the Alliance members brought over.

On the surface, he was watching the interrogation, but he was thinking, ‘It’s not realistic to get close to Zhou Di and take the divine artifact fragment from him.

‘As expected, I still have to get that Invisible Demonic Hand skill.’

Thinking that he would need to use this skill when he visited the treasure house in the future, Ling Yi didn’t hesitate anymore.

After informing Nangong Li, he turned around and walked into the bathroom.

He used the [Wish Voucher] in the bathroom.

A minute later…

When Ling Yi reappeared, he had an additional skill that he didn’t have before.

[Invisible Hand 1 Star (Rare)]: Can create an invisible hand without a physical body.
This invisible hand can be considered as one’s own hand.
Unable to move more than five meters away from the user.

This skill was a variant of [Invisible Magic Hand].
It was more concealed and had a longer range than the original magic hand.

‘Alright, let me test the power of this new skill!’

‘[Invisible Hand!]’

In an instant, a translucent palm that only he could see quickly condensed in front of him.
This palm was exactly the same as his right hand as if it was an invisible clone of his right hand.

He controlled the invisible hand to fly forward and soon reached Zhou Di’s side.

Although the invisible hand couldn’t be seen or touched, the target and the user would still feel it like a normal hand.

‘Zhou Di’s clothes are so thin, and he’ll probably notice if I touch him.’

He gently placed his hand on his chest and could clearly feel the existence of his hand.

Thus, Ling Yi thought for a moment and decided to go down.
Through the gaps of the various ropes that bound him, he used a finger to lightly touch the other party’s stomach.

Just touching the clothes did not count as physical contact.
At the very least, it had to be touching the other party’s body through the clothes.

At this time, Zhou Di, who seemed to have sensed something, frowned.

Just as he was about to say something, Nangong Li’s next question came.

“Next, please tell me all the information you know about the members of the organization?”

“Hmph!” Zhou Di snorted stubbornly as he looked at his inner voice with an ashen face and once again revealed all the information he knew.


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