246 Information About The High-Level Map Beast King

The shop’s funds could be collected by the shop owner at any time.

Seeing so many gold coins, Ling Yi immediately accepted them.

[You have received 4,640,862,900 gold coins in store funds]

[Double gold coins: You have acquired an additional 4,640,862,900 gold coins!]

Ling Yi opened his bag to take a look and found that his current gold coins had increased to 9.3 billion!

After paying for the materials, he looked at the remaining 7.3 billion gold coins and felt very satisfied.

“I’m a rich player now!”

Lin Shurou rolled her eyes and said, “A few billion gold coins isn’t just money, it’s god-like wealth!”

“With so much money, what do you want to do the most now?” Yunji asked curiously.

Ling Yi’s mind suddenly flashed to the mysterious store.

In the past, he had no money and was afraid that the store would refresh an S-grade item that he would not be able to afford.

But now…

‘I just hope that the mysterious store will spawn some good items.
No matter what it is, I’ll buy it as long as it’s useful.’

Ling Yi glanced at the three women and smiled.
“I’ll transfer some gold coins to you with the Ancestral Gem.”

Lin Shurou and the other two did not hesitate and nodded frantically.

Previously, Ling Yi had already tried to use [Double gold coins] and [Ancestral Gem] together in hopes of increasing the value of gold coins by eight times!

However, if he did that, they would all become non-movable gold coins.

He still needed gold coins at the moment, so he only used the [Ancestral Gem] to transfer 100 million to each person.

[Ancestral Gem: You received a return of 200 million gold coins]

[Double gold coins: You will receive an extra 200 million gold coins]

[Ancestral Gem:…]

300 million gold coins had been spent, and 1.2 billion gold coins had been returned.

He then looked at his gold coins.

[Gold coins: 7 billion (rounded up)]

[Untraceable Gold: 1.248 billion]

‘Alright, let’s start purchasing the materials.’

He changed the state of the shop to closed and posted a notice.

[The store has been opened by fate.
Now, we are purchasing materials for A, B, and C-grade treasured medicine.]

When he said “activate by fate”, he really meant it.

The matter of the shop was a small interlude in his life, and he couldn’t divert too much energy to it.

Next, he just had to wait for the materials to come to his door and then synthesize high-grade treasured medicine.

In the afternoon.

When everyone went back for their lunch break, Ling Yi was still sitting in the living room..

Listening to the chirping of cicadas and birds outside the house, his heart could not help but calm down.

“The shop’s business has come to an end for now.
We’ll just wait for the divine artifact fragments tonight.”

Whether it was the treasured medicine for opening a shop or the divine weapon fragments for going to the Nightless City, they were all just a branch of ways to improve one’s strength.

Ling Yi’s goal for now was to defeat the high-level Beast King and break the main world’s Nest God’s Black barrier.

— High-level Beast King, the Black-Winged Death God, level 90.

Dual cultivation of strength and magic, various abilities, comprehensive resistance!

It was far more powerful than the Unparalleled Sword Demon, who had a temporary increase of 20 levels but whose total star-class of Skills was only 60 Stars!

However, Ling Yi wasn’t the same Ling Yi as before.

After defeating the Unparalleled Sword Demon, his strength had soared.
At present, the threat that Death God Black Wing posed to him was at most similar to that of the Unparalleled Sword Demon.

It might even be lower.

He came back to his senses.

Ling Yi opened his backpack and started to check the other items that he had received this morning.

[Ancient Light]: One-time item.
A lamp that will light up the ancient path.
It will guide players to ancient ruins.
There are a large number of ancient monuments in the ruins.
When a player obtains an ancient monument or the light’s duration ends, they will be immediately teleported out.
The light will last for 10 minutes.

… An item that could allow one to obtain an ancient tablet.

[Transform Star Stone]: One-time item.
After activation, all the Skills of the player can be “disassembled” so that the player can perform a second Skill combination.

[Transmutation Stone]: One-time use item.
After use, all free attribute points can be refunded.
This would allow players to redistribute their free attribute points.

They were items for re-assigning Skills and re-refreshing points.

[Secret Realm Key]: This item can only be used in the main world.
Upon activation, a random secret realm can be created on the spot.

[Key to The Great Secret Realm]:… Random secret realm.

– Two keys to the secret realm.

The five rewards were a lamp, two stones, and a key.

They were all precious items, so Ling Yi spent nearly 1,000 mutation points to simulate all of them.

Two stones and two keys, we’ll talk about it later.

He cast his gaze on the ancient lamp that had appeared.

[Ancient Light]:… Could be used once a week.

The effect remained the same, but the one-time item became a permanent item that could be used once a week.

“Ancient Ruins? Ancient Tablet?”

Ling Yi touched his chin and revealed an interesting expression.
‘I wonder if the other two legendary ancient monuments are also there?’

it was better to put it into practice than to think blindly.

Seeing that there wasn’t any information about the ‘ancient ruins’ on the forum, Ling Yi informed the others and used the permanent ancient lamp.

In the next moment, two rows of candle-lit stairs appeared in the void before him.
At the top of the ten steps was a pitch-black oval vortex, and he had no idea what was on the other end.

Thinking that he still had the undying Ice Queen and the [Invincible Shield], Ling Yi boldly stepped up the stairs and stepped into the black vortex.

The scene changed.

When Ling Yi opened his eyes, he realized that he was in a hazy space.

A muddy yellow mist filled the air, and visibility was less than three meters.

[Prompt: You are in a special area.
Please be careful!]

[Countdown: 9 minutes 59 seconds]


He tried to release his perception, but he unexpectedly found that the mud fog, in addition to blocking his vision, also had the effect of blocking perception!


The Ice Queen’s figure suddenly appeared beside him.

“Master, be careful.”

She grabbed Ling Yi’s wrist and observed the surroundings with a serious expression.
“I can feel an invisible pressure, like… someone from a higher position is being suppressed by something… There’s something terrifying here.”

“Suppressed?” Ling Yi frowned.

The Ice Queen was an existence that had mutated from the leader monster.

He didn’t even feel the suppression when facing the Beast King, but now he felt it here.

“Did you feel any suppression when I faced the Nest God last time?” He asked.

“A little… It’s not as high as this place.”

“Sh*t… It’s fine, it’s fine.
We’ll be careful.”

He subconsciously lowered his voice.

The two of them held each other’s hands as they carefully walked through the thick mist.

The surroundings were completely silent as if nothing existed.

In the upper right corner of Ling Yi’s field of vision, there was a 10-minute countdown.
It was like a talisman that urged him to move forward.

Which direction is the suppression coming from?”

“… Hmm… Northwest.”

“Okay, then we’ll go southeast.”

The two of them didn’t fly but walked on the ground like ordinary people.

After walking for about three minutes, they finally saw an ancient stone tablet stuck in the soil.
The surface of the stone tablet was covered with a large amount of yellow sand.
From a distance, it did not look like a stone tablet but an earth tablet.

Ling Yi excitedly went forward and activated his [Eye of Truth] to check.

[Intermediate Physique Monument]: Up to 10 million people can engrave it at the same time, increasing the user’s physique by 20 points.


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