ut a long list from somewhere and passed it to Ling Yi.

The latter took a cursory glance and couldn’t help but be surprised.

180 items!?

“Hehe, that’s right.
After all, many of our old friends are here.” Luo Yuan’s eyes swept to other places and saw many familiar faces.

Ling Yi didn’t like to receive favors for no reason, so he said, “No need.
I’ll take a bid for the items myself if I need them.”

“That’s good.” Luo Yuan nodded slightly.
His evaluation of this young man rose another level.

The players from the various factions took their seats nearby.
Ling Yi raised his head to take a look, but he didn’t recognize many of them.

The young miss of the Emperor Star Financial Group, Ling Yi’s current Support, Yun Zixiao, was sitting on Yunji’s other side, chatting with her about something.

The assistant of the Clear Lotus Palace goddess, Sheng Ya, was sitting with a group of beautiful women.

Ling Yi suddenly saw two familiar figures in the crowd.

“Those two seem to be from our district, right?”

He pointed at the two people a few dozen meters away.

When Luo Yao saw this, she nodded in realization.
“Yes, they are the Chen brothers from our district.
The older brother, Chen Dajia, and the younger brother, Chen Xiaoyi.
Both of them are only level 15.”

“The overweight man next to them is their father, Chen Dao.
He is the Ace Summoner of the Summoner Alliance.”

Ling Yi immediately remembered them as soon as their names were mentioned.

When he first entered God’s Path, he saw these two brothers killing the Battle Chickens.
They were taking their time.

“An Ace Summoner?”

“That’s right.
That is the highest honor in the Summoner’s Alliance, just like the Grand Swordmaster of Swords Gate, only the most powerful people in their respective factions can obtain it.”

After saying this, Luo Yao tilted her head and glanced at Ling Yi.
Seeing that he didn’t seem to fully understand what she was saying, she couldn’t help but add, “Simply put, he is one of the strongest Summoners in the country.”

“Oh, so he’s that strong.”

Ling Yi had thought that it was just a top-tier master from a faction.
He didn’t expect it to be a top-tier master from the entire country.

He could be considered a Summoner, and he couldn’t help but wonder how big the gap was between him and this top summoner.

He logged into the forum and opened Chen Dao’s notification to read it.

[Chen Dao, male, 45 years old, level 90]

[After passing the highest level assessment of the Summoner’s League five years ago, he became the third Ace Summoner of the Summoner’s League.]

[There are a total of 10 summoned beasts that are comparable to elite monsters of the same level.
These 10 summoned beasts form two teams, forming a set of ‘Blood-Burning’ and ‘Undying Sacrifice’ lineups, dealing with group and single enemies respectively.]

[Once defeated by three parties of level 90 elite players at the same time…]

‘So high-end Summoners play the combination of summoned beasts.’

These Summoners’ summoned beasts might be trash at first glance, but when combined, they could produce amazing effects.

The path they took as a summoned beast team was completely different from Ling Yi’s, so it was hard to compare.

Luo Yao, who was beside him, crossed her arms and lowered her head.
Her eyes flickered with reminiscence as she said, “Twenty days ago, the mysterious Moon Financial Group obtained an unprecedented 8 Star Summoning Support Skill.
It is said that it will be auctioned in this great dungeon.”

Chen Dao came here for this Skill.

Support summoning Skills were Skills used to assist summoned beasts in combat.

It was relatively rare and expensive.

Ling Yi opened the auction list and searched from the back to the front.
Very quickly, he found the item.

[Auction number 175: 8 Star Support Summoning Skill, [Eternal Mark].]

[Item Description: A Skill that can share stamina and vitality with a designated summoned beast.]

‘Share vitality?’

Ling Yi was shocked.
His first reaction was that if he shared the Skill with the Ice Queen, then when the Ice Queen activated her second form, wouldn’t he have the same health bar as a Beast King?

The correct way to use this Skill should be to share it with a summoned beast with a high recovery ability.
But even so, it shouldn’t reach 8 Star.

“There should be other effects.”

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