252 News of The Divine Artifact’s Last Fragment

After that—

[Congratulations! Your Support relationship with player “Lin Ying” has been officially confirmed!]

Through Lin Ying’s support, he gained 310 agility, and an A-grade support Skill, [Earth Shield].

He gave Lin Ying 1,325 endurance, an S-grade support Skill [Heroic Soul Borrowing].

[Lin Ying: Haha! I’m totally at an advantage.]

[Lin Ying: Maintaining fusion state requires a lot of physical strength.
But with so much endurance you gave me, it simply solves this problem.]

[Lin Ying: However, you are also really weird.
With attributes of over 1,000 and S-grade Support Skills, you are indeed my idol.]

[01: Yes.]

Ling Yi closed the chat window and looked at his 1,514 agility.
He shook his head and chuckled.

‘Now that every attribute of mine has reached a height that ordinary players can’t reach, I can instantly become a one-sided strong person, right?’


In ‘Genius Ladies Alliance’ group chat, Lin Ying, who had just received Ling Yi’s Support, was currently spamming the group.

[Golden_Fairy: Wahahahaha! I’ve successfully received 01’s Support o(_)O]

[WonderfulSound_BurningSong: !!?]

[PeerlessWitch: (꒪⌓꒪)]

[Nightingale_Chirping: (o(゚Д゚)っ!)!]

In a villa in the Demon Sea, Yun Zixiao, who saw the group message, widened her eyes, feeling very shocked.

“What? Did she and 01 become each other Support? But aren’t I still his partner?”

She opened her Support interface and confirmed that her aid was still the same 01 from before.

“Then what’s going on? Did I guess wrong? The person I’m protecting isn’t the real 01?”

Yun Zixiao recalled the thoughts which led her to her conclusion.
After a few thoughts, it only resolute her beliefs.

Ling Yi should be 01!”

She looked back at the group.

[Bunnies_LoveLollipop: I’m so envious, what did he Support you with?]

[Golden_Fairy: I don’t want to go into the details.
I can only tell you that it’s a four-digit attribute point and an S-grade support Skill.]

[Gonghan_Yueying: F*ck! Love protection in my dreams!]

[PeerlessWitch: ┴─┴︵╰(‵□′╰)! I have at least 40 to 50 healers, but I’ve never even seen an S-grade healer before, let alone a thousand attributes!]

[Graceful_Wind: I never seen one before either]

[GloriousMoon: +1]

“Sh*t… A four-digit attribute…”

Yun Zixiao was a little dazed.

Previously, in order to give Ling Yi a surprise, she had intentionally found a treasure that could increase agility and a Skill that passively increased her own agility.

Now, her agility has reached 360!

She was only level 47, so her agility was already very high.

“I’m almost done with my preparations.
It’s time…”

She opened her chat with Ling Yi.

[Nightingale_Chirping: It’s been a long time since we synchronized our support attributes.
Do you want to do it?]

The other party replied very quickly.

[01: Sure.]

Synchronization only updated the attributes of the player in an instant.

When Yun Zixiao opened her interface to check, she realized that her magic power had indeed increased, but it had not even increased by 500, let alone over 1,000.


At the same time.

After synchronizing his stats with Yun Zixiao’s, Ling Yi saw that his agility had increased by another 200 points.
He subconsciously smiled.

[Current Agility: 1,742 (228)]

‘I didn’t expect my agility to go from 1,200 to 1,700 in less than half an hour!’

The stronger one’s strength, the slower one’s progress will be.
This was the case in every aspect.

Now that he had received the buff, his agility had increased by over 500 points.
Even he was overjoyed!

“Sure enough, support can be won by lying down.”

The Support attribute Ling Yi gave Yun Zixiao was mana.

However, in reality, he only managed to take away around 500 points of mana, because the remaining 1,000 points of mana were all copied and counted as temporary attributes, so they would not be shared.

[A new day.
You have gained 3 hours before descent.]

28th, midnight.

Under the equally beautiful starry night, God’s Path notification flashed through Ling Yi’s eyes.

Just as he was thinking about whether he should go in and kill some monsters, Lin Xian sent him a message.

[Lin Xian: Regarding the information you want on Zhou Di, there is one good news and two bad news.
Which one do you want to hear first?]


‘Why is it always good news and bad news?’

[01: Let’s hear the good news first.]

[Lin Xian: The good news is that we know where he is now.
He probably won’t be going anywhere else in the near future.]

[01: That’s good.
What’s the bad news?]

[Lin Xian: He has been captured by the entire Alliance and is now locked up in the Alliance headquarters.]

[01: ….]

[01: What’s the second bad news?]

[Lin Xian: The entire Alliance is worried about the church of destruction snatching people.
So they gathered strong people and increased their vigilance.
We heard that Zhou Di’s identity is a little special and he knows a lot of secrets about the church of destruction, which is why the Alliance is holding him.]


The headquarters of the entire Alliance was on the floating island “Ataranta” in the Taijing Ocean.

Ling Yi looked at the night sky and suddenly had an idea.

He had the [Bell of Truth], so he could get close to the man in the name of “assisting the interrogation”.

He only needed the Divine Union to pull some strings for him.

With that in mind, he quickly contacted Nangong Li.

[Vermillion Bird: You’re going to the entire Alliance to help with the interrogation? But wouldn’t everyone know that you have ulterior motives?]

[01: Please invite me.]

[Vermillion Bird: That’s good, it’s much more reasonable.
Wait a moment, I’ll make the arrangements.]

On the floating island, Ataranta.

In a well-lit conference room on the third floor…

Li Ze, who was watching the screen with the other Alliance representatives, received a message from Nangong Li.

Seeing that it was 01’s request, he didn’t dare to be careless.

He raised his head and looked at the Alliance players hypnotizing Zhou Di on the screen again.
Then, he turned his head to look at the main Alliance representatives who were whispering around him.

He coughed lightly and said, “The church of destruction is the enemy of all humanity.
It’s not good for the world if we don’t disclose the information of their organization.”

“Your way of interrogating is too slow!”

Hearing this, everyone turned to look at him, waiting for him to continue.

“The Divine Union has just invited Mr.
Ling, who has the mysterious voice.
He’s also a man of justice and should be on his way now.” Li Ze said with an indifferent expression.

The mysterious voice was known all over the world.

Hearing that the owner of said power was coming, everyone’s expression became very interesting.

Some panicked, afraid their inner voices would expose their secrets.

Some of them were excited, but it was unclear if it was because they were about to get information about the church of destruction or something else.

The people present were half happy and half sad.
They hoped that the voice would come quickly to solve the problem, but they were afraid of becoming the target of the voice.

In a corner that no one noticed, some people with a guilty conscience also quietly slipped away.

A few minutes later…

With the arrival of the Vermillion Bird, Nangong Li, the Tiger-faced masked man behind her also attracted everyone’s attention.

“That’s mr ling? He looks quite young.”

“Shush, keep your voice down.
If you anger him, he’ll reveal your secret.”

Of course, Ling Yi could also activate the [Faceless Mask].
However, that way, everyone would know that “01” had the surname Ling.

He felt that this was the best compromise.

The Tiger Mask had naturally been mutated by him, so it had no problem blocking X-ray and detection Skills.

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