292 Poison Rain! Thunder!

The original version only increased his physique by 1,000.
Every time you resurrect, the time needed to resurrect will be doubled, and the maximum time you can resurrect will be 160 seconds.
During this period, the user can not fight.

Now that it had mutated, it was undoubtedly much better than before.

However, it wasn’t of much use to Ling Yi.

‘Alright, so far, I’ve already obtained two divine artifacts… That’s enough.’

One was for backtrack status, and the other was for rebirth.

Neither of them had much use to him, but just the attribute points that they increased were enough to make countless players go after them.


After dodging again, he activated the [Eye of Truth] to check the Beast King’s vitality.

[Current Status: 97.92%]

“Uhmm… Let’s start attacking.”

He took out the Battle Flag, attached the Light and Fire Elemental Blades, multiplied by 100, and teleported.

With one set, he successfully hit the Nest God and dealt a lot of damage!

[Current Status: 82.83%]

‘About 15%… Fortunately, the Nest God doesn’t have any powerful damage reduction Skills.’

Ling Yi rejoiced in his heart.

The 50% increase in damage from the divine artifact “Hero Legion” didn’t affect anyone else, but to Ling Yi’s 100 times damage output, the increase was extremely obvious.

It wasn’t that he didn’t think of looking for other players to increase his damage status, but the Nest God had the “Halo of Death” that could eliminate buffs.
Other than divine artifacts, other buffs were basically useless.

“If this continues, I’ll be able to kill it with six more hits…”

Now that he thought about it, the suppression of the invincible stage on him was actually not that strong.

It would only deal 10% of the damage.
Didn’t that mean that the opponent would have 90% damage reduction? Even the Death God Black Wing with a 50% damage reduction had been killed by him.
This one was just a little more difficult.

As for the ten times damage…

As long as he wasn’t killed in a second, he could recover to full in a second.
Then, whether it was 10 times or not, it didn’t really matter much?

The Nest God that had been attacking him felt that it was no longer a solution, so it finally released another Skill.

Dozens of strange black vortexes appeared around the Beast King out of thin air.
While everyone was surprised and careful, each vortex suddenly shot out a black light.

Ling Yi used his true eye to look.

[99 Petrifying Night Shot (9 Stars)]: Gather 99 vortexes around you, and each vortexes will shoot out a petrifying light ray to nearby enemies.
Each petrifying light ray can petrify the target for 10 seconds.
When the same target was hit by multiple beams of light, the petrification time would stack.
This Skill can be used 10 times a day.

“A large apetrification area… It’s just so-so.”

Ling Yi didn’t dodge and was hit by the black light.

As expected, petrification had no effect on him since he was immune to control.

On the opposite side.

The Nest God had used this Skill mainly to control this “fly” that was flying around and could not be hit no matter how hard it tried.
Who would have thought that the black light would hit it, but the other party was completely fine.

This confused it for a moment, and it thought that the other party had some kind of targeted ability.

However, as the Beast King, it would not test what kind of abilities the players had.
Seeing that [99 Petrifying Night Shot] could not achieve its goal, it changed its mind.




Its huge body trembled three times in a row, letting out a humming sound, each time louder than the last.

Everyone carried the petrified players away while looking at it nervously.

“Be careful, everyone! The Beast King is going to use his Skills again!”

“What is this? I’ve never seen him before.”

“Huh? The air was filled with the smell of rain… It’s going to rain.”

In the dark sky, a bolt of lightning suddenly lit up, illuminating everyone’s faces.
After two short breaths-

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of thunder echoed through the earth.

Almost at the same time, a light rain began to fall, and the sound of thunder became more and more intense.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


The rain suddenly became heavier at an unexpected speed.

At this moment, as the raindrops injured more and more players, everyone quickly realized that something was amiss.

“This rain is poisonous!”

“Everyone, quickly retreat! The poison stacks will stack!”

The raindrops were still clear and transparent, but most of the players who were hit by the raindrops saw the message that they were poisoned.

