Chapter 243: Passing the 15th Checkpoint on The Main Road

Shenxia’s upper capital, in the forest on the outskirts of town…

In the Luo manor.

At this moment, Luo Yao was sitting in the pavilion, staring blankly at the jade-green pond below.

After a long time, she sighed.

“I’ve already collected two pieces of the artifact fragments, but there’s still no news of the other three.”

“What should I do next?”

Her father, Luo Yuan, was trapped.
On the other hand, she, who had always been undisciplined, also had the idea of working hard to improve her strength.

At first, she thought it was worth it to collect five fragments in half a year, but now she just wanted to collect them as soon as possible.

Ever since the rise of Shenxia’s “heaven-defying rookie” 01, there seemed to be big news happening all over the world every day.

On the forum, a rumor that “It’s the biggest change in 20 years” was known by more and more people.
All the players around the world had a vague feeling that the “general trend” was about to arrive, and everyone sped up the speed of their strength improvement.

Qin Mengya, who was in the depths of her soul, crossed her arms.
After a moment of silence, she said, “How about… Why don’t you ask 01?”


“This guy is almost worshiped now… Oh, no, he will definitely be worshiping a few decades.
You can ask this ‘god’ in the eyes of the future generations, and you might be able to get some clues.”

“… But… Didn’t you tell me not to let him know about this?”

“The past is the past, and the present is the present.”


Seeing that Mengya no longer tried to stop her from asking 01, Luo Yao was very excited.

She quickly opened the chat box on the forum and sent a message.

[Luo Yao: 01, do you know anything about the divine artifact fragment?]

Not a few minutes later, the other party replied.

[01: Divine artifact fragment? I have one here, do you want it?]

Seeing that he actually had a divine artifact fragment, Luo Yao jumped up in joy.

“That’s great! He is a big boss!”

[Luo Yao: Yes, I’ve already collected 2! Big brother, you… I can buy your piece.]

[01: Wait, you have two? Really?]

[Luo Yao: Really! It’s a pity that I still have no news of the remaining 2.]

[01: I have an idea.]

[Luo Yao: What does that mean?]

A few seconds later, he sent another message.

[01: I know where one of the fragments is.
If I’m lucky, I might be able to get it tonight.]

[01: Wait for my news tonight.]

Seeing this, Luo Yao cheered in joy.

“This is great!”

“If I’m lucky, I’ll only be short of one divine artifact fragment by tomorrow!”

While Luo Yao was jumping for joy, Qin Mengya was a little sad.
“If we ask him for help, the divine artifact will basically not be ours anymore…”

“It doesn’t matter.
I think if I give mine to him…” Luo Yao spread out her hands, not even a look of disappointment on her face.

“A divine artifact… what an unexpected surprise…”

Ling Yi was originally dealing with the main road’s 15th checkpoint leader when he suddenly received a message from Luo Yao.

He sent the Ice Queen to deal with the monster while he ran to the side to talk to her.

After knowing that she had two divine artifact fragments, he immediately used the [Prompt]’s last chance for the week to find the whereabouts of the other fragments.

The flame had burned out a line of information–

The Guild Master of the God Guild, Jahn Workao, and the member of the Church of Destruction, Zhou Di

It was very straightforward where the exact locations for these two fragments are.

He had just embarrassed the two members of the God Guild in public last night.
The Guild leader might be coming to Nightless City’s grand event tonight.

That was why Ling Yi said, “If I’m lucky, I might be able to get one tonight.”

He refocused his thoughts on the present…

Seeing the Ice Queen in her second form suppressing the leader of the 15th checkpoint, the Flaming Wyvern, Ling Yi crossed his arms and thought to himself, ‘I wonder if I can combine all five fragments.
If I can, I must mutate and simulate it…’

His thoughts were interrupted when a loud bang resounded in the distance, and a message appeared in front of him.

[You’ve killed Fire Wyvern (level 85, leader), EXP +2,600]

[You have obtained the 7 Star Skill [Dance of the Dragon’s Raging Flames]]

[You have obtained the 7 Star Skill [Dragon’s Body (Passive)]]


The 15th checkpoint of the main road has been cleared.

If they could defeat a level 80 Beast Ling, then a level 85 leader would be even less likely to stop them, especially after all that enhancement and upgrading they did.

Ling Yi didn’t find it difficult to kill his way here.

“What do you think will happen after the main road’s 20th checkpoint is cleared?” He asked when he saw Lin Ying flash over.

The former raised her head and pondered for a moment.
Then, she shook her head and smiled, “No one knew before that.
I personally think that there will be a higher challenge.”

After saying that, she looked up at the golden bell on the golden altar in the distance and curiously asked, “So what do you think? When do you plan to fight this level 90 Beast King?”

“Hmm… There’s no rush.”

“Aren’t you afraid that Aslan and the others will snatch it away? After clearing 15 levels, we’ve already caught up to them.
They can enter the main road now!”

“Don’t worry, they still can’t beat…”

Ling Yi suddenly remembered Nangong Li’s fate.
He saw that she had teamed up with the experts of the entire region to challenge a high-level Beast King but failed.

It had only been a few days since he had checked on her fate.
Ling Yi didn’t think that she would be able to increase her strength by a large margin in just a few days.
After all, the others couldn’t level up fast enough just like him.

Speak of the devil, and she appeared.

A thundercloud flew over from the distance, followed by Aslan, the captain of the White Alliance, and a few others.

Seeing that Ling Yi and Lin Ying were still there, Aslan smiled and turned into a flash of lightning, teleporting in front of them.

“01, the conditions I promised you last time are still in effect.
The doors of the White Eagle Nation will always be open to you.”

“If you’re not satisfied with your stay in Shenxia, you can come to our land.”

Ling Yi ignored him.

Instead, he used [Prying Fate] to look at the man’s fate.

[26th June: A joint challenge against a high-level Beast King by a group of powerhouses.

[5th July: Once again, the powerhouses joined forces to challenge the Beast King, but failed.]

[10th July: Passed the qualification review between 80 – 89, obtained the proof of invincibility, and successfully embarked on the road of invincibility, becoming the sixth player of the invincibility level in White Eagle Nation.]

In most cases, the destiny in the [Prying Fate] Skill wouldn’t consider the user’s fate.

Thus, even if the higher-ups said that Ling Yi would fail to challenge the Beast King on the 5th of July, the Beast King might have been defeated by Ling Yi before that.

‘This guy will become an invincible player next month?’

Reading through the other’s fate, Ling Yi wondered if he should kill him a few times before that.

As he wondered to himself, more and more experts rushed over.

Ling Yi scanned them and realized that most of them were the people who had ambushed him when he was talking with Aslan before.

It was normal for players to fight each other.

Even though they had fought previously, when they met again, no matter if it was Ling Yi or any other players, there was no discrimination in their eyes.

Ling Yi couldn’t be bothered with them and returned to his original spot.

Everyone present knew 01’s combat power, so no one dared to stop him.

[01 Has Opened His Shop!] (HOT)

In today’s forum, in addition to the main discussion about the Cultivation Challenge and the Nest God, a small number of people had discovered 01’s new shop.

After the Divine Union verified that this was indeed 01’s shop, it caused quite a bit of discussion on the forums.

[01 actually opened a pharmacy! What does he want to do?]

[The number one pharmacy in the world? What a resounding name.
But why isn’t there anything in the store?]

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