the air and aimed it at Ling Yi’s waist!

Ling Yi and the Ice Queen dodged to the side in tacit understanding and immediately launched a wind and ice elemental attack on the sword demon…

After a short while.

Ling Yi felt that it was about time.
He teleported away from the battlefield and carried Lin Shurou closer to the Ice Queen.

He brought her to give the Ice Queen the blessing of the Angel’s power.

Meanwhile, after receiving this 20% increase to all of her attributes, the pressure on the Ice Queen when she faced sword demon’s attacks had significantly reduced.

Twenty minutes later.

Under Ling Yi’s almost omnipresent wind element attacks, even the Unparalleled Sword Demon, who had the ability to turn invisible, couldn’t turn invisible in time and was hit.

His vitality had finally dropped below 10%!

Almost at the next moment, the sword demon suddenly stopped its attack and a burst of azure light burst out from his body.

Ling Yi and the Ice Queen were stunned for a moment before they immediately reacted.

The Beast King is about to enter its second form!

[Ultimate Explosion (7 Stars)]: Can only be used when the user’s vitality is less than 10%.
Choose one of the following states to enter.
Can only be used twice per hour:

Ultimate State: Clear the current negative state and temporarily increase 100 agility points for 15 minutes.]

Explosive State: Each attack will have an additional 10% explosive damage and a temporary increase of 100 points of strength for 15 minutes.]

Usually, the Beast King chooses the Explosive State.
This time, because of Ling Yi’s triple seal, it has entered its limit.

Ling Yi furrowed his brows and sighed in his heart.

‘The next step will be the real battle…’

Up until now, everything was going according to Ling Yi’s expectations… Except for Lin Shurou’s buffs, which was a pleasant surprise.

Now that the [Triple Seal] effect had been removed, it would be even more difficult to deal with it since it could recover its vitality.

‘When the sword demon enters its second form, there’s a high chance that it’ll release its ultimate Skill that can kill people with one shot.
I’d better take this opportunity to summon the Battle Angel…’

As he thought of this, he took out the “Gate of Heaven” from his backpack and activated it.


A total of eight Battle Angels appeared in front of him.

They wore white robes, had wings on their backs, and held huge swords in their hands.
Each of them was as tall as the Unparalleled Sword Demon.

“Angels, just use your Holy Glow to attack the Beast King.” Ling Yi said to them.

The group of Battle Angels did not respond.
They just raised their giant swords in unison like an army and launched [Holy Glow] at the sword demon.

This was a Skill that could attack enemies within its area of effect and also heal allies within the area.
It was a weaker version of Ling ‘Er’s [Four Ultimate Divine Wind].

The Unparalleled Sword Demon glanced at the Battle Angels and then looked at Ling Yi and the Ice Queen.

As it dodged the angels’ attacks and quickly charged at the two of them again, clearly not taking them seriously.

The Ice Queen held the icicles with both hands and stepped forward to block.

Ling Yi once again summoned the wind and launched a large-scale attack.

After an unknown period of time….

At a certain moment, the sword demon’s figure in the distance suddenly disappeared!

“It’s here!”

Just as Ling Yi was about to activate the invincible [Holy Shield], several flaming sword lights appeared out of thin air above his head and slashed down at light speed before the [Holy Shield] appeared!

‘This is fine! I can still resurrect!’

That was the only thought in Ling Yi’s mind before he lost consciousness.

The Unparalleled Sword Demon’s [Absolute Flame Shadow Slash] was one of the most terrifying Skills known to the world.

[Absolute Flame Shadow Slash (10 Stars)]: Randomly creates a number of flaming sword lights above the heads of surrounding enemies and instantly cuts them down.
Each sword light can deal damage equivalent to 10% of the user’s maximum health to the enemy.
There were a total of 100 sword lights, and the same enemy could only receive damage from 15 sword lights.
This Skill can be used once per day.

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