“T-t-t-this… Did I see anything wrong?”

“The Beast King is dead?”

“He’s really dead!”

“That’s not possible! The Beast King should still have thirty to forty percent of his life force left!”

Even if none of the players could see the specific life force, it wasn’t difficult to estimate it based on their battle experience.

For example, it would normally take 6 hours to defeat a level 50 Beast King.

So, for a team of the same strength, after three hours of fighting, the Beast King should still have about half of its life force left.

Based on their experience, the players who had been fighting the Beast King were shocked by what they saw!

“Quickly look! There’s someone in the sky!”

Someone looked up to see who had launched the attack, and saw a figure floating a hundred meters in the air.

Upon hearing this, the players from the various forces and the others present quickly raised their heads.

The person’s figure was completely blurry.
None of them can see him clearly at all!

“They’re… Completely blurred? I…I think only Big Boss 01 has this kind of ability in the entire world, right?”

When he said that, everyone instantly fell silent.

They tried their best to open their eyes wide to see the appearance of the person in the sky, only to find that it was just as the others had said, the figure and appearance were completely blurred.

After realizing this, one word appeared in everyone’s mind—


The person who had killed the Beast King with one strike was none other than the big boss 01 himself!

At the thought of this, some of them were frightened, some were pleasantly surprised, but without exception, all of them felt a strong sense of shock.

They never thought that they would one day meet the player whose name shook the world!

They also did not expect that the player who was known as the “most terrifying newcomer in history” would actually have such powerful strength!

‘He actually took away so much of the Beast King ‘s HP with one hit!!’

The players from the various factions who were still fighting the King Ape were all shocked!

01, who was looking down at them from the sky, looks like a true God.
He crushed everyone’s hearts with an invincible momentum!

No one dared to breathe or move.
They only dared to quietly maintain their current positions.

It was only a few seconds after 01 disappeared that everyone quickly relaxed.

Everyone let out a long breath in unison.
After they recovered, they began to discuss enthusiastically.

“Heavens! I didn’t expect to meet the world-famous 01 Boss here! I’m so lucky!”

“I’ve always thought 01 was just a new player from June, but I didn’t expect him to be so strong!”

“The King Ape had at least 30 – 40% of its life force, but it was killed by 01 in one hit! It’s unbelievable!”

“I’m really afraid that he’ll kill everyone with one hit.”

“So this is how District 66 feels when facing 01… Really, I feel like I’ll be so safe if we’re teammates!”


“Miss Saint, how much life force did the Beast King have left?” Someone beside Shengya asked her curiously.

They were eager to know how much damage 01 had dealt with that one attack.

Seeing that Shengya was still in a daze, the few of them waved their hands in front of her.
“Miss Sheng?”


Shengya quickly came back to her senses and extended four fingers to the people in front of her, “Forty Percent.”

After getting a rough estimate, the few of them immediately spread the news to the others around them excitedly.

As for Shengya, who had a special Skill and was sensitive to sight, she once again fell into a daze.

“That feeling just now should be right.
01 did look at me with an apologetic gaze.”

‘If my Skill isn’t wrong, then what’s going on? I clearly didn’t cross paths with him…’

‘Wait! Could it be… That inner voice is his?’

The inner voice had exposed the fact that He Tian thought she was a servant girl, which made her a little angry.

However, that was all.

If she was depressed because of the rumors, she would not have been able to achieve what she had today.

‘I heard that the dark world has plans to enter Xia Qianjiang to search for the mysterious voice… If I were to reveal my guess that the owner of the inner voice might be 01, wouldn’t that be indirectly exposing his ‘secret’?’

Thinking of this, Shengya’s silver-white eyes narrowed.

The Beast King was dead, and everyone had no intention of staying there.

Just as he was about to return, he suddenly saw He Tian’s figure flying back again!

“Hmm? That’s He Tian, why did he come back?”

“Wang Lei is also here!”

Seeing the two of them return, everyone immediately stopped their tracks and looked at them with eyes full of anticipation.

Many people even started recording.

… The reason He Tian had run back was because he had suddenly realized that the place he had been at earlier was the safest.

With so many people watching, Wang Lei wouldn’t dare to go too far with him.

Unless he didn’t want his future.

Therefore, after landing, He Tian immediately shouted at Wang Lei, who was chasing after him, “You’re a member of the Divine Union’s Genius Camp! Don’t ruin your future because of your impulsiveness!”

The Thunderbird that Wang Lei had turned into smashed into the ground in front of him with a loud “boom”.
Its entire body flashed with blue lightning as it walked out of the dust.

He stared at his good brother in front of him with lightning-like eyes and sneered, “My good brother, my good brother.
You really are my good brother.
Even now, you are still thinking about my future.”

He Tian retreated in the direction of the crowd of spectators and said with a sincere expression, “The past is in the past.
Don’t let the matter escalate.
I’ll definitely bring a big gift to apologize to you tomorrow.
I hope you can forgive me.”

Wang Lei was in a difficult position.

He glanced at the crowd and saw that they were all watching him like he was a monkey.
He decided to settle this matter privately after he returned.

However, to the surprise of the two, the mysterious voice actually appeared again!

[Wang Lei thought that since the one-night stand between his wife and brother was already long in the past, there is no need to hold onto the grudge for long.
He didn’t know, however, that He Tian is hesitating whether to tell him what happened between the two of them.
We were still going for more than one night.]



The onlookers gasped and smacked their lips while shaking their heads.

“Wang Lei is really careless in making friends.” The Swords Gate players shook their heads.

“If I had such a friend, I would definitely give him a set of great desolate explosive charging fists.” A well-built martial arts Grandmaster player said loudly.

He Tian’s soul almost jumped out of his body when this mysterious inner voice was still present.

“Good brother, let’s go back first.
We’ll talk about it later,” he said to Wang Lei.

“You don’t want others to know about our scandal, do you?”

Wang Lei’s face turned even darker and he snorted, “Don’t call me good brother anymore.
You’re no longer my brother!”

After saying that, he started to countdown.

Seeing this, He Tian didn’t dare to stay any longer and hurriedly started to return to the main world.

He was afraid that this inner voice would read more.

Outside the crowd, Shengya pretended to look around naturally.

‘This inner voice is still there, could that person still be nearby?’

After looking around and not seeing anything, she gave up the idea of looking for him and decided to go back.

However, just as she was about to return, a light breeze suddenly blew by her ear, sending her to a voice from far away.

A few minutes later,

In a small forest in the forest of magic insects, Shengya saw the legendary figure.

His blurry figure was floating in the air.
Just a glance at him made her heart tremble.

“You… Did you call me over to tell me something?”

Her heart was beating faster than ever!

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