ooks like I’ll have to give up on joining the ‘Genius Plan,’‘

He had originally planned to head to the Divine Union branch a week from now to register for ‘becoming Divine Union’s Foreign Aid through the Genius Plan’ and to get his subsidy for reaching level 10.

Who knew that plans could not keep up with the changes that are called life?

If he went now, there would be a big risk of people finding out.

Other than that, if he ran into Fang Cheng and told him he was a new player in June, he didn’t even dare to imagine what the situation would become.


‘But now that I’m living with Shurou, I don’t need to worry about my rent.
I don’t need the subsidy.‘


He had initially considered asking for the Divine Union’s help since he didn’t have an official residence.
He planned to earn money by joining the Foreign Aid to buy a place to live.

Money wasn’t that urgent now that he had a place to live.

To him, it was good enough to be stronger and earn gold coins in God’s Path.
What more does he need?

One gold coin could be exchanged for 50 global dollars.

And he had quickly earned gold coins on God’s Path.
So, he doesn’t need to tire himself out and just let himself rest in the main world.

Rest is important!

As if an invincible burden had lifted from his shoulders, he fell further into relaxation.
He didn’t realize that the thought of money and anxiety of being found had been lurking in the corner of his mind.
And now, he was so relaxed that he felt so sluggish.

Both his heart and mind were free from worry.

‘But…‘ He suddenly remembered the intelligence-lowering skill that Lin Shurou had mentioned.
‘Even though I don’t have to go to the Divine Union anymore if I have that skill….‘

For some reason, he felt that “strange skills” like this would have an exaggerated effect.

He wouldn’t pass this up.

‘If the mutation can produce a better effect, it can be beneficial in many situations…‘ Ling Yi’s thoughts started to wander.

He fantasized about all the things he could do with such a skill for a while.

Another breeze played with his hair, and as the cold caressed his cheeks, he made up his mind.

“The Beast King of District 87, huh? Looks like I’ll have to have a close combat skill and power up my strength to be able to defeat it,”

This was the first challenge Ling Yi would have to overcome since returning to the main world.

“Hehe, this would be interesting.”

He was filled with anticipation and excitement.

The only way to release District 87 from its “curse” was to defeat the Beast King.
If he killed the Beast King first, killing off the other monster would be a breeze.

Since that was the case, he must learn more about this Beast King.

With great vigor, Ling Yi logged onto the forum and searched for information related to the “District 87 Assessment Incident”.

And sure enough, he could obtain general information about the Beast King.

[Five-Crested Giant Dragon (Beast King)]

[Level: 30]

[Characteristics: 120 meters tall, about 90 000 tons] It can fly 3 000 meters per second and run 300 meters per second on flat terrain.
Its wings could create a storm with a speed of 30 meters per second.
Immune to crowd control.

It has five black dragon heads, and each dragon head has its specialty.

These five abilities are:

[ 1.
Can release sound waves that shock the mind and distract the player’s attention.]

Able to spew poisonous mist.]

Heals the body and regenerates the other dragon heads.]

Able to release thunderbolts.]

Possess the ability to possess the mind and control the brain.]

This was the information that the players from District 87 had obtained after battling against it.

Although all 10 000 of the players had been defeated, they had at least figured out the Beast King’s ability to its detail.

And to Ling Yi, it doesn’t sound as bad as the rumors made it out to be.


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