268 Level 69! Lin Xian’s Warning

[The Beast King Challenge has started.
Click here to register]

[Prompt: Registration opens at 00:10.
Registration will close in 10 minutes.]

Other than that…

In front of ordinary people around the world, the news of the player assessment appeared on time–

[Player assessment registration begins in July.
Click here to register →]

[Prompt: The assessment will officially start at 12 noon.
The registration deadline is 10 minutes later.]

Ling Yi, who had woken up naturally a few minutes ago, immediately registered for the Beast King Challenge.

“The most important thing is to participate.” Yunji and the others also clicked to register.

There were still 10 minutes before the start of the challenge.
Ling Yi went through the process of the Beast King Challenge once more.

[Solo Challenge: Solo challenge the Beast King.]

[Two-person Challenge: Two players challenge two Beast Kings.]

boxn ovel.

If he killed the opponent, he would get the “S-grade item self-service bag”, and if he was killed by it, he would get other less valuable rewards.

It was as simple as that.

Ling Yi was confident in this challenge.
Compared to this, he was more concerned about Xia Wanqing’s qualification assessment.

He saw Xia Wanqing walk in front of him and knew what she was thinking.

“You’re going to go through the 40 – 49 qualification review, right?”


Xia Wanqing nodded and hugged him for a while as a simple farewell, before saying, “I wasn’t very confident at first, but with the Fire Dragon Army you’ve given me, I have at least a 90% chance of winning.”

“Wait, before I leave, I’ll strengthen you.”

As he spoke, he handed the “Star Transforming Stone” and “Beginner Stone” to her.

Two minutes later…

After a wave of Skill changes and mutations, Xia Wanqing’s strength underwent earth-shaking changes.

The Skill [Dragon’s body] that Ling Yi had obtained at the 15th checkpoint on the main road was also mutated and given to her.

Xia Wanqing, who was full of joy, immediately entered the qualification review.

“I bet she can come back in a minute.” Yunji took out a gold coin.

Lin Shurou took out five gold coins and said, “Then I’ll add another minute.”

The two of them looked at Ling Yi.
The latter pouted and grabbed the gold coins from them.
“I bet within an hour.”

“You….” The two women sighed.

Although the two of them sighed helplessly, the corners of their lips lifted into a smile.

After about three minutes, Xia Wanqing appeared again.

The first thing he said when he returned was, “The enemy in the qualification assessment has also been strengthened, and has become stronger!”

“That is only natural.”

Lin Xian spread her hands.
“As far as I know, all the monsters have been strengthened.
Whether it’s the God’s Path or the main world, whether it’s the secret realm or other places.”

“To be able to pass the qualification assessment after the enhancement in three minutes, your strength is already very exaggerated.”

Lin Xian glanced at Ling Yi again and couldn’t help but ask, “So, what were you guys doing just now? How did her strength increase so much?”

She had been dumbfounded by their actions just now.

Ling Yi shook his head.
“This is a secret that can only be told to the people closest to me.”

After a simple sentence, he took out the “Ancestral Gem” and began to transfer exp to Xia Wanqing.

The two of them interlocked their fingers and pressed the gem between their palms.

After that, a stream of blue light flowed from Ling Yi’s body into the other’s arm and into her body.

[Ancestral Gem: You have received 300,000 exp as a return.]

He only had 150,000 exp that he could transfer.
Even if he used all of them, he would only increase her level by four.

“Alright, now the minimum number of my Support is 54.
I can level up.”

In fact, it was fine to lose the support and continue to level up.
It was just that Ling Yi didn’t want to change his Support partners.

He opened his personal panel and looked at the EXP Pool.

[Exp that can be transferred: 7,564]

[Exp that can not be transferred: 1.12 million]

He took out 410,000 exp and placed it in the level bar.
When he was hit, his level increased rapidly.

Lv 61!

Lv 62!

Lv 63!

Lv 69!

With the [Beginner Stone], a treasure that could be used to refresh attributes once a day, it was much easier for Ling Yi to add points.

A total of 45 free attribute points were placed on endurance, which was currently the lowest.


