ty by 500!

The original 5% HP and stamina consumption per second was nothing to him now that he had obtained the divine weapon.

Facing the clone that was charging at him, he took out his Battle Flag with one hand and attached the Elemental Spirit Blade to it, while he condensed a wind bullet in his other hand.

Then he threw the wind sphere at the clone!

‘The sword demon’s clone Skill can only be used once an hour.
Its health is how long it can exist.’

‘If I don’t kill the clone, it will be very difficult to fight it for the next hour!’

‘The doppelganger doesn’t know how to use Skills, which means that it doesn’t know how to use its ability to turn invisible.
As long as our blows hit it, it can be killed very quickly.’

In the face of the wind bullet coming from the right, the sword demon’s avatar subconsciously dodged to the left.

However, what it didn’t expect was that Ling Yi had accurately predicted its move.
The moment the wind bullet was thrown, Ling Yi teleported to its left and waved the Battle Flag in his hand.

The doppelganger reacted in time and raised its black sword in its hand to block.


The clone has successfully blocked the attack! Ling Yi immediately gave up the idea of close combat and teleported back to increase the distance between them.

The sword demon’s clone rushed up at an extremely fast speed, but who would have expected that Ling Yi would use the [Holy Shield] at the very last moment, narrowly blocking its attack?

Just as the sword demon’s clone turned around and was about to leave, Ling Yi immediately deactivated the shield and summoned a strong wind at the clone’s back!

‘Now it’s my time to attack you!’

The sword demon’s clone was still able to react quickly to the large-scale attack coming from behind and escape in time, causing Ling Yi to miss again.

“Tsk, it’s still too fast”

He raised his head to look at the cloudy sky and thought of releasing [Starfall].

‘The Ice Queen won’t die.
I have the invincible shield, and Shurou also has the [Invincible Shield]…Then let’s go— [Starfall]!’

As he sent Lin Ying a message to seek refuge, he stretched out his hand to the sky and shouted, “[Starfall]!”

In an instant, a bright light appeared in the gray sky.

The crowd looked up and seemed to see a sun above the dark clouds.


Perhaps it had been a while since they had seen the huge meteor, but a few people didn’t react for a moment, too entranced at the bright sun falling down from the dark clouds.

However, most of them could never forget the power of this meteor.
They exclaimed, “This is 01’s signature killing technique.
He can call out a meteorite called [Starfall]!”

“It’s the world’s most destructive power Skill move!”

The huge flame star burned all the dark clouds in the sky in the blink of an eye and fell to the ground with astonishing momentum.

In the eyes of the people below, the falling star had already occupied the entire sky!

“T-t-t-t-that… That is too big!”


“Fortunately, I came in prepared to watch this battle!”

The onlooking players used all kinds of means.
Some entered a temporary alternate space, some used their golden bodies that could only last for a few seconds, and some used teleportation items to escape.

And in the arena….

Unable to dodge the flame star’s attack, Lin Ying ran to Lin Shurou’s side.
The latter did not wait any longer and immediately activated the [Holy Shield].

The Unparalleled Sword Demon relied on its ability to turn into an illusion and ignored the falling flame star as it continued to attack the Ice Queen.

The clone continued with their previous actions as if they had not seen the flame star at all.

Seeing this, Ling Yi was overjoyed.

“The clone didn’t dodge? That’s great!”

He looked up at the approaching meteor and activated [Ancient Divine Body]’s second effect: Consume all the current Longevity Factor to increase the power of the attack!

This second effect is not restricted to 1,000 points, and instead, the number of powers increases depending on the accumulated points!

He had already accumulated 202 points in total.
Hence, the power of this flame star would increase by 2020%.

That was 20.2!

The flaming star was visibly brighter and hotter.
Before it fell to the ground, the flammable objects on the ground had already ignited and the space seemed to be twisted in an instant.

Although the Ice Queen was immune to death, Ling Yi still flashed to the Ice Queen’s side before the meteor hit the ground.
He hugged her and activated the invincible [Holy Shield]!

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