robably existed long ago but is more prominent today.

They were excited about being part of this exciting “discovery”, but who would’ve thought it was just an anomaly caused by some newbie in the same batch as them?

As the realization sunk in, some people were shocked, some were jealous, some were resentful, and some were suspicious.

“I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes.
Everyone, follow me up the mountain!”

“Yeah! Let’s go!”

The truth was right in front of them, and these thousand people could not wait.

Then they all ran up the mountain in a hurry.

Among these people, Luo Yao was also one of them.

After picking up the materials, she didn’t return to the main world and followed the other players into the canyon.

She had followed them all the way here.

She was also climbing the mountain with the rest of the group.

“It’s actually a player’s doing?” She furrowed her brows slightly, and her pale golden eyes were filled with deep doubt.

In the depths of her soul, Qin Mengya’s soul, who took the form of a “mini-person,” was lying on her side and floating leisurely in the void with one hand supporting her head.

Questions and thoughts such as “how strange”, “it just doesn’t make sense”, “how is this possible,” and so on quickly passed through her mind when she saw the lack of Wind Elementals in the area.

There were no monsters in the Zephyr Canyon, and Luo Yao had followed the group with no prompt from Qin Mengya.
Both were curious and confused about the situation.

Luo Yao and Qin Mengya came to the same conclusion as most people around them; this must be an abnormality caused by God’s Path itself.
It did not even cross their minds that someone could do such a thing.

Well, until they reach the clearing, that is.

The current situation was entirely out of their expectations.

“Mengya, it’s confirmed that there’s a player on the mountain, but that would raise many questions.” Luo Yao whispered and raised her fair fingers to count.
“That person is now at the top of the mountain.
Is he fighting the monsters in the third area? Was he the one who killed the monsters in the second area? Does the cold fog covering the canyon have anything to do with him? Does he have any accomplices?”

“Aish, I feel like my brain is in a mess.” Luo Yao’s face was filled with worry.

Qin Mengya only smiled and explained, “Actually, if you think of him as a high-level powerhouse who can use ice, summon meteorites, and teleport, everything could be explained.”

“We can assume that this ‘expert’ entered the second area and used the power of ice to kill the Wind Elementals here.
Then, he entered the third area and used the meteorite skill.
It looks like a fairly simple operation.”

Luo Yao shook her head.
It still didn’t make sense.
Just as she was about to retort, Qin Mengya continued, “Don’t be so quick to refute.
Think about it.
Since I can enter the beginner map by attaching myself to you as a soul, other strong people can theoretically use this way to enter too.
I might not be able to use my power, but it doesn’t mean others can’t.
Maybe a powerhouse expert resides in a new player?”

Qin Mengya’s words were a little outrageous.


But after thinking about it carefully, it did make some sense.

However, Luo Yao still refused to believe it.

“But that’s impossible.
How could such an ability appear on God’s Path?”

“Do you have a better explanation for all of this then? Don’t tell me you’re trying to say that a new player has that kind of ability from the get-go?” Qin Mengya asked.
That is a hundred times more ridiculous than my theory.”

Luo Yao pursed her lips and fell silent.

She thought about it seriously for a moment and realized that Qin Mengya does have a point.

After all, she herself had already been possessed by an expert.

If any other tools could allow the possessor to display their strength in their “vessel”, then it wouldn’t be strange for them to be able to do this too.

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