Chapter 233: New Event — Cultivation Challenge

[Current Area: Lava Plateau (Main road’s 13th checkpoint)]

[Monster Information: Lava Dragon (level 65~ level 75), Fire Demon (level 70~ level 80), Fire Giant (level 70~ level 80), Lava Dragon King (level 75, leader)]

[Prompt: The temperature in this area is relatively high.
Please take precautions to avoid heat.]

As its name suggested, the Lava Plateau was a flat land of magma located at a high altitude.

There were many cracks on the ground, and red lava was flowing through the cracks.

Ling Yi tried to throw a leaf on the ground and realized that even if the leaf didn’t fall touch the lava, it wouldn’t take long for it to be burnt to a crisp, giving off a faint burnt smell.

Looking around, he realized that other than him and Lin Ying, there was no one else in the area.


Ling Yi , who was flying in the air, crossed his arms and asked curiously, “I was wondering why I didn’t see anyone else.”

“Are you talking about the high-level players who have transferred to our server?”


“Oh, because most of them can’t get in.”

Lin Ying flew to his side and explained in detail, “Players who use the area transfer card to come in can’t enter the main road unless the main road of their original area has already reached the progress of their original area.”

“Then those who came to the main road before were those who didn’t progress as fast as us in their original areas?”

“That’s right,” Lin Ying nodded.

“I see.”

The last time he met Aslan, Nangong Li, and the others in the Drizzle Grassland in the wilderness, he did not see any of them after coming to the main road.
Only now did he know the reason.

“No wonder Yunji didn’t come with us…”

Ling Yi scanned his surroundings and saw that the creatures in the distance had discovered them and were charging towards them.
He then ordered the eight Battle Angels to fight them.

The Ice Queen saw that his master had no intention of releasing [Starfall], and flew into the sky.
With a wave of his hand, he created hundreds and thousands of huge icicles, which shot towards the various monsters on the lava ground like a dense storm!

Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz…

Lin Ying did not dawdle.
She took out her spear and rushed into the crowd of monsters to kill them.

The sharp spear was like the grim reaper’s scythe, mercilessly and quickly reaping the lives of the surrounding monsters.

She might not be able to deal with a level 75 leader, but killing a few small monsters was not a problem.

Ling Yi actually wanted to release [Starfall].

It was only because Lin Ying was present that he did not release it.

Shaking his head, he got up and flew into the distance.
Soon, he was above the leader of the pass, the Lava Dragon King.

It was a dragon-type monster that crawled on the ground.
It was about 20 meters long, red all over, with thick limbs and a pair of flaming wings on each arm.

When Ling Yi lowered his head to look at it, it also raised its head and stared at him with its magma-like eyes.
Then, it opened its mouth and spewed out a pillar of raging flames at him.

Ling Yi dodged lightly and the pillar of fire shot past him.
When the Lava Dragon King turned its head to sweep the pillar of fire at him, he stepped on the void with the tip of his feet and his figure instantly burst out.

In an instant, the battle flag appeared in his hand, and the Elemental Spirit Blade followed closely.

When Ling Yi arrived in front of the Lava Dragon King, the latter raised its head and activated the lava barrier in front of it.
However, Ling Yi only needed to teleport for a moment before he appeared behind the Lava Dragon King and waved the burning Battle Flag down.


The burning Battle Flag left a two-meter-long bloody gash on the tough body of the Lava Dragon King.
The flames on the Battle Flag spurted out rapidly and rushed toward its body.

Although the flames did not cause much damage to the dragon king that was “bathing” in lava, the light element that was released at the same time did cause the monster to cry out in pain.


The Lava Dragon King turned its head and stared at Ling Yi’s figure with an ominous red light in its eyes.
Hundreds of huge fireballs with a diameter of more than ten meters were formed in the air and under its control, all the fireballs flew towards Ling Yi !

Ling Yi waved his hand and created a strong wind that blew away all the fireballs.

Immediately after, he opened his hands and condensed a ball of wind in each of his palms.
He flew closer and slapped the ball of wind directly on the head of the Lava Dragon King.


Ten minutes later…

After this satisfying battle, Ling Yi had a deeper understanding of his five dimensions and other abilities.

More importantly, he had gained more combat experience!

‘Right now, my highest damage output is a wind ball that has been charged for tens of seconds, followed by light and fire Elemental Spirit Blade, followed by a wind fist that has both strength and mana.
After that, it’s just a normal wind elemental attack and a normal attack.’

He summarized his attack methods and was about to get up and fly to the 14th level with Lin Ying when the information of the divine road suddenly appeared.

[Event ‘Cultivation Challenge’ will officially start in 5 minutes]

[Players who are willing to participate in the event, please sign up and prepare as soon as possible!]

While Ling Yi was still trying to recall what the “Cultivation Challenge” was, Lin Ying, who was at the side, was only stunned for a moment before she revealed an excited smile and said happily, “The Cultivation Challenge is here again!!”

“That’s great! I’ll be able to catch up to you soon!”

Before she could finish her sentence, Ling Yi saw Xia Wanqing voluntarily separate from her body.

“Let’s go back first.
There’s only a five-minute preparation period for this event.
We can’t participate after the preparation period is over!” Xia Wanqing said to him quickly.

“Mm… Okay,”

After saying goodbye to Lin Ying, Xia Wanqing and Ling Yi returned to the main world.

At around ten in the morning, they took their seats in the living room.

At this moment, Ling Yi also remembered the event’s information.

[After players sign up, they can form a training relationship with other registered players and set a Cultivation Challenge.]

[When the person being nurtured completes the cultivation challenge, they will receive event rewards based on the difficulty of the challenge.]

[The reward for the highest difficulty level is the return of all cultivation resources!]

“All the major forces are saving up resources for this event.
Should we join?”

Yunji looked at Ling Yi .

Ling Yi nodded.
“I’m participating.
Everyone, please register first.”

After completing the registration for the event, Yunji said, “What should we do? I’ll train Wanqing and you train Shurou?”

“No, let me do it.”

“Huh?” The three women said in unison.

“You’re going to train all three of us at the same time?”

“I remember that other than the reward for completing the challenge, the training side also has additional rewards, right?” Ling Yi smiled.

The three of them looked at each other.
Lin Shurou nodded, “Yes, each time a player trains the other party, they can obtain a certain amount of points for training, or as we call it ‘nurturing’.
When the points for nurturing reach the required level, they will receive the corresponding reward.”

“What’s the highest record in the past?” Ling Yi asked.

“Six thousand seems to be…” Lin Shurou looked at Yunji.

The latter checked and read the numbers on it, “The highest score was three years ago.
They got 6,827 points for training!”

“What reward did that person receive?”

“In addition to returning all the cultivation resources, they also received divine-level attribute pills, secret realm keys, high-Star Skills, high-quality treasures, and items.”

Ling Yi nodded in understanding.
He smiled confidently.
“If I get more points for training, I’ll definitely get more good rewards.
I’m confident that I’ll be able to break the record of my predecessors!”


The three of them looked at each other with wide eyes.

Then Yunji said, “You’ve misunderstood.
The thousands of points are all from the various forces.
As for the points above 5000, they can only be achieved by the Alliance of countries.”

“It’s impossible for us as individual players to compare.”

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