Ling Yi quickly disregarded his question.
He shouldn’t be wasting time thinking about this useless topic.

He now had an (S) grade support skill!

He excitedly opened his Personal Stats and looked at the skill’s details.

[Elemental Spirit Blade (S)]: The user can create various types of energy weapons such as knives, swords, staffs, and so on.
Energy weapons are formed from the elements that the user is most suited to.
They can be added to other physical weapons.

“It’s made up of the elements that the user is most suited to?” Ling Yi sighed in disappointment. ‘And here I thought I could choose any element I wanted.’


However, because of this, he was also curious.

What element was he most suited to?

The common elements he saw in the forum comments were metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, ice, light, and darkness.

Different elements had different effects and strengths.

Metal was sturdy and sharp, wood enhanced vitality, water was malleable and could puncture through anything, fire ignited and burned, and earth was heavy and powerful.

The swift wind element was agile and hard-hitting, the ferocious thunder element was mighty and paralyzing, and the ice element freezes and slows the target down.

The light element could emit light waves which were suitable for offense, while the dark element could absorb damage and was suitable for defense.

Each of the ten elements had its own unique characteristics.

However, no matter which one he got in the end, the S-grade Elemental Spirit Blade would still be an S-grade Elemental Spirit Blade, and its power would remain powerful (no matter the element).

Ling Yi was not worried, and when he called the blade to unleash its form for the first time, he was quite relaxed.

“Elemental Spirit Blade!” He shouted and imagined a long sword in his mind.

Immediately, bright white dust of light appeared in the air and quickly gathered into the shape of a longsword in just the span of two seconds.

Then it formed a longsword made from bright light.

“Light element!?” Ling Yi raised his eyebrows, but his expression was relatively calm.

The sword was floating in front of him with its hilt facing the bottom.

When Ling Yi reached out to grab the sword’s grip, a ball of bright and dazzling orange flames suddenly erupted from the hilt to the blade, illuminating Ling Yi’s face with its heat.

“Eh? This…”

Ling Yi’s eyes were wide open as he looked at the raging fire in front of him in shock.
He was momentarily stunned.

‘Wasn’t he a light element?‘

‘But then what is this flame?‘

Could maybe fire and light elements be his affinity? Were these two elements tied for him?

He tried to wave the flaming-light sword, and every time he waved it, it would make whooshing sounds like the sound of a torch being swung.


It felt extremely good.

When he waved it, the flames on the sword would leave a trail of flames in its wake like a flag being blown by the wind.
Its tiny particles would spill from the flames and float in the air for a moment before silently disappearing.
It was very hypnotic.

“Strength aside, she’s very beautiful.” Ling Yi waved his hands around fondly, his face full of smiles.

Since there were no enemies, he had no way of testing its power right now.
So after playing with it for a while, he put it away.

Ling Yi sat back down on the chair beside his desk and entered the Support Forum’s help tab to search for posts.
On the right side of this section, there was a column that said ‘recommended support’.

The people listed below were all people who Ling Yi could request for help.
Since he was level 13, the listed players all ranged from level 10 to 23.

And of course, due to the “opposite gender only” rule, the entire row was filled with female players.

[Recommended Support]

Miao Yintian (Lv18)

[Available: 60 mana, Space Jump (C)]

[Requirements: Anyone’s good as long as they can provide mana, and also have healing skills.] Those who meet the needs can privately contact the user.

Great Zang Luo (level 22)

[Ability: 67 Strength, Immovable Golden Body (B)]

[Requirement: Strength attribute displacement skill]

And the list goes on.

So far, nobody stood out from the list of recommended supporters, and so Ling Yi continued to scroll through them.
He was either not satisfied with the attributes or skills provided by the other party, or he did not meet the other party’s requirements.

He couldn’t find a person to help him.

Just as he was about to give up, he suddenly saw someone he could try.

GloriousMoon (Lv20)

[Property: 65 agility, Earth Shield (B)]

[Request: No request.
Anything is fine.
Having help is better than nothing.]

“Let’s try…”

Ling Yi was quite envious of the girl’s agility attribute and the shield skill she have.

He experienced firsthand the benefit of enhanced agility when he ran through Crimson Orchard and defeated fatty.
This girl even had a shield skill, which was completely in line with what he wanted.

After clicking on the other party’s name and providing his information, Ling Yi only needed to wait for the other party’s response.

[Supporter provides 65 agility and (B)-grade Earth Shield.]

While he provided 65 MP and an (S)-grade Elemental Spirit Blade.

Strictly speaking, the other party had the greater advantage.

And sure enough, it didn’t take long for the other player to confirm his request.

[Congratulations! Your supporter with the player ‘GloriousMoon’ has been officially confirmed.]

[Only after the support duration has exceeded 24 hours can either party voluntarily cancel the support relationship.]

[Prompt: When the level difference between the two parties exceeds 10 levels, the support relationship between the two parties will be forcibly terminated.]

In an instant, a gentle power entered his body.

When he looked at his personal stats, it had been updated.

Strength 3, MP 65, Agility 100, Endurance 3, Constitution 3.


He had never added any points to his agility.

However, thanks to [Attribute Duplication] and his newly acquired support, his agility had become the highest attribute he had.

“No wonder the others said that level 10 is like jumping over a gap.” Ling Yi felt a little emotional as he felt his strength increase.

Now, he could leisurely face monsters over level 20!

Then he began to look at the specific description of the [Earth Shield]…

[2nd of June.]

It was still early in the morning when Ling Yi received a “mission” from Lin Shurou.


He was exercising in the front yard when his housemate approached him.

“Can you help me buy some groceries? There is no more food left in the pantry.
I would buy them myself, but since this curse hasn’t been completely lifted yet…” She said cautiously and seemingly embarrassed by her own request.

“S-sure.” Ling Yi had never bought groceries before, so he wasn’t sure what exactly to buy.
Thankfully, Lin Shurou gave him a small notebook with a detailed list.

The list even contained information such as where to buy the ingredients, how much to buy, the brand, and so on.

She had even planned the route for him.

All he had to do was to follow the instructions in the book, walk, and buy the stuff.

“Oh, that’s right.” Right before he left the door, Ling Yi turned to the girl, “I’ve set up a protection talisman in the house.
So if you hear anything remotely suspicious or sense any danger, don’t go out,”

“What?” Lin Shurou reflexively said.
She was stunned for a moment before she responded with an “Oh” and blinked her big, bright blue eyes in confusion.

After Ling Yi left, she leisurely closed the metal gate and walked back into the house.

“That’s weird.
Didn’t Ling Yi say that he just entered God’s Path yesterday?” Lin Shurou mumbled to herself in confusion.
“A protective talisman? Even if it’s a one-time protection talisman, he shouldn’t have enough gold to buy it.”

It was just a small suspicion, so Lin Shurou did not take it to heart.

She walked straight to the sofa, sat down, and turned on the TV.

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