With the combined efforts of a few people, a small hole about a meter in diameter was burned through the vine wall.

They didn’t dare to make the hole too big for fear of being seen by the Wind Elementals on the other side.

A meter in diameter was just enough.

“Alright! The hole is open,” A red-haired young man standing in front of the newly-made hole whispered to the others on both sides.

Without waiting for the other players, he impatiently peeked to take a look.

He had thought he would see a group of wandering Wind Elementals, but the first thing he saw was…


“What?!” He exclaimed.

The red-haired young man thought he was too tired to see anything.
He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, then opened them again.

Although his vision had become clearer, the scene he saw had not changed at all.

There was not a single Wind Elemental in the canyon in his field of vision.
There was only unknown, pale white gas that filled the air.

The other players at the side also curiously leaned over.

When they saw this scene, they were all shocked.

“Eh? What about the Wind Elementals? How come I don’t see a single one?”

“Maybe they’ve gone to other places?”


“But what is that white fog? How come I’ve never heard of such a thing in this canyon before?”

“I’ve never heard about it before either.
The Wind Elemental doesn’t have the ability to release any fog.”

They saw only a tiny area at the entrance of the canyon.

If they wanted to see the whole canyon, they had to pass through the entrance, which was 15 meters wide and 50 meters long.

A brave guy stuck his head out of the hole and looked around.
Seeing that there were no Wind Elementals around, he immediately turned back excitedly and said to the other players gathered there, “Why don’t we go over and take a look? There’s not a single Wind Elemental by the entrance.”

The dozen or so people were eager to explore upon hearing this.

“That’s not too good…” Some people were still a little hesitant.

“If you’re brave enough to go, then don’t go.”

“Who says I’m not brave? I’m worried we’ll only attract them here and harm everyone.”

“What harm? Do you think they can chase us to the camp?”

“Uh… You’re right.”

Very quickly, the dozen people gathered at the wall’s entrance reached an agreement.

One by one, they began to pass through the hole orderly.

Not far away, another player saw this and shouted, “Hey! What are you guys doing?”

This shout immediately attracted the attention of the other players nearby.

They were now walking back in groups of two or three, wanting to return to the plains outside the camp to kill more monsters.

No matter how tiny a mosquito was, it was still meat.
One or two experience points were a good harvest for many people.

Upon hearing this shout, many people turned around in surprise.

When they saw some players trying to pass through the small hole, their eyes opened wide in surprise.

“What are they doing? Are they attempting to go to the second checkpoint now? Are they out of their mind?” Someone said in a speechless manner.

“They won’t attract the Wind Elementals here, will they?” Some people expressed their concerns.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if they do attract some.”

“Is something unusual going on over there? Otherwise, why would they go in? The Wind Elemental would kill them all off on sight.”


Some of the players who were heading back to camp continued to watch as some of their fellow players went through the small gap to the other side.

After the surprise, it was followed by a look of doubt, puzzlement, and curiosity.

Many people even had the thought of going over to take a look for themselves.

“So many people have gone over.
I won’t be alone in this.
I’m going over to take a look too.” Someone seemed to be trying to convince himself.

After that, he also started to run towards that place.

As one or two players followed suit, more and more people decided to go too.
It didn’t take long for most of the 1000 or so players nearby to go.

Only a few uninterested ones stick to their original plan.

As soon as they came over, everyone began to chatter and discussed with one another.

“What’s going on? Why are they going there?”

“I don’t know.
I saw everyone was coming, so I just followed them…”

“I heard that it’s because they didn’t see any Wind Elementals, so they decided to take a look.”

“No way, that’s it?”


A small hole with a one-meter diameter was not enough for a thousand people to pass through.

Once the other players arrived, they were bold and used fireballs to burn other big holes in other parts of the vine.

Although some people tried to stop them, it was no use.

It didn’t take long for dozens of holes of different sizes to appear on the vine wall—one in the East and one in the West, making the wall riddled with holes.

After passing through these entrances, the group of people who had arrived later also quickly made their way to the mouth of Zephyr Canyon.

The moment they walked over, they saw someone walking out of the entrance and into the vast canyon.


“Aren’t they afraid of Wind Elemental attacking them?” The people who came later looked at each other.

With doubts in their hearts, they quickened their pace.

When they walked out of the entrance and came to the flat and boundless canyon, they, like the others, immediately were bewildered.

As far as the eye could see, there was only dust.

The canyon was empty!

Thousands of Wind Elementals should fly above the canyon, but not a single one was seen.

A large land area was moistened by clear water from an unknown source.

The pure white mist lingered at a low altitude, drifting in the wind.

“T-this… Where are the monsters here?” The group of people who came later exclaimed in shock.

But no one could give them an answer.

Everyone was like ordinary people who had discovered a rare bug in the main world.
They were shocked, surprised, and at a loss.

The cold and wet wind blew past their bodies, and the bone-piercing chill made them shiver.

The players in short-sleeved shirts and shorts were awakened by the sudden cold wind.

One by one, they began to recover from their shock.

“No, no, it’s very strange.” The players who came in first were the first to react.

“Shouldn’t the wind in Zephyr Canyon be hotter? Why is it so cold?”

“Also, not only does the Wind Elementals not have any cooling skills, but it also doesn’t have any skills that can produce water.
Where did the water on the ground come from?”

“What is that white mist!?”

“Something must have happened here!!”

Realizing this, all the players looked around.

But what they all saw was fear in each other’s eyes.

Ever since God’s Path’s appearance, there had never been a year, month, or District player who had encountered such a situation.

The players present had reason to believe that the abnormality in the second checkpoint was definitely a significant event that would attract the attention of the Global Player Alliance and even other countries worldwide!

At the thought of this, many people were secretly excited.

Someone quickly opened the forum and activated the camera function, planning to record this abnormality.

Some people reacted quickly and turned on the live broadcast camera, planning to broadcast the abnormality in front of them to make themselves famous.

More people were frowning, thinking hard, and wondering about what on earth had happened.

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