Chapter 240: Attribute Increase and Cultivation Challenge Stage Reward

As if he had sensed something, he pushed out his hands and placed his palms on the medicinal herbs on the table.

The next moment, in front of everyone’s eyes, small flames appeared one after another among the medicinal ingredients.
More flames gathered together, and after a few seconds, they joined together, forming a small fire that wrapped all the medicinal ingredients.

Immediately after, this ball of flame wrapped the medicinal herbs as they burned and floated into the air.

The flame grew brighter and brighter, and the medicinal herbs inside could no longer be seen.

The flames were also getting hotter and hotter, causing Xia Wanqing and the others to wipe their sweat.

“Is this the process of making medicine…”

Yunji and the others had lived for so many years, but they had never seen such a rare Skill being used.

In other cases, he had seen it on forums or television.
After all, there were very few people who had this Skill.
According to the players’ statistics, there were less than ten.

Ling Yi controlled the ball of fire to float in different directions, causing the three girls to stare at him with their beautiful eyes.

“Aren’t you afraid that this might create some sort of accident or that you might fail?” Yunji raised her eyebrows.

“Hehe,” Ling Yi chuckled and let the flame that was accelerating the material fused and spin clockwise above them.
It was so fast that it seemed to form a ring of fire.

“T-t-t-this… There’s no way you can refine a Skill with this kind of method?!” Yunji exclaimed.

“No,” Ling Yi agreed.

When the flames in the sky suddenly shrank and condensed into two balls of light, Ling Yi smiled and continued, “The more impossible something is, the more likely it is to me.”

[You have used [Alchemy] to create C-grade Strength Pills x2]

He stretched out his hand and let the two crimson pills, which had cooled down quickly, fall into his palm.

C-grade Strength Pills.
It’s done just like that,”

Looking at the pills in Ling Yi’s hands, Yunji and the other two were dumbfounded.

‘How the f*ck is this possible?’

“Why… Two?” Xia Wanqing asked.

“This is the unique aspect of my alchemy technique.”

While the others were still in shock, Ling Yi had already started to check the effects of the strength pill.

[C-grade Strength Pill (C)]: Permanently increases strength by 30 points after consumption.
Can only be used once on each person.


Looking at the pill, Ling Yi suddenly hesitated.

There were E-grade, D-grade, and even A-grade Strength Pills.

He wasn’t sure if he could mutate another A-grade Strength Pill after this C-grade Strength Pill.

He asked the system, and the system unexpectedly gave him a reply.

[They are considered different items]

‘Alright, in that case, let’s just mutate.’ Ling Yi said decisively in his heart.

After a while, he opened it again.

He noticed that his strength attribute had doubled from 30 points to 60 points.

‘Looks like the other attribute-boosting pills should also double their effects after mutating.’

Following that, Ling Yi made another five C-grade Strength Pills and gave them to the other five people, including the Ice Queen and Ling ‘Er.

After finishing this, he began to make C-grade Mana Pills… Agility Pills, Endurance Pills, Physique Pills…

After he ate the five C-grade pills, he would return to D-grade and E-grade.

Twenty minutes later…

Ling Yi consumed 15 medicinal pills in a row and all of his attributes had increased by 82 points.

As for the other five, their points increased by 41 points.

‘It’s a little difficult to get the materials to synthesize B-grade treasured medicine.
Otherwise, I’ll have to eat all the way up.’

Ling Yi sighed helplessly when he sat back on the sofa to rest.

On his left, Lin Shurou, who was wearing a white dress, handed him a cup of herbal tea, “Don’t worry.
We’ve already surpassed the other players by a lot.”

On his right, Xia Wanqing, who was wearing a black veil, looked at the information that appeared in front of her and said in surprise, “I’ve completed my cultivation challenge! The total attribute increase has exceeded 200, and I can now challenge the 1.5x illusion anytime!”

The two of them, one in white and one in black, sat cross-legged on either side of Ling Yi.
They had an otherworldly aura and were both peerless beauties.

Hearing Xia Wanqing mention the Cultivation Challenge, Ling Yi couldn’t help but open the ranking again.

Yefli | 5,923

Tong Wei | 5,731

01 | 5,575

Yass | 5,514

Luo Huang | 4,866

The ranking was over.

“Oh? You’ve already risen to third place?”

Even though he was only in third place, Ling Yi couldn’t help but laugh.

