244 10,000 Points for Cultivating!

Ling Yi sat in the courtyard and sighed as he watched the players’ discussion.

On the hammock next to him, Yunji, who was wearing a cool summer dress, rested her head on her hands and crossed her legs.
She said leisurely, “You were right to stop fighting the Beast King.”

“Once you defeat the Beast King and upgrade to a high-level map, you may face the threat of invincible players.”

“… To be honest, I’m not afraid of them.”

“But it’s always good to be careful.”

Ling Yi didn’t dwell on this topic.
Instead, he opened the cultivation and accumulation interface again and started to mutter to himself.

After he ate the two mutated treasured herbs, he gave the two original treasured herbs to Lin Shurou.
This increased the latter’s total attributes by 400, and his cultivation points increased by 2,000.

And now,

He was ranked first on the leaderboard with a score of 7,575 points!

Although he had received the key to the secret realm and five random A-class treasures when his points reached 6,000 and 7,000, respectively, Ling Yi’s goal wasn’t to obtain the key.

‘My goal is the Five Grains of the Harvest Wheel, but this item will only be rewarded when the Cultivation points are very high… How can I continue to increase their cultivation points?’

Ling Yi opened his bag and looked at the 700,000 EXP that could be transferred.
He did some calculations in his heart.

“There it is!”

He quickly took Yunji back to the living room and called the two women over.
“I just did some calculations and found that as long as I pass on part of my current EXP to you through the training channel, I can get 10,000 points for Cultivation!”

Lin Shurou and the other two nodded thoughtfully.

” In the past, the highest points for cultivating a partner was only around 6,000.
I don’t know what kind of rewards you’ll get when you reach 10,000.” Lin Shuruo said.

“An S-grade item, right?” Xia Wanqing guessed.

“Come on, come on,” Yunji said, urging Ling Yi just to do his job.

Ling Yi began to transfer EXP to the three of them through the training channel.

Lin Shurou and Yunji still needed to reach card level.
He only transferred a small part of it to Yunji.

After a while, a message suddenly appeared in front of Ling Yi.

[Congratulations! You have accumulated 10,000 points! Acquired additional reward: Ancient Light x1]

[Prompt: Your cultivation points have reached the maximum limit of the event and can not be increased further.]

Seeing that he couldn’t increase the points anymore, Ling Yi immediately stopped transferring EXP.

He quickly opened the cultivation points interface and collected all the points.

[Congratulations! You’ve accumulated 8,000 points for Cultivation.
100,000 EXP, 1,000,000 gold coins, A-grade precious medicine self-service bag x1]

[… 9,000.
Rewards obtained: Star Transformation Stone x1, Attribute Transformation Stone x1]

[… 10,000.
Rewards obtained: S-grade item self-service bag X1, secret realm key x1]

Among these rewards, there were no Five Grains of the Harvest Wheel.

‘It must be in the self-service bag!’

Ling Yi immediately opened his S-grade self-service bag and looked through the items inside.

Sure enough, he quickly found the [Five Grains of the Harvest Wheel] among all the items.

However, he did not immediately exchange it for it.
Instead, he first simulated the mutation of the “S-grade self-service bag”.

After a series of operations, he finally obtained [Five Grains of the Harvest Wheel].

Of course, it was a simulation of the mutation.

[Five Grains of the Harvest Wheel (s)]: This item has two effects, ‘Harvest Wheel’ and ‘Five Grains’.

Harvest Wheel: Specify a creative Skill with no restrictions.
You can use it several times more at the cost of your stamina.]

Five Grains: Select a specific area of plants or animals and accelerate their maturation.]

Originally, the first effect was to decrease the user’s most fifty times, and the second effect would take five years at most.

Now, the restrictions are gone.

Ling Yi was very satisfied with the materialization this time.
With the cooperation of the divine artifact “Universe Energy Core” and the mutated tool “Solar Energy Absorber”, his vitality and physical strength could be fully restored in one second even if they were at the bottom of the barrel.

“Let’s see how many times I can use my Skill at once.”

He walked to the courtyard and took out all the combat chicken heart and red fruit juice required to synthesize the “E-grade strength pill” from his backpack and placed them on the ground in the courtyard.
He immediately activated the effect of “harvest wheel five grains” in his backpack.

