ent: Probability Reversal]

[Strength: 3]

[Mana: 85]

[Agility: 100]

[Physique: 15]

[Endurance: 3]


[Skills: Starfall (3 Stars) (Still Can Grow), Attribute Duplication (6 Stars), Ice Emperor summoning (10 Stars)]

[Remaining Star Slots: 4 (Scavenged Treasures added 6 Star Slots)]

[Support Skills: Elemental Spirit Blade (S), Earth Shield (B)]

[Combat Strength: Extremely strong combat potential]』

He had only gained 4 levels after killing almost all the monsters on the second and third stages’ Main Road.

No wonder people always complained about how difficult leveling up was.

Looking at his Personal Stats that were getting stronger by the day, Ling Yi was satisfied.
At the same time, he also made a small conclusion.

‘I have Elemental Spirit Blade for close combat, Earth Shield for defense, and Starfall for AOE damage.
Other than that, I can summon the Ice Queen by using my Ice Emperor Summon, a creature that’s even stronger than me.‘

‘Other than not having any mobility or buff skills, I’m pretty well-rounded.‘


‘Even the new players from a few months ago are no match for me now!‘

He didn’t need to reflect on himself three times a day.

However, he had to always understand his own strengths and weaknesses.
This way, he could make the most appropriate response in the shortest time possible when facing various unexpected situations.

After closing the interface, he immediately opened his rucksack.

In addition to the items he already had, there were two more skills he had not checked.

They were the signature skills of the second stage’s boss, Wind Maestro, and the third stage’s boss, Wildflame Monarch!

[Howling Wind (7 Stars) (Special)]: Has the ability to create strong winds and command them at will.


[Flaming Demon Body (6 Stars) (Special) (Passive)]: Any fire-type skills used by the owner will be doubled.

Special skill was the signature skill of a monster, and it could only be dropped by killing that type of monster.

For example, the [Howling Wind] is a skill that can only be obtained by killing a Wind Maestro, and there is no other way to obtain it at present.

‘I won’t even consider [Flaming Demon Body], but the [Howling Wind]….‘


Ling Yi touched his chin and fell into a dilemma.

Strictly speaking, this skill was a type of superpower.
Once you learn it, you will have the ability to control the wind.

There were quite a few similar skills, and they were all boss-specific skills.

The power of this ability mainly depended on the player’s mana.

The higher the player’s mana was, the more powerful they would be.

Ling Yi hesitated for a long time before deciding not to learn.

On the one hand, because the mutation potential of [Howling Wind] was only “low”, there would not be much change after the mutation.

On the other hand, the wind didn’t increase his combat power much.

At least to him, whether he could or couldn’t control the wind didn’t change much.

‘If I don’t want to learn this, what should I do with it?‘

He definitely wouldn’t take back these two skills.

God’s Path recycling function was very rigid.
For a skill with a few stars, it would only give you the corresponding amount of gold coins in return.

It didn’t matter if the skill was strong or not or if it was a Boss-specific skill.

Rather than recycling, it would be better to sell it to other players, at least for a high price.

Besides these two options, there was a third one.

And that was to fuse them–

Knock knock!

The sudden sound against his door broke through Ling Yi’s train of thoughts.

Then, Lin Shurou pushed the door open and peeked at him, and Ling Yi quickly understood what she was after.

“Oh, I’ll do the final part of the curse removal for you now.” Ling Yi quickly bought the Curse Dispelling Talisman and walked toward the girl.

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