“It’s not a big deal.”

Ling Yi turned his head to the side, and Shengya also turned her head.

A woman wearing a mask walked out from behind the small tree.

“This friend of mine wants to get to know you.
She might be able to ask you about some support Skills.”

When Lin Shurou saw the people from the Clear Lotus Palace, she was excited and wanted to get to know them.

Ling Yi could only call Shengya over.

“Oh! No problem! I’d be happy to!”

Getting to know 01’s friend was the same as getting to know 01.
Shengya’s eyes lit up, immediately realizing that this was a wonderful opportunity.

The Clear Lotus Palace had the advantage of knowing 01’s friends while the other factions were still unaware of his identity.
This meant that they were already close to him!

After the two parties added each other as friends, Shengya stood there and watched them leave.

After they had completely disappeared from her sight, she returned, satisfied.

‘I thought I’d have some trouble fighting the King Ape.
I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly.’

After he returned, Ling Yi sat on the sofa and smiled.

Outside the house, the courtyard was filled with birds chirping, flowers blooming, and the sun shining brightly.

They had been gone for less than two hours, and it was only 11 am when they returned.

‘Hmph… It’s mainly because someone helped me…’

Lin Shurou gave Ling Yi a kiss on the cheek and walked to the kitchen.

Yunji opened the forum excitedly and laughed, “Haha, we have another big melon to eat today!”

“Your enhanced version of the Truth Bell is really good stuff.”

Hearing Yunji’s words, Ling Yi suddenly thought of the ‘usage time of the rental items’ he mentioned to Nangong Li.
He thought about it and told her about it.

“Ah? Use the bell to help Nangong Li? Please let me do it!” Yunji’s eyes lit up as she volunteered.

“I can give it to you when I’m not around.
You just have to stay at home and use the bell.”

“Ah? That’s so boring.
I want to go to the scene.”

“… I don’t mind if you take it to the scene, but I’m afraid it’ll be stolen.”

“You can use a ‘Binding Talisman’ to bind this item to you!” Yunji blinked.

As she spoke, she even went to the store to buy one for him.

Ling Yi took it and looked at it.

[Binding Talisman (A)]: Can be used on an item of Grade A or below to bind it to oneself.
After binding, the item will only take effect with the user’s consent.
No matter where the user is, the item can be kept in their backpack at any time, and it can not be put into another player’s backpack.

Although the item was A-grade, it was a one-time talisman, so the price was not too high.
Yunji could afford it.

Ling Yi did a simple mutation and turned the talisman into a permanent tool that could be used once a day.
It could be used on tools up to S-grade.

It also had the additional effect of ‘can not be untied in any way’.

He then took out the Bell of Truth and bound it to himself with a binding talisman.

Now I’m not worried about this bell being stolen or robbed.”

Ling Yi placed the bell on the table and continued, “In the future, if I’m not around when Nangong Li comes looking for me, you can take it.

“That’s great!”

Yunji ran to Ling Yi’s side and gave him a fierce kiss.
Then, she quickly opened up the chat window with Nangong Li and asked if she needed a voice to provide some help.

After receiving a positive reply, Yunji picked up the bell on the table, put it in her pocket, and ran out of the door excitedly.

Ling Yi shrugged helplessly.

“Let’s begin the fusion.”

He opened God’s Path Skill fusion function and threw in the Skill [Diamond Divine Shield] that he had just obtained from the King Ape and the [Bubble Shield] that he had obtained from the Super Bubble Monster more than ten days ago.
He then clicked on the fusion.

[Confirm fusion? (Requires 100 gold coins)]

“I’m sure,”

After a few seconds…

[Congratulations! You have obtained the 10-Star Skill [Invincible Holy Shield]!]

Ling Yi quickly opened it to check.

[Invincible Holy Shield (10 Stars)]: Can activate the invincible Holy Shield around the body to block all effects and attacks.
This Holy Shield can not be activated for one second after an attack or damage Skill is used.
When activated, no attack or damage Skill can be used.
The Invincible Holy Shield can only last for 1 minute and can be used up to 10 times a day.

“This… It’s alright.
Even if you can’t use any damage Skills, it’s a godly Skill for summoners who rely on summoned beasts to fight!”

He quickly mutated the [Invincible Holy Shield].

When he opened it again a few seconds later, he found that the effect had not changed, but the restrictions had been altered.

[Invincible Holy Shield (10 stars)]:…; The maximum time to activate the invincible Holy Shield is 600 seconds per day.

Originally, it was 10 times a day, and each time it was summoned, it could only last for one minute, at most.

There was no limit to the number of times it could be used, but it could only be used for a maximum of 600 seconds per day.

Although the maximum amount of time it could be used per day did not change, the second one was undoubtedly much freer, and the fault tolerance was much higher than the first one!

“Yes, yes.
This way, even when I’m alone, I can freely release [Starfall].”

Ling Yi smiled.

After he learned this Skill, his survival ability would definitely be greatly improved!

He opened his personal panel and fell into deep thought as he looked at it.

“I can level up, but then Yun Zixiao and Xia Wanqing won’t be able to help me.”

‘If I want to retain their Support and learn this Skill, I can only upgrade my treasure that can increase Star Slots again.’

After his treasure, [Dream Sacred Planet], had been upgraded to grade A, it had stopped upgrading because the material “Universe Origin Qi” was missing.
And after a while, he had gradually forgotten about it.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he needed more Star Slots, he probably wouldn’t even think of it now.

Ling Yi naturally took out a Prompt Talisman and asked where the “Universe Origin Qi” could be found.

The flames burned out five words in front of him.

Temple of the Earth God

“Hmm? A great dungeon?”

Ling Yi was stunned for a moment before he came to a realization.
‘That’s right.
The Forest Holy Water I got from the Forest Temple was an A-grade material.
So, it’s only natural that the Universe Origin Qi, which is also an A-grade material, would appear in another dungeon!’

The Forest Temple, the Earth Temple, the Sky Temple, and the Sea Temple were the four great secret dungeons with “temples” that had appeared on the planet so far.

The first two secret dungeons were within Shenxia.

The Forest Temple was open on the 15th of every month, while the Temple of the Earth God was on the 20th of every month.

“The 20th is tomorrow… Let me see where it is…”

Ling Yi logged into the forum and quickly found the exact location.

Shenxia, Yunhai City, Yulong town.

“Are you going to Yunhai city tomorrow? Is it because of the great dungeon?”


At 11:30 pm, after they came back from killing Boss monsters, Ling Yi started to talk about tomorrow’s schedule.

His [Dream Sacred Planet] would be upgraded to S-grade sooner or later.
If he did not go this time, he would have to wait for another month.

Yunji waved her hands excitedly and said, “I’m going too!”

“What are you doing?”

“I want to see the others fight!” Yunji held the Bell of Truth in her hand and rubbed it against her cheek, saying with a happy face, “I love this little thing to death.”


Ling Yi and the others could only stare.

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