255 Yunji’s Enhancements

A time-limited secret realm referred to those dungeons that would only appear for a short period of time.

After mutating into a permanent item that could be used once a week, the practicality of the key had been greatly improved!

“Then, we…”

“Mm… At noon, God’s Path will have a one-day update.
So then let’s use this near my house around the afternoon.”

“Alright, I’ll be there.”

“Alright,” he said.

After the two of them finished their discussion, Luo Yao happily returned to the main world while Ling Yi started to farm monsters in this area.


Above the clouds, a huge flame star appeared, burning all the clouds around it.

The entire sky seemed to be occupied by this meteor.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger.”

His magic power was now more than 140,000, which meant that the comet in front of him, which was ten times larger, could be more than 140,000 meters in diameter!

Fortunately, the wilderness of District 66 had been expanded a thousand times in the beginning.
Otherwise, it would have affected most of the wilderness.

A moment later, the flame star landed on the ground, and the strong shock wave spread over the invincible him and rushed into the distance.

[You’ve killed Great Sun Demonic Fox (level 71), exp +12]

[You’ve killed…]

[You have obtained the 7-Star Skill [Instant Dream]]

[You have obtained C-grade material, Fox Demon’s Fur]


The reason why Ling Yi chose to farm here was mainly because Yunji wanted the [Instant Dream] Skill that the Demonic Fox drops.

[Instant Dream (7 Stars)]: One of the following effects can be activated.
This Skill can be used once per minute.

Immediately teleport to the designated location.]

Revert your status to 3 seconds ago.]

There was nothing outstanding about this Skill in Ling Yi’s eyes.
However, in the eyes of the others, it was already a very good life-saving Skill.

“I changed Shurou’s Skill yesterday, and today… I’ll focus on Yunji.”

After staying here for three hours and obtaining the right to draw the daily roulette, Ling Yi returned to the main world.

The moment he returned, Ling Yi immediately drew the roulette.

[Congratulations! You have received a reward from the advanced daily wheel: [Super Red Holy Stone]

[Super Red Holy Stone]: One-time item.
Place it under the sun and use it after absorbing 24 hours of sunlight.
It will provide 1,000 exp to the player.

“Super Red Holy Stone… I’ve heard of it before.”

He looked at its potential for mutation.

[Super Red Holy Stone — Mutation Potential: High – property]

After thinking for a while, Ling Yi decided to start the mutation on it.

He had the [Probability Reversal] ability, and he often got this Super Red Holy Stone when he drew high-level roulette.

Soon, he opened it again.

[Super Red Holy Stone]: Put it under the sun, and gain 10 exp for every minute of sunlight absorbed.
It could save up to 100,000 exp.
When the player touches it, exp will slowly flow into the player’s body.


Ling Yi’s eyes lit up and he nodded enthusiastically.
“It’s a pretty good item.
Even the Alliance of countries would treat it as a treasure.”

“But it’s better than nothing for me.”

After placing the Super Red Holy Stone in the courtyard, Ling Yi walked back into the house while using the [EXP Pearl] that he could use once a day.

[You have gained 4,270 exp]


He called Yunji over.

She had just taken a shower and was wearing a thin, light purple summer nightdress, revealing her fair arms and legs.

Her wet black hair was scattered behind her, and water droplets were still hanging from her hair.

Looking at the man in front of her, Yunji wiped her hair with a towel and said with a gentle voice, “What’s wrong? Why are you looking for me?”

After the bath, Yunji looked like a mature big sister, giving people a sense of reliability.

“I’ve gotten the skill you wanted.
Now, use these two stones to redistribute it.” He said.

Ling Yi passed the [Star Transformation Stone] and [New Stone] to Yunji.


Yunji sat close to Ling Yi as she dried her hair.

After receiving the two stones, she began to work.

She dismantled the Skills, rearranged them, and gave them to Ling Yi to “strengthen” them.
Then, she returned them to her body for her to learn.

