When she read the text, Yun Zixiao was both disappointed and surprised.

She sighed in defeat.
‘It seems that I won’t be able to obtain an (S) grade Elemental Spirit Blade any time soon,‘

‘… But I didn’t expect that guy to not even be at level 20.‘

Like anybody else, she thought the guy was at least at level 30.

The trial’s difficulty would only increase as players reached higher levels.
However, the advantage is that it would be easier for them to get a high score since they have the necessary skills and means to do so.

Yun Zixiao found it hard to understand.

In a situation where there were only a dozen or so levels and a dozen star positions, what skills would one have to possess to obtain an S-grade in the trial scenario?

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that this person was extraordinary.

‘It seems like I need to befriend him.‘ She decided.

Yun Zixiao sent another message to Ye Qian’er.

The two knew each other in the main world and were good friends.

And besides…

It wouldn’t be a problem for her to get this mysterious Support’s forum contact.

Ling Yi had just finished enjoying the dinner Lin Shurou had prepared when he received a text from his Support.

After confirming their Support-status with the other player, they would automatically become friends on the forum.

The other party told him that she had a friend who wanted to ask him for help and wanted to know his level.

Trying not to reveal too much of his current level, he only answered a vague “Not level 20 yet”.

He had thought that this matter would be over, but he didn’t expect that the girl would tell him that her friend wanted to get to know him and wanted to add him.

Ling Yi had an easy-going personality, so he naturally accepted it.

[You have accepted the friend request from ‘Nightingale_Chirping’.
You are now friends.]

As soon as he got the notification, his phone dinged, signaling the new incoming message from the forum.

Nightingale_Chirping: Hi, nice to meet you.
You can call me Nightingale.

GloriousMoon had told him a little about this girl a moment ago.
So he knew this woman was “envious” of his support skill.

Ling Yi didn’t think much of it and replied with a polite “Hello”.

Nightingale_Chirping: Are you a player from Shenxia?

01: Ah, yes.

Yesterday, Ling Yi changed his forum nickname to “01”.

This nickname could be changed at will, and players were allowed to use the same name.

Nightingale_Chirping: That’s great! Shenxia is going to have a new super rookie! Congratulations in advance.

01: Congratulate me for what?

Nightingale_Chirping: You are the third person in Shenxia to own an S-grade Elemental Spirit Blade.
As soon as the news is released, you will immediately become famous throughout the country! The Divine Union and other major forces will fight for you to join their ranks!

Nightingale_Chirping: The number of powerhouses in the country who want Elemental Spirit Blades is as deep as the Demonic Sea!

01: Oh.

If Nightingale could hear Ling Yi’s reaction, she would be shocked by how bored he sounded.

He had no interest in those things.
In fact, he was trying to be anonymous.

The two of them chatted for a while more before they decided to end the conversation.


After closing the chat, Ling Yi lay on the big sofa like a salted fish.

He turned around and faced the television.

Lin Shurou was sitting at the side, watching the evening news again.
It seemed to be a habit of hers.

She wore a cool summer dress, a dark green short-sleeved shirt, and a black mini-skirt.
Her thick brown hair was tied into a long ponytail hung over her right shoulder.

Her straight back and sitting posture made her look like a well-mannered lady.

Ling Yi lay there, his vision partially blocked by the snow-white thighs.
He couldn’t see the entire screen.

However, his eyes could tolerate this slight inconvenience.


[Level 1 Black Sky appeared in the Arctic state’s Bingsai River at eleven last night.
The area within a 520-kilometer radius was shrouded in darkness.
At present, reinforcements from various countries have entered the Arctic state’s territory.

On the television, a square-faced male host with thick eyebrows and big eyes was talking about the Black Sky phenomenon in a foreign country.

Ling Yi was watching intently when Lin Shurou suddenly turned her head around.
She blinked her big, bright blue eyes and asked him, “Do you know the strength of the Arctic State?”

“Ah? I heard that they’re pretty strong.

“I just find it strange.
They usually could handle level 1 Black Sky alone, so why do they need international reinforcements?”

“Um… More like humanitarian aid.
Didn’t the other countries also receive international reinforcements when a level 1 Black Sky appeared?”

“I see.
You have a point.” Lin Shurou nodded.

Ling Yi complained silently in his heart, ‘As expected of a woman, she doesn’t care about information about her home country at all.‘

It was then that Lin Shurou finally noticed that she was blocking Ling Yi’s line of sight.
She quickly asked, “I … Am I blocking your view?”

She took off her slippers and tried to put her legs on the sofa.

“Ah, it’s okay.
Don’t move.” Ling Yi waved his hand and smiled.
“Your legs are quite white and nice to look at.
Sure a sight for sore eyes.” He teased jokingly.

Upon hearing this, Lin Shurou clamped her legs together, and her snow-white face turned red.
Her cute little ears also turned red in a few breaths.

She lowered her head shyly as if she couldn’t bear Ling Yi’s gaze.
She grabbed the ponytail hanging on her right shoulder and moved it closer to her face as if she wanted to use it to block his gaze.

However, she quickly turned her face away and faced the TV.

Ling Yi couldn’t see her expression.

“Now that you mention it.” Ling Yi lay on his side and used one hand to support his chin.
He asked her, “What were you thinking two days ago? Why did you let a stranger live here?” Even now, he was still puzzled.

“Huh?!” Lin Shurou paused, and the blush on her face quickly faded.

When she turned her face back, she looked slightly startled, but the redness on her cheeks and ears had disappeared.

“Two days ago, hmm… It’s mainly because you brought me home safely.
You’re also a victim, and you’re quite handsome.
You’re also a player, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to let you stay here… And besides, I have nothing now.
Even if you’re a bad guy, I can accept my loss.”

“After all, I can’t live alone for the rest of my life.”

The last sentence brought the topic to a height that Ling Yi had never imagined.

He looked at the woman in front of him in surprise.
He didn’t expect her to have thought of this at that time.

‘Is it because we’re in an “extraordinary” world that people have a different kind of normalcy?‘ Ling Yi wondered.

Seeing his surprised expression, Lin Shurou smiled and said, “I’m just an ordinary person.
I don’t have the right to choose my fate, but… I’m fortunate to have met you.”

From a subjective standpoint, she thinks Ling Yi was attractive.
Both his looks and also his kind personality was her type.

If it weren’t him who had brought her back, she wouldn’t have let anyone move in.

“Besides, which ordinary person doesn’t want to live with a player? They’re the best partners to date.”

“So that’s how it is.” Ling Yi nodded.

He finally understood Lin Shurou’s reason and way of thinking.

She let him stay with her mainly because players were considered one of the best “criteria” when looking for a date, and the fact that she didn’t hate him upon sight was a bonus to her.

In short, from what Ling Yi could conclude, she would’ve taken anybody and accepted the worst-case scenario before she even suggested for him to move in.

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