290 Joint Crusade Against the Nest God


“Haha!” Ling Yi chuckled, “I think your prediction is quite accurate.” He said assertively.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dark area where the Beast King was in the distance had been covered with thunderclouds.
Countless lightning snakes surged and made a war drum-like thunder!

The surrounding people began to move forward.

Seeing this, Ling Yi stopped chatting with the two of them.
He bade them farewell and flew out, disappearing before their eyes.

After he left, Zhang Qing turned around, and her beautiful eyes stopped on Shengya’s face.

“How long has it been? You have already been charmed by him,”

Zhang Qing raised her eyebrows and chuckled when she saw her looking into the distance with a worried expression.

Shengya rolled her eyes.
“You were the one who gave me that Skill, and you were the one who asked me to get the clone.
You should know the consequences.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly thought of something and furrowed her brows.
“What are you playing at? I have to warn you, Ling Yi is a straightforward man who can read people’s expressions.
It’s fine if you speak properly, but if you try to be mysterious and act like a riddler all day, you’ll only have the opposite effect.”

She could have escaped back then, so why did she insist on staying inside?

What was in the box she gave Ling Yi?

Hearing her words, Zhang Qing just smiled.
“Don’t think too much.
I just want to compete with someone for ‘status’.
Now that you’re so obviously protecting your husband, it proves that the first step of my plan has succeeded.”

“The first step?” Shengya frowned.

Zhang Qing didn’t want to say more, but when she heard the Beast King’s angry roar, her expression turned serious, “Let’s go.
The Beast King’s veil has been broken.
It’s time for us to enter the battlefield.”

After Ling Yi used the 100 times Yang energy Golden Dragon to destroy the Nest God’s color veil, he immediately turned around and retreated.
When he retreated to a relatively safe distance, he lowered his head and scanned the three camps that had divine artifacts.

Shenxia camp’s divine artifact was used, but it wasn’t revealed.

[White Eagle Formation: Divine artifact yet to be used.]

[Bei Xiong formation: Divine artifact revealed.]

As long as the divine artifact was hosted somewhere in the body, the power of the divine artifact could be exerted.
If the player wanted to use it, it would materialize into a physical form.

In this case, no one else could snatch it away because the artifact was still residing in the player’s body.

Therefore, it was actually not important whether he showed his divine artifact or not.

‘Sh*t… However, the people from the Arctic are all from the Arctic.
It’s suspicious that I’m going to the divine artifact for no reason…’

The [Invisible Hand] had a maximum effective range of five meters, so he had to find an opportunity to get close.

He turned around and looked at the Nest God again.

Its 15-meter thick, spiky vines were like a harvesting machine from hell, and a swing of its tail could take down a large number of players who could not dodge in time.

The spider on the lower half of its body did not stay idle either.
It summoned the spider and released a poisonous mist to attack the enemies on the ground.

A group of wind manipulation players worked together to create a strong wind to blow away the poisonous fog.
The giant spider saw this and immediately opened its mouth, spitting out a huge dark red beam of light at the people on the ground.

When the beam of light hits the ground, it could actually be reflected.
Moreover, the reflected beam of light was like a thunderbolt in the day, shooting down many players who were caught off guard and shooting straight at Ling Yi!

“What a thick beam.”

Ling Yi’s agility was almost twice that of the Beast King.
He dodged it easily.

He took a look with the [Eye of Truth].

[Fatal Light (8 Stars)]: Shoots out a light ray that can be reflected on any physical medium once, causing damage equivalent to 5% of the user’s HP per second to the target.

The damage of this Skill was average for others, but if an invincible Beast King used it, the power was a bit exaggerated.

In any case, based on what he had seen, they would basically be killed one by one.
Even if they didn’t die, they would be seriously injured.

Seeing that the beam of light was chasing after him, Ling Yi raised his eyebrows slightly.
He wondered if this Beast King was holding a grudge.

After dodging again, the distant Nest God suddenly exploded with a shocking aura, and endless black gas spread rapidly from its body.

The black smoke dispersed into the sky, and the area seemed to have darkened a lot.

“Eh? What is this?”

“It seems to be affecting Black Sky, right? It can’t be absorbing Black Sky’s energy again, right?”

While the players were bewildered, a screen of light suddenly appeared in the sky without any warning!

Ling Yi immediately recognized that this was the scene where the “Heavenly Broadcast” was used.

‘Is Yunji using it? What does she want to show us?’

He looked at the light screen and found that the scene on the light screen was the scene of the darkness in the sky spreading rapidly.


[Beauty of Justice Judges Darkness: The Black Sky is expanding at an astonishing speed! At this rate, it will probably take less than a few hours to cover the entire world!]


“F*ck… Can a Beast King who has swallowed a magic crystal still control Black Sky?”

Previously, the Nest God had absorbed dark sky’s energy to shrink its range.

Right now, it is releasing dark energy to increase the range of Black Sky.

This ability was almost confirmed.

[Beauty of Justice Judges Darkness: People all over the world are very concerned about the battle situation on your side.
Many newspapers are also broadcasting it live from a distance, but they want to see the battle situation more clearly.
Do you need me to show you the image?]

[01: Sure.]

Ling Yi didn’t think too much about it.
He looked at the other side, which was still releasing black smoke while dealing with the giant Nest God with ease.
His heart couldn’t help but beat faster.

He activated the “premonition notification” in his backpack and stopped dawdling.
He summoned the Ice Queen and officially joined the battlefield with her.

As soon as the two of them flew in, the Nest God’s huge red eyes on the top half of the vine tree stared at them.

It seemed to recognize the two of them as it pulled most of the vines over and rushed toward them.

It was like dozens of black pythons attacking at the same time.

The Ice Queen dodged to the left, and the three vines followed.

Ling Yi dodged to the right, and nearly 20 vines came from all directions.
It seemed to have a deep impression of the man who had defeated its clone and broken its veil.


He walked silently through the sea of vines toward the Nest God.
The vines that missed him whistled past him.

Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz! Whoosh…

[You have received the buffs of ‘Hero Army’: Agility +0, damage reduction +50%, damage +50%]

The Hero Legion was a divine artifact known as “specifically used against the Beast King.”

When activated on a designated Beast King, it can increase the agility of players near the Beast King by 100% and give them a 50% damage reduction and damage increase.

The effect will last until the Beast King dies.

The reason why Ling Yi’s agility was at 0 was that the maximum increase in agility could only be on par with a Beast King.

He came back to his senses.

When Ling Yi arrived in front of the Nest God, he teleported behind it and activated the Skill [Triple Seal].

It was also at this moment that the Ice Queen’s [Zero Degree Ice Spike] successfully pierced into its body, hindering its movement for a second.

The blood-red triangular formation successfully penetrated its body.

“I’ve successfully sealed it!”

Ling Yi’s face lit up, and he immediately turned around to leave.

The Nest God that had been hit by the [Triple Seal] could not recover, gain buffs, or resurrect.
This meant that even a little damage could be accumulated to kill it!

It waved the vines around its body in anger and attacked the man.

The man quickly retreated, and it also moved its hundred-meter-tall giant spider legs to chase after him quickly.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang…!

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