was slightly shocked.
When did this guy get behind him?

He turned around unhurriedly and watched as the man pointed a small knife enveloped in a thick green gas.
The blade itself was green.

The small knife stabbed into a yellowish-brown light screen the size of an adult’s palm in the air as if it had stabbed into an earth wall.

It lodged deep enough that it was hard to pull but not enough to break his [Earth Shield].

How could Ling Yi give up such a good opportunity?

He directly slashed the flaming lightsaber towards the stranger.
No skill was used in his move at all.

However, this simple action scared Zhao Ze out of his wits.
He immediately abandoned the dagger and moved his body back in horror.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t as fast as Ling Yi, and the flaming light sword went straight for his waist!

It was as if an electric saw at full power had cut his waist, and an intense pain that exceeded the upper limit of Zhao Ze’s endurance instantly spread from his waist to his whole body.

Zhao Ze lost consciousness in an instant.

Naturally, he didn’t know that his body had not only been sent flying more than ten meters by the light wave but had also been set on fire by the merciless flames.

It was burning in the open space.

On the other hand, Ling Yi was surprised to see how powerful his attack was.

“Wow, this power is much greater than I imagined.”

He had thought it would be good enough if the sword could cause severe damage to the other party.
Who would’ve thought the enemy would be so severely beaten that he couldn’t get up again?

Ling Yi raised his head and looked at the player, who was still up in flames.

After hesitating, he removed his sword and walked closer to the burning man.

He didn’t know his opponent’s current state, but he wasn’t worried since he knew the [Earth Shield] would protect him.

The [Earth Shield] had protected him splendidly!

[Earth Shield (B)]: Can only be activated when standing on the ground.
When faced with an unavoidable external attack, it will quickly form a light screen around the player to block the attack.
It could only be used 30 times a day.

It was said that the class of the support skill was equivalent to the item’s grade they lent.
(E) being the lowest and (S) the highest.

He read that the (S) grade [Earth Shield] could be activated 100 times a day! It was an extremely excellent life-saving skill.

However, this Support Skill had a considerable weakness.
First, it could not be used mid-air.
Second, it would protect the player regardless of the strength of the attack.
So even if a weak attack hit him, it would use up the number of times to block it.

When Ling Yi was still a few meters away from his target, the space in front of him suddenly fluctuated.

Ling Yi stopped in his tracks and frowned subconsciously.

The next moment, a man in his thirties, 1.9 meters tall, wearing black sportswear with a buzz cut, suddenly appeared.

The man glanced at Ling Yi before turning his gaze to the burning body.

“Oh, it’s him.” The tall man said in a bored tone.
It was as if he was already used to this.

He knew the man on the ground.

“And you are?” Ling Yi was secretly still on his guard, but his expression remained calm as he asked.

“I’m Divine Alliance’s player, Fang Cheng, who’s in charge of the security of this area.
I’ve just received news that someone is fighting here.” The muscular man named Fang Cheng replied in a formulaic manner.

Then he took out a Divine Union identity card with a white background and silver edges.
He showed it to Ling Yi.

His profile picture was on it, and there was information under it.

[Name: Fang Cheng]

[Position: District guard, Divine Alliance’s Qianjiang Firefly branch]

[Level: 65]

After putting the identity card away, he pointed at the burning man on the ground and said, “This guy is called Zhao Ze.
He’s a hooligan from the neighboring town.
He’s often arrested for disturbing the residents.”

At this point, he looked at the wide-open iron gate not far away and asked, “Did he also break into your house?”

“Yes, he did.” Ling Yi nodded.

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