279 The End Of The Nation and The Use Of The Premonition Prompt

It was obvious that this was a large-scale weakening Skill.

It was useless against the Beast King, who had ‘Absolute Guard’.

The Ice Queen had activated the Holy Shield of extreme frost, which made her immune to Skills.
So the attack was useless against her.

Both sides were only stunned for a moment before they continued to attack.

Seeing that the Skill was ineffective against the opponent, Death God Black Wing immediately changed its strategy.
It spread its hands out and released another Skill.

Ling Yi, who had his [Eye of Truth] activated, immediately saw the effects of the Skill.

[End of the Fallen Nation (10 Stars)]: Can be activated when HP is below 50% and can only be activated once per day.
Spreads out a piece of dead land, causing all units within the area to die instantly.
(Instant death effect is ineffective on monsters above monster leader)]


The alarm in Ling Yi’s heart went off.
He activated his [Invincibility] Skill at a speed that surprised even him!

If he moved a second slower, he would really die!

[End of the Fallen Nation] was a spherical region where ghostly light-gray energy bodies constantly emerged from the void and escaped into the sky.
With Death God Black Wing as the center, it rapidly spread in all directions.

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It passed through the Ice Queen, who was immune to instant death, and he, who had activated invincibility and continued to sweep outwards.

Previously, when Nangong Li was in his district, she had gathered Aslan and the others to challenge Death God Black Wing, and they had experienced several failures.

They had a deep impression of this Skill that could instantly kill them.
As soon as they saw it spread, they quickly activated the long-distance temporary teleportation item that they had prepared long ago to temporarily teleport to a very far distance.

And it wasn’t only her.

The players on the ground basically understood Death God Black Wing’s movement.
When they saw the [End of the Fallen Nation], they were so scared that they abandoned their equipment and ran away.

“The grim reaper’s ultimate move! Quickly run!”

“[End of the Fallen Nation]? I’m finished!”

“The speed is too…”

However, the speed at which the Skill spread was too fast.
Most of the people did not manage to escape and died in an instant!

In the blink of an eye, this part of the world became silent.

Only the Death God, Ling Yi, and the Ice Queen were left on the field.

When it saw that the two people opposite it were still fine, Death God Black Wing seemed to be in deep thought.

It stood still and looked at the two of them.

Ling Yi, who was waiting to recover, wasn’t in a hurry to attack.
He wiped the sweat off his face again and deactivated the Invincible Shield.
He subconsciously looked at the remaining time of his invincibility.

[Remaining time of invincibility: 76 seconds]

Of the 300 seconds of invincibility he had every day, he had already used up more than 200.

If he used up all of these, he would not be able to last long in front of the Beast King.


‘I’ve used up the Skill that I can use once a day.
It’s equivalent to not having this Skill anymore.’

Ling Yi heaved a sigh of relief.
He had indeed been on guard against this Skill before and was especially nervous every time he got close to it.

Now that this threat was gone, his body and mind were much more relaxed.

At least the Beast King would not have the chance to kill him in seconds.

‘Oh, right! The Beast King also has a banish Skill.
I should be careful…’

He flashed to the Ice Queen’s side and asked her to put an [Extreme Cold Holy Shield] on him.
Only then did he feel relieved.

It was also at this moment that Death God Blackwing made its move again.

It held a huge black sickle and hacked it in the direction of the two people.
In an instant, a huge green demonic wind appeared out of thin air and rushed toward them!

“[Demonic Wind of the Death Realm]? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

Ling Yi used his spiritual power to create a strong wind and face it.

Now, he copied the Ice Queen’s agility.
He only had 2,000 mana power, which was much lower than his opponent.

However, the [Aeolus’ Call] had the highest power to control the wind.
While his wind was resisting the demonic wind, he was also rapidly controlling the other party’s demonic wind.

After a few breaths, Death God Black Wing’s Demonic Wind was completely under his control.

However, the Demonic Wind that had lost its source of power would rapidly decline in energy in the air.