Looking at his Star Slots…

[Current Star Slot: 18]

‘There are more slots now.
I can start thinking about my next Skill!’

The fusion formula that he had seen before suddenly appeared in his mind.

(Energy Freeze Ray + Slow Ray → Extreme Slow Ray)

‘I don’t have a single control Skill right now.
I need to quickly fill in the gaps in this area.’

He looked up at the time and saw that there were three minutes left before the start of the Beast King Challenge.
Ling Yi quickly logged into the forum and searched for the keyword ‘Slow Ray’ in the trading center.

The bad news was that the exchange didn’t have this Skill.

The good news was that he had found a way to obtain this Skill on the forum.

[When I killed the rare monster, the lazy Earth Dragon, also dropped the Slow Ray…]

[I got the slow ray from the lazy Earth Dragon…]

As the players posted on the forum, Ling Yi searched for information on the ‘lazy Earth Dragon’ and found out that it was a monster that might appear in the wilderness of the ultimate map.

‘The wilderness area of the ultimate map, that’s not far…’

Lin Ying had told him before that even her father felt that he was the man most likely to open God’s Path.

They were eager for him to open God’s Path and let the people of the world see the purpose of God’s Path and the real road to becoming a god.

Ling Yi wasn’t anxious, but he was curious about the higher domain.

“What do you guys think will appear after the main road is cleared?”

She had asked Lin Ying the same question before.
This time, he asked the people around him.

“In any case, there will definitely be changes.” Yunji shrugged.

“Entering God’s Path is free, and becoming strong on the God’s Path is also free.
However, there is no such thing as a free lunch in the world.”

As the head of the intelligence organization, Lin Xian shook her head and sighed, “I don’t think it’ll be a good thing.”

“Oh right, I almost forgot about it if you didn’t mention it.”

Looking at the person in front of her, who was known by the world as the ‘human-shaped Beast King most likely to open the path to godhood’, Lin Xian furrowed her brows and her expression became more serious than ever, “Everyone in the world wants you to open God’s Path as soon as possible, but I don’t recommend you do that.”

“Once the God’s Path is opened, there’s a high chance that you’ll have to face an even stronger enemy.
This level of strength might be an existence several dimensions higher.”

“Maybe you’re at the explosive level, but the enemy is at the explosive star level.”

“Therefore, I suggest that after you reach level 90, try to increase your strength through the ‘convert exp to free attribute points’ function.

If Lin Xian didn’t say anything, Ling Yi would have continued on his journey.

Now that she had warned him, he suddenly thought of this possibility.

“That’s right.
You should be the strongest person in the world by then.
You’ll represent Earth’s highest combat power.
You can’t be defeated so easily.” Xia Wanqing agreed.

“I know, I know.
I’m still far from level 90.”

Ling Yi waved his hand and turned his attention back to the Beast King Challenge that had just begun.

[The Beast King Challenge officially begins.]

[This month’s schedule—]

[Level 30 Beast King: Wings of the Storm]

[Level 60 Beast King: Destruction Martial Emperor]

[Level 90 Beast King: Nature Beast God]

According to the rules, after registration, players between level 30 and 59 would have to challenge a level 30 Beast King.
Level 60 – 89 players challenging level 60 Beast King.
Level 90 and above will challenge a level 90 Beast King.

Players below level 30 did not meet the minimum level requirement to participate in the Challenger League.

“So, as long as I defeat this Martial Emperor of destruction at Level 69, I can get an S-grade item of my own choice?”

“It’s really a welfare event.”

As Ling Yi sighed, Lin Xian rolled her eyes.
“It’s only a welfare activity for a pervert like you.”

“In this Challenge event, the Beast King’s rank was the same as the player’s.”

“Hence, even an invincible player would not have an advantage in this challenge.”

Ling Yi didn’t chat with Lin Xian for too long.
He opened the Beast King Challenge.

There were three Beast Kings on it, and only the challenge button under the ‘Martial Emperor’ in the middle was lit up.

After bidding farewell to them, Ling Yi decisively clicked on the link.

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