The item was a wheat-colored ring the size of an ordinary bracelet.
The surface of the ring flowed with an orange-yellow light, looking extremely precious.

After Ling Yi designated the Harvest Wheel’s effect as the medicine creation Skill, he used the medicine creation Skill again.
a long line with a number on it suddenly appeared on the ring in his hand.



‘1,265 should be the maximum number of times I can use this Skill at the same time, right?’

Ling Yi pulled the long strip to the end and immediately used his medicine creation technique.

In an instant, a huge flame appeared out of thin air in front of the pile of materials, burning some of them into the sky.

All of his stamina was exhausted, but he recovered completely in the next second.

As Ling Yi made the ball of fire spin rapidly in the air, he tried his best to divert his attention in order to increase the success rate.

A moment later, more than a thousand messages flashed by.

[You have used [Alchemy] to create E-grade Strength Pills x2]

[You have used [Alchemy] to create E-grade Strength Pills x2]

[Failed to produce medicine]

[You used…]

After a total of 1,265 uses, 1,250 successes, and 15 failures….

In just a few short seconds, it had brought him 2,500 E-grade Strength Pills!

The efficiency was a thousand times higher than before!

“How is it?” Lin Shurou asked with the other two walking in tow.

“Good, good.”

“Now, we can officially open the shop!” Ling Yi smiled.

“But before that, I want to hang these two thousand pills up and see what the effect is.”

Now that many people on the forum were paying attention to his shop, it was a good time to promote his product.

He opened the shop and placed all the E-grade Strength Pills on it.

[Please choose the method of sale: Single Item | Group Created

After choosing “Single Item”, another pop-up window popped up.

[Item for sale: E-grade Strength Pill]

[Single item price: ____ ]

[Maximum number of purchases for a single person: ____ ]

[Purchase level restriction: ____ ]

On the market, the price of an E-grade Strength Pill was generally around 400 gold coins, and the materials used to make a strength pill were at most 40 gold coins.

Although success rate was also a factor, it was too unlucky to succeed once in ten times.
Most people’s success rate was between 30% and 50%.

The profits were quite a lot.

Ling Yi thought for a moment and marked the price of a single item at 300 gold coins.
He set the maximum number of items a single person could buy at 10 and set the player’s level to be unlimited.

[The product has been successfully published.]

The shop’s shelves were five in a row, and at most, three rows were displayed at a time.

At this moment, on the first shelf of the first row of the 15 shelves on the shop’s front page, there was a solitary E-grade Strength Pill product.

[E-grade Strength Pill]

[Price: 300 gold coins]

[Remaining numbers: 2,786]

Including the ones he had previously synthesized, he had put a total of 2,786 E-grade Strength Pills on the rack.

While the girls were checking the store’s interface, he did not idle either.
He continued to use the mountain-like pile of materials in front of him to refine E-grade Strength Pills.

The number slowly dwindles down, lowering and lowering….

Someone’s buying his product!

“So fast! We have 2,400 left! 2300, 2000, 1000….
And that’s it!”

“We’re all sold out!”

Ling Yi hadn’t finished refining the next batch yet.
When he heard the three of them say that they had sold out, he immediately opened the shop to take a look.

The entire front page was empty.

Looking at the upper right corner, the current funds of the shop: 835,800.

[You have used [Alchemy] to create E-grade Strength Pills X2]

[You have used…]

The second batch of strength pills was also completed.

Ling Yi immediately put it on the shop.

This time, he stared at the number below.
It was originally 2,530, one second later, it was 872, and the next second, it was gone!

“Sh*t… the demand is greater than I thought.”

Ling Yi thought for a moment and decided to post a shop notice.

He wrote on it:

[At noon, a large number of E-grade Strength Pills, E-grade Mana Pills, E-grade Agility Pills, E-grade Endurance Pills, and E-grade Physique Pills will be sold at the price of 300 gold coins.]

“Alright, let’s focus on the refinement before noon.”

“So many people are buying… Do you have enough materials?” Yunji asked.

“Don’t worry.
I’ll make a deal with the Divine Union later.”

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