One had to know that Yefli, Tong Wei, and Asi were all members of the Alliance and could completely represent the Alliance!

The level at which he was training three people by himself was similar to the level at which the National Alliance trained three people.
This was already something to be proud of!

‘300,000 experience points, 9.
Star mutated Skill, 41 points of all attributes for all three of them…’

The only things that could increase raising points were EXP, Skills, and permanent attributes.

Ling Yi guessed that the reason why they had higher experience points than him was that they had more EXP and more Skills than him.

On the points bar, he had already met the requirements of 3,000 and 5,000 points, so he immediately took the points.

[Congratulations! you’ve accumulated 3,000 points for raising pets.
B-grade random material x30, B-grade random item x1]

[Congratulations! You’ve accumulated 5,000 points for cultivating a player.
Designated A-grade Material Bag X3, random A-grade Item X1]

Ling Yi skimmed through the other random rewards.

However, the [A-grade material designated bag] was the best reward for him, especially when he could see the fusion formula!

When he put all the rewards into his rucksack, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Ding dong ~

Ding dong ~

Ling Yi sensed it and realized that it was Shengya.

She was wearing a colorful butterfly dress, and her delicate and fair face was lightly powdered.

Her light steps were graceful, and she looked very cultivated.

After helplessly welcoming them in, the woman asked, “How’s your Yang energy coming along?”


Ling Yi pouted and used the [Yang Energy Dragon Transformation] to check his Yang energy again.

[Yang energy: 90/90]

“It’s alright.
It increased by 40 points.” He said honestly.


“It seems like you’re working hard to increase your Yang energy,” Shengya said happily.

Ling Yi squinted at her.

In fact, for the past two days, his thoughts had been on the treasured medicine that could permanently increase his attributes and God’s Path’s “Cultivation Challenge” event.

The rapid increase in Yang energy was purely due to the support of the [Two-Faced Emperor].

Shengya’s beautiful eyes swept across the two people sitting beside Ling Yi and asked, “You’ve also entered the black veil to challenge it.
What level do you think you need to reach to break the Beast King’s three-colored veils?”

‘Hmm… 500, I’ll definitely win with 500 points of Yang energy.’

“At this rate, it will take at least a month…” Shengya frowned.

Although the outside world said that it would be fine even if the Beast King removed the black veil after a period of time, it was still a very good thing.
But in reality, everyone knew that if this black veil could be broken, it would definitely be better to break it.

Ling Yi had promised Shengya that he would try his best to break the shield.
Now that she had reminded him, he felt that he was a little slow.

“By the way, did you come to me just to ask how much I improved? Then you can ask directly on the chat interface, we are friends there after all.” Ling Yi didn’t understand.

“No,” she said.

Shengya shook her head and stared at Ling Yi with her beautiful eyes.
She said in a serious tone, “I’m here to help you increase your Yang energy.”

“Ah?” The people in the livingroom were stunned.

“You might not have paid attention, but the various countries are already training powerhouses who can break the veil.”

Seeing their blank faces, Shengya sighed, “There’s a mill click in the Arctic who has the ability to convert vitality into Yang energy in a certain proportion.
The North is currently training him to increase his strength and life force.”

The White Elephant Kingdom’s reclusive Master Amitas, a level 92 powerhouse, has the ability to steadily increase his Yang energy as long as he remains a child.
It is said that he has been cultivating his Yang energy for fifteen years and is considered by the mainstream public to be the person with the highest chance of breaking the barrier.

The ‘witch’ in Shenxia has the ability to absorb the Yin Energy of people around her to temporarily increase her own Yin energy.
It’s said that the Divine Union has also started to interact with her.

At this point…

Shengya wrapped her colorful dress around her body and said, “Although the outside world thinks that these three have a great chance, I still believe in Sister Qing’s judgment.
You, 01, are the most likely to break the black veil.

Ling Yi nodded thoughtfully, but a frown soon appeared He suddenly frowned, “So why are you here to help me increase my Yang energy?”

“To prove that my sister Qin’s prediction was right!”

Shengya looked anxious and said, “if someone else broke it, wouldn’t that mean that my sister Qing’s prediction was wrong?” This will be a huge blow to her reputation!”

“… Wouldn’t letting nature take its course to prove her prophecy better?” Ling Yi spread his hands.

“So, are you going to accept my help or not?”

“Of course I will.”

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