Oh! You mean Lin Ying, okay!”

Ling Yi was stunned for a moment before remembering her.
She was the woman who became super beautiful after she fused with Xia Wanqing and helped him pass many checkpoints.

As expected, his first impression of her was still “fusion” and “Beauty”.

After merging with Xia Wanqing, she was even more beautiful than the current Lin Shurou.

It was at a level where he would be dazed if he saw it.

“Speaking of which, I’ve met quite a few pretty girls recently…”

In the five seconds that he had entered the God’s Path, he thought of Lin Ying’s beauty and unconsciously compared them in his mind.

‘In terms of beauty, Lin Ying is the most beautiful after merging with Wanqing.
Next is the Ice Queen in her second form, followed by Shurou and Wanqing, who are tied for third place, and finally Yunji and Ling ‘Er.’

Yunji is in the lead in terms of body proportions, followed by the Ice Queen in her second form.
Shurou, who has developed, even more, is in third place.

‘If I consider her temperament and aura… The Ice Queen’s second form is still the best, with Shurou right after her,’

Of course.

Although he thought this way, Ling Yi still liked Lin Shurou the most.

The woman of his thoughts seemed to be studying him.
She clearly didn’t have the ability to read his mind, but she could really grasp his heart.

She could instantly understand and execute his every move and expression.
She knew how to please him very well.
She was always able to give him unexpected, yet pleasant, surprises.

Very quickly.

Ling Yi and his group arrived at the tenth stage of the main road, the “Barbarian’s Territory”.
A few hundred meters away, the Golden Altar still looked like an ancient building, exuding a sense of age.

Looking at the Golden Bell on the altar, Ling Yi couldn’t help but feel nervous.

He looked at the Ice Queen and Lin Shurou, then said, “The Unparalleled Sword Demon is a very well-rounded close-combat Beast King.
It has both close-range swordsmanship and sword aura.
It can clone and blur.
It also has a strong control resistance and immunity to debuffs for a maximum of 10 seconds for 1 minute.”

“When we start fighting later, you will wait with the Ice Queen first and let me put a seal on him.
After that, we can only adapt to the situation.”

“Okay!” The Ice Queen nodded.

At this moment, Lin Ying, who had completed the fusion with Xia Wanqing and the others, flew back from the distance.
She reported to Ling Yi as if she was reporting on a mission, “The people on the outside didn’t want to leave.
They said they wanted to record 01’s rise.”

“Should we get rid of them?”

Ling Yi glanced at the increasing number of spectators in the distance and shook his head.
“No need.
If only one person knows, it’s almost the same as if the whole world knows.”

“It’s impossible to hide the fact that I’m challenging the Beast King.”

Then a funny thought crossed his mind and he couldn’t help but chuckle.

They were fighting a level 80 Beast King, and this group of people dared to watch.
Many of them would probably be killed by the shockwaves of the battle.

“Good! I’ll maintain order outside so that these people won’t interfere with your battle.” Lin Ying nodded seriously.

“Thank you.”

Ling Yi watched as Lin Ying left.
He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

‘I’m at my peak right now.
I’ll definitely succeed!’

He took a step forward and his figure instantly crossed a few hundred meters, shooting towards the altar’s Golden Bell like a high-speed bullet.
When he got close, he spun and kicked the Golden Bell heavily with a bang.

In an instant, the rope tied to the Golden Bell broke, and the entire Golden Bell was kicked out of the altar.
It fell to the ground in a free fall.

Before the Golden Bell touched the ground, a strong wind blew, dark clouds rolled, and the sky changed color in an instant!

The sky turned inky black, and the entire environment became dark.

Everyone looked up at the sky and saw a huge vortex gradually forming in the midst of the dark clouds.
Countless Red Lotus flames appeared in the center of the vortex as if there was a furnace there.

Then, a red light beam shot down from the vortex and shone on the golden altar.

In the light beam, a human figure about three meters tall descended from the clouds to the altar like he was riding a space elevator!

Seeing this, the Ice Queen quickly flashed to her master’s side…

Ready to face the Beast King a few meters away from them!

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