeters, and a noticeable fist mark could be seen in the center.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, the power is not bad.” The pressure in his body was slightly lifted.
The punch helped him release some of that excess build-up power.

Now, his body was getting used to this mighty strength.

When he copied the Ice Queen’s attribute again in the future, the same incident would not happen again.

Instead, it would be like his own attribute coming back home, and he could swing his arm as he wished.

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