she spoke, making him shiver.

After hearing what she said, Ling Yi was stunned for a moment before he nodded and said, “That’s it? No problem at all.”

“Alright,” She said.

Yunji suppressed the uneasiness and excitement in her heart and gave him the 800,000 gold coins she had accumulated over the years.

Even though he had spent millions and tens of millions of gold coins, 800,000 gold coins was already a lot to others!

After keeping all the gold coins, Ling Yi couldn’t help but turn his head to size her up.

Her skin was whiter and more translucent than before, her face was beautiful and alluring, her small ears with golden bells hanging on them, her Vermillion lips that reflected a moist luster, her S-shaped figure, and her long legs wrapped in tight black leather pants…

Very quickly…

An hour passed.

One third of the items were sold.

The eight Star summoning Skills that Ling Yi wanted was one of the last few.
He estimated that he would have to wait for another two hours.

At the thought of this, he leaned back in his chair, feeling a little bored, and wanting to take a nap.

However, at this moment—!


A deafening explosion suddenly came from thousands of meters to the west!

Everyone was startled by the sound and looked in that direction.

A dark purple mist-like gas emerged from the ground in the distance, expanding at an extremely shocking speed!

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, it quickly formed a huge bull-horned demon with wings on its back and dark red eyes that emitted a fierce light!

The bull-horned demon only had its upper body, and there was a dark purple ring of light around its waist.

It was suspended in the air, and just its exposed body alone was nearly two hundred meters high!

The light in that area dimmed a lot because of its appearance.

“What is that?”

“That looks like the legendary 9 Star transformation technique, Troll’s Descent! Only the Shadow King has it in the entire world!”

“What? The Shadow King?”

There were tens of thousands of players gathered in the square.
When they saw the giant demon flying towards them, they all got up in panic and tried to run away in fear.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid! We have so many people here! If we can fight a Beast King together, we can fight this one too!”

Someone in the crowd shouted, and the panicked crowd quickly calmed down.

“Yes, yes, yes, we have more people.”

“The one who should be worried is the Shadow King! Since he dares to reveal his identity here, there definitely will be a Divine Pillar member waiting for him outside when the dungeon’s time is over.”

“I’m afraid he’ll have to stay in our Shenxia! Hahaha!”

“I have a feeling that something big is going to happen.
Let’s start the recording first.”

Not only was the giant demon huge, but it was also as fast as lightning.

In just a few words, it had already flown to the sky above the square of the Divine Hall and looked down at everyone.

The giant devil bared his teeth with a fierce expression, as if he had been provoked by something.

“What happened? He looks very angry?”

“It’s none of our business.
Let’s take this opportunity to start a live broadcast.”

As the players conversed, the Sword Saint of Gale, Nangong Han, had already stepped on a Wind Dragon and flew into the sky.
He sneered, “Hey, aren’t you the Shadow King? Why do you look so flustered and exasperated?”

Luo Yuan asked Luo Yao to follow Yunji for the time being and flew into the sky as well.
He said seriously, “This isn’t like you.”

“Have you lost your mind because of anger? Have you thought about the consequences of exposing your identity now?”

The Shadow King, who had turned into a giant demon, did not pay attention to what they were saying.
Instead, he opened his giant demonic hand and said loudly, “Okay, okay, okay.
I didn’t expect that I would be fooled one day.
They gave me a fake key and I wasted two hours there.”

“Who was that young man with you?”

The giant devil’s dark red eyes emitted strong killing intent.
“How dare he play tricks on me! I’ll make him regret being born into this world!”

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