After Lin Shurou completed her enhancement yesterday, Yunji and the others knew that Ling Yi had such an ability.

In just three minutes, the “enhancement” was done!

It was worth mentioning that the effect of [Instant Dream] had not changed, but there were no restrictions on its use.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was almost unkillable, he would also want this Skill.

“You’re so fast.
It seems like you’ve rehearsed it in your mind several times.
Ling Yi stroked her hair and smiled.

“Hehe, of course.”

Yunji reached out her arms to hug Ling Yi’s waist and buried her head in his arms.
Her pink and tender face was filled with happiness.

“We’re very concerned about anything related to you~”

The neckline of the dress was extremely low, revealing a large area of skin.

When she bent down to hug him on the sofa, her jade-like back, her thin waist, and her huge heart… Her entire back was clearly visible.

Ling Yi patted the empty space on the sofa beside him.
Yunji obediently climbed up and immediately wrapped her arms around Ling Yi’s neck, rubbing her face against his.

Ding Ling Ling~

Ding Ling Ling~

The golden bell ring on her snow-white neck made a crisp sound.

At that moment, Xia Wanqing, wearing a translucent black Veil, came down from upstairs barefooted.

When Ling Yi had simulated the mutation of the [Necklace of Purity], he gave the original version to Yunji and the enhanced version to Xia Wanqing.
And since Lin Shurou was always with Ling ‘Er, she did not need it.

Ever since the three of them had the ability to cleanse themselves, they sometimes did not wear shoes in the house.

When Xia Wanqing walked over, Ling Yi saw a pair of pure black bow ties tied to her ankles, making her white jade-like feet even more beautiful.

“How is it? Is it good? Sister Shurou made it for me.”


Xia Wanqing smiled happily and sat cross-legged on the wooden table in the middle of the three couches, looking at Yunji.

Looking at the 1.9-meter-tall figure kneeling in the corner of the sofa, she smiled wider, “You’re becoming more and more similar… To a large pet dog…”

As soon as she finished speaking, a beam of white light condensed into a human figure beside her.

A moment later, the light faded, and Lin Shurou, who was wearing a thin white gauze, slowly floated down from the air.

Her small white feet stepped on the clean table, and her whole body shimmered like a real angel.

Ling Yi was speechless.

Why did they come one by one?

Lin Shurou only exchanged a glance with him before she leaned forward to kiss him.

After a long while, she touched his face with both hands and looked into his eyes.
“I’ll go make supper.
You waste your time with them.”

“We’ll have the formal one after we’re done eating.”

She turned around and grabbed Xia Wanqing’s legs, which were tied with a black bow, and placed them on Ling Yi’s sides, leaving him in the middle.

After doing this, Lin Shurou glanced at Xia Wanqing and went into the kitchen.

It was a little past nine in the morning, but it was still raining heavily outside.

The raindrops slanted and hit the window, making “pa da, pa da” sounds.

The dusky sky caused the lighting in the bedroom to become a lot dimmer.
Ling Yi, who had been sleeping all this time, still didn’t want to get out of bed.


Someone had sent him a message.

He nimbly opened the chat interface of the forum to check.

[Nightingale_Chirping: Have you completed the level 50 Support Trial?]

“Oh, it’s her…”

“Oh… Who is it?” A sweet voice tickled his ears.

“My Support partner.”

[01: I did… Have you reached Lv 50?]

[Nightingale_Chirping: Yes, my challenge mission this time is to gain exp.
Therefore, our Financial Group gave me a Red Holy Stone and the EXP Pearl that we have been keeping.]

[Nightingale_Chirping: I won’t talk about it anymore.
I’m going to take part in the Support Trial.]

After he ended his conversation with Yun Zixiao, Ling Yi didn’t get up.
Instead, he checked his current Yang energy.

[Yang energy: 282/282]

‘Very good.
It seems that you’ll improve a lot if you work hard.’

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