Thus, Ling Yi didn’t dare to delay.
He immediately mixed them into his wind and attacked the death god together with the wind.

The grim reaper raised its scythe and swung it down at the wind, splitting the wind elemental in half.

However, the remaining wind elements that spread out still managed to hurt it.
Although it was not much, it was enough to make Death God Black Wing realize that the evil wind was useless against the man in front of him.

Next, the two sides began to fight in close combat again.

After a wave of deaths, the players who returned decided to stay.

The Beast King’s ultimate move has been used.
This place has become safer.

That’s right.
As long as we don’t attack, the Beast King’s first target will still be 01.
With him around, we’ll only be hit by the aftermath.

These people once again summoned their “small TV” and had them fly to the sky just now.

“But 01 is really amazing.
Even the instant death effect can’t do anything to him.
There are too many good things about him.”

This is what a truly powerful player is like.
The other level 80 or 90 players are nothing.

As the players spread the news on the forums, more and more people around the world learned about the battle.

The news of “01 Challenging a high-level Beast King” also quickly became a hot search.

Many people clicked into the live broadcast rooms of major newspapers to watch the battle through the links in the press release.

However, just like Nangong Li, they could not see the trajectory of both parties.

All they knew was that in the cold air, the player known as the “living legend” was fighting a level 90 Beast King with a level of less than 70!

On the battlefield in the sky.

After pulling away from the Beast King once again, Ling Yi was suddenly curious as to whether the [Premonition Prompt] would be useful in battle.

He activated it.

Suddenly, a message appeared.

[Death God Black Wing has activated Undead Summoning and summoned an elite undead.
You used a gale attack, but you did not know that the elite undead had a unique ability of “Causing the enemy to suffer damage equal to their own HP when they die”.
You have received a lot of damage and are heavily injured.]


In his surprise, the black-winged reaper raised its scythe and spun it in the air, creating a huge black ring.

He took a look with the [Eye of Truth].

[Undead Summon (9 Stars)]: You can choose to summon 200 normal undead or 30 elite undead.
This Skill can be used once every hour.

The summoning Skill never explained the details of the summoned beast.

Even if he used the [Eye of Truth] on a summoned beast, he could only see what Skills the other party had and not the details of said Skills.

So, if he didn’t see the notification, the situation in the next notification would definitely come into reality.

‘When other players challenged it before, it would summon a large number of ordinary undead because there were many people.’

‘This time, since the challengers are only Xiao Bing and me, so it summoned a smaller number of elite undead that are more advanced?’

Looking at the 30 dark green undead floating down from the black ring, Ling Yi secretly felt a sense of danger.

‘The Beast King almost tricked me!’

‘Since that is the case… Then I’ll summon my army as well.’

Then, he opened his arms and shouted, “Fier Dragon!”

In the next moment, a round flame mirror the size of a person unfolded and expanded rapidly behind him.
In the blink of an eye, it had reached a diameter of 100 meters.

Then, under the surprised gazes of the people below, Crimson Fire Dragons flew out of the blazing fire mirror.

Each Fire Dragon was 15 meters long, and when they spread their wings, they were nearly ten meters long!

‘A 9-star army summoning Skill summons 30 elite monsters.
My 10-star army summoning Skill summons 100 elite monsters.
It’s about the same.’

Of course, the mutated Fire Dragon also had a small chance of summoning the leader monster, Fire Dragon King.

To Ling Yi, this was a high probability.

As expected, a roar came from the flame curtain, and two giant dragons that were twice as big rushed out from the curtain of light!

Like two flaming lights, they rushed into the group of elite undead!

‘Due to the effect of my innate ability to summon divine power, the number of Elite Fire Dragons and Fire Dragon Kings has doubled.’

‘200 elite monsters and 2 leaders, tsk tsk.’

Ling Yi didn’t have the time to look closely.
He held the Burning Battle Flag and flashed towards the Death God once more!

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