[You have been hit by ‘Mingdu Night Rain’, Nether Poison Level 1]

[You have been hit by ‘Mingdu Night Rain’, Nether Poison Level 2]


The more layers there were, the deeper the poison was.
Some people retreated to find a solution, while others continued to attack the Beast King with the help of the [Kingdom Annihilation] Skill.

However, as the first bolt of purple lightning snaked down from the dark sky and struck the ground, an incomparably violent bolt of lightning followed closely behind the poisonous rain!

A purple lightning snake appeared in the night sky like a stream of light, scrambling to climb down the night sky and hit the players on the ground.

“Thunderstorm! A thunderstorm! Ah!”

“A large-scale lightning attack! We’re really going to retreat this time!”

[Toxic Storm] and [Violent Thunderstorm], the two of them descended one after another, catching some of them off guard.

In the crowd, Sonya and the other support players activated their shields.
However, under the violent lightning strikes of the unrivaled Beast King, their shields did not even last for 5 seconds and shattered one after another.

Everyone was once again exposed to the poisonous rain and lightning.
The weak died one after another, and even the strong, such as Nangong Han, were unable to move due to the violent lightning rain.

He wiped the rain off his face, and the next second, the rain covered his face again.

“How annoying… Bah… Phew!”

The moment Nangong Han opened his mouth, the raindrops entered his mouth.
He spat a few times, took out the wind Song Sword, and waved a few sword in the air, temporarily creating a vacuum zone.

“God’s Path doesn’t have any waterproof equipment…”

Before he could finish his sentence, two thunderbolts struck him from both sides.
He had to give up on talking and dodge.

In the sky…

To Ling Yi, who was immune to poison, the poisonous rain was just a normal storm.

It was the lightning that was a threat to him.

His current physical combat power was about 350,000, the Beast King’s strength combat power was 405,000, and his magic combat power was about 324,000.

This meant that when a vine hit him, it would deal 11.5% damage.
A “medium damage” bolt of lightning struck him, dealing about 11.1% damage.

As long as nine vines or nine bolts of lightning hit him in one second, he would be killed.

No matter how fast he reacted, it was still difficult for him to escape from dozens of vines and a large amount of lightning.
He was often hit by lightning once or twice every second.

“It’s a good thing I’m free.”

Ling Yi rejoiced in his heart as he dodged and attacked simultaneously.

If he were to be controlled for a while, he would really die.

‘But since the Beast King has already used all his Skills, I have to be careful from now on.
It’s basically settled.’

Thinking of this, he subconsciously revealed a smile.

The battle here had been spread to the whole world by Yunji through the “Crystal Ball” and “Heavenly Broadcast”.

With the rapid expansion of the Black Sky and the frequent appearance of a large number of high-level monsters in various places, everyone was extremely concerned about this battle.

At the entrance of the Divine Union branch in Firefly town, the players and ordinary people sat together in chairs, looking at the battle scene in the sky that was shrouded in darkness and thunder and rain.
All of them sighed in melancholy.

“We have four Divine Pillars in Shenxia, three battle emperors in White Eagle, three battle generals in Bei Xiong… Out of the 20 invincible players in the world, half of them are gone!”

“And he’s bringing three divine artifacts with him.
If we can’t beat him, we’re finished!”

“It’s not just that! 01 still had two pieces on him, and Bei Xiong actually had two on him, so there were a total of six divine artifacts! That’s half of the current number of divine artifacts in the world!”

“If we can’t beat such a luxurious lineup, we can only launch a suicide attack with the strength of all mankind.”

“Don’t be so pessimistic.
We still have hope.
I believe in 01!

At the mention of 01, everyone’s expression brightened.

It’s strange.
I feel that 01 is more reliable than the Divine Pillars…

“Me too… It’s mainly because the Divine Pillars have encountered setbacks in the past, but Ling Yi has been able to create miracles all along.
It feels like he has developed an invincible aura…”

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