‘It’s almost the same as I expected.
I can borrow 100% of the money from S-grade players.’

Ling Yi smiled.
He was looking forward to the Phoenix Sword saint’s visit.

At that same time,

Nangong Li, who was on Ling Yi’s mind, was currently farming monsters in her high-level map.

A huge Flame Sword Energy swept through the forest, and every swing of the sword could hurt some monsters.

[You’ve killed the Trickery Fairy (LV 89), +1 exp]

A few seconds later…

[You’ve killed Ancient Forest Tree (LV 89), +1 exp]

A few seconds later….

[You’ve killed the Trickery Fairy (LV 90), +2 exp]


Nangong Li let out a long breath.

After a long period of continuous attacks, she was mentally exhausted.
She flew to the side and sat down on a rock.
As she rested, she opened the interface to check her experience bar.

[Level: 89 (80,168/81,000)]

She sighed, “My exp is almost there.”

Nangong Li furrowed her brows and sighed.
“I can’t farm any more monsters now.
Otherwise, I’ll be done for if I accidentally reach level 90,”

She still had to get the certificates of invincibility from the 80 – 89th section.
If she were to rise up, she would have to get the certificates of invincibility from the 90 – 99th section to get the Proofs of Invincibility from that section of the regional ranking, which would be impossible for now.

Mostly because the top few players in District 90 – 99 were all invincible players!

She was just a player without a tier.
It was impossible for her to defeat them.

Therefore, just in case, she had to strictly control her exp for now.
She definitely couldn’t pass 81,000 points!

Fortunately, time on God’s Path could be accumulated limitlessly.
Meaning, if she didn’t enter God’s Path for a month, she would still be able to catch up to the others in the same area.

I’ll just get back.”

As she thought about this, Nangong Li let out a helpless sigh again.

A moment later, she returned to her temporary rental house in Firefly Town.

Although Firefly’s branch had an apartment, she did not like to live with a large group of people, and preferred to move out by herself.

After a simple shower, she sat in front of the mirror, blowing her wet blonde hair while thinking about her next schedule.

‘I’ll go to the branch first, then I’ll go to visit Ling Yi’s house.’

Whether Ling Yi was 01 or not was very important.

Once it was confirmed, it would be necessary for her to continue staying here to protect him in secret.

She didn’t report her findings after she came back yesterday because she still lacked strong evidence.

‘Mm… I remember that Fang Cheng has a Truth Bell.
Why don’t I take that thing with me to play truth or dare with them?’

Nangong Li thought for a moment, then shook her head and smiled.

That idea was unrealistic.

After drying her hair, she looked at herself in the mirror and muttered to herself, “If it’s ‘dare’ it’s only possible if I’m familiar with them… Otherwise, we would only get drunk… Get drunk?”

Her eyes suddenly lit up.

“Yeah! As long as I get Ling Yi or the people around him drunk, I’ll be able to get information out of them!”

Using a Skill to extract information was completely different from the other party telling the truth when he was drunk.
The original plan might offend people, but this new plan was much “gentler”.

Nangong Li wasn’t sure if Ling Yi drank alcohol or not, but she wanted to give it a try.

Ding dong ~

Ding dong ~

It was two o’clock in the afternoon, and the sun was blazing.

Ling Yi was setting up the Solar Energy Absorber device outside.
When he heard the doorbell, he immediately went to open the gate.

As soon as he saw the Phoenix Sword Saint, he immediately opened the gate and welcomed her in with a smile.


Nangong Li was a little stunned.
She was still hesitating on what excuse to use to enter, but she didn’t expect for him to be so enthusiastic.

As she followed Ling Yi, she saw a small wooden table in the shade of a big tree in the distance.
There were four wooden stools on the wooden table.
Her eyes lit up and she pointed in that direction.
“Let’s go over there.”

“That’s good.”

The two of them sat opposite each other at the wooden table.

After sitting down, Ling Yi didn’t exchange pleasantries.
Instead, he directly stated his purpose, “I have a [Heroic Soul Borrowing] Skill.
I want to borrow your strength.”

Nangong Li was the captain of the divine union.
There were professional tests in the Divine Union regarding knowledge of God’s Path, such as “which kind of support Skills can be borrowed”, “which of the following monsters can drop healing Skills”, and so on.

Therefore, when Ling Yi mentioned the [Heroic Soul Borrowing], she immediately recalled the effect of this Skill.

“Borrow my strength… No problem, it’s just a copy, it won’t affect me.”

Nangong Li grinned.
Since Ling Yi had a favor to ask of her, then things would be much easier.

“But I have a condition.”

“Just say it.”

“You only need to answer me one… No, just two questions will do.” Although her tone was calm, Nangong Li’s heart was beating nervously.

“Go ahead,” Ling Yi was easy to talk to.

With his current strength, even if she asked for his true identity, he might be able to answer.

Seeing that he had agreed, Nangong Li pursed her lips and her brain was spinning rapidly. ‘It would be too direct if I just asked if he was 01.
It’s not worth it to make him angry.’

‘It’s better to be safe than sorry.
I’ll ask the others first.’

She thought to herself for a moment, and a smile quickly appeared on her face.

“Then I’ll ask.
The first question, I want to know… The mysterious voice that appeared in the Forest Temple that day, is it related to you?”

The reason she stayed in Qianjiang City was to find the owner of the mysterious voice.

If she could confirm it now, she would not need to spend manpower and resources to search the entire city.

“Yes.” Ling Yi nodded and smiled.


Nangong Li’s spirit jolted, and a smile appeared on her face.
She continued to press on, “Are you the owner of this mysterious voice?”

“Yes… Can’t you just lump these two questions together? You’re being too cautious.”

Nangong Li was happy when she heard Ling Yi’s complaints.

The other party was much easier to talk to than she had imagined!

She had the Truth Bell that she had borrowed from Fang Cheng in her shirt pocket.
Ling Yi answered her, but the bell did not ring.
This proved that he was not lying to her.

‘Since he’s the owner of the inner voice, it means that he’s indeed the mysterious Big Shot who could kill Sheng Futian with one strike.
In other words…’

‘Even if he’s not 01, he’s still a super powerhouse that the Divine Union has to deal with.’

‘And he is… still new player in June…’

After some thought, Nangong Li was 100% sure that the other party was 01!

Other than 01, which other new June player had the ability to kill a level 89 powerhouse?

After the two questions were asked, Nangong Li allowed Ling Yi to use [Heroic Soul Borrowing] as promised to store her strength and agility attributes.

While using this Skill, Ling Yi took a look at her interface.

[Name: Nangong Li (level 89)]

[Gender: Female]

[Age: 28 (single)]

[Talent: Strong will]

[Attributes: strength 620, mana 3, agility 500, endurance 212, physique 288]

[Equipped Treasure: Red Lotus Ring (A-grade ring)]

[Soulbinding Weapon: Phoenix sword (A-grade Longsword)]

[Engraved True Soul: blazing Phoenix]

[Current Status: Healthy]

[Current Mood: Happy, Secretly delighted]

‘Yes, yes, it’s just as I guessed.
Strength and agility are her main attributes.’ Ling Yi was very satisfied with Nangong Li’s attributes.

After a while, [Heroic Soul Borrowing] successfully copied 100% of Nangong Li’s strength and agility.

In the future, when Ling Yi used this Skill again, he would receive a temporary increase of 620 strength and 500 agility!

However, he had to consume 5% of his stamina and health every second.
Even for him, the price was a little high.

It could be considered a serious seed explosion Skill!

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