“Ah? This…”

Nangong Li was stunned for a moment.
She subconsciously glanced at Yunji, thinking that she was the one who told Ling Yi.

Yunji was also looking at him in surprise.

“If you really want to fight, don’t stupidly go up alone.
If you’re seriously injured, other enemy players like Aslan or something might ambush you.”Ling Yi continued.

“Mm… That’s possible.”

Nangong Li tried to simulate the scene in her mind and realized that it was indeed possible.

It’s very possible.
If she was killed, it’ll be troublesome.
She’ll lose her true soul’s strength and fall in level.
If she’s killed again, she’ll lose her precious Skill.
It’ll be a vicious cycle.

Seeing Ling Yi’s serious expression, Nangong Li suddenly thought of the time when he knew Sacred Gate’s plan about planting a bomb in Spring River Garden two days in advance.
She could not help but ask, “Could it be… Do you have the ability to predict the future like the Goddess of Clear Lotus Palace?”

Ling Yi shook his head and smiled.
“Don’t worry about whether I have it or not.
Just remember what I said.”

Thank you,”

Because he was most likely ’01’ and the prophecy was right, Nangong Li really took his words to heart.

She thanked him sincerely and turned to leave.

After she left, Yunji immediately sat down on Ling Yi’s other side.
Her eyes were wide open as she asked curiously, “Can you really predict the future?”

“I can see some information about the future… Speaking of which, you’ll also be beaten to death by the Beast King on that day too.”

He saw Yunji’s face freeze.

After a long while, she crossed her arms and pouted, “Tsk.
Then I won’t be going.”

Ling Yi smiled and turned to look at Xia Wanqing.
“Let me see a part of your future.”

“Okay!” She nodded happily.

[Fate Prying] was activated again!

[17th June: At night, she heard from her friend, Luo Yao, that her sister has also left the Xia family.]

[18th of June: In order to obtain the legendary 8-Star Skill [Celestial Transformation], she went to the intermediate-level secret dungeon ‘Moonlit Realm’ in Gentle Breeze Town to search for it.
However, you did not manage to find it.]

[20th June: Feeling anxious because the people around her level up very quickly, she was unable to sleep at night]

[23rd June: She went to the ‘Moonlit Realm’ again but returned without any success.]

[June 24th: Level 35, feeling inferior due to low level and slow leveling up.]

[25th June: Lin Ying, who was with her, sensed her inner emotions.
After asking her, she found out about the situation and quickly told Ling Yi all this information.]

[After 10 minutes, your level will increase by 15 levels and you will receive an A-grade treasure and weapon.
You will also receive Ling Yi’s help and care.
You will regain your hope and confidence.]


Looking at the trajectory of her fate, Ling Yi realized that he didn’t care enough for Xia Wanqing.

‘Wanqing and Shurou regained their player status at the same time.
Whoever leveled up slower would inevitably have some emotions.’

‘Now that Shurou has Ling ‘Er’s help, she’s strong enough to help me.
No wonder she’s so anxious.’

It was also very simple to solve Xia Wanqing’s problem.
He would use the Ancestral Gem to give her exp and gold coins, and then he would take care of her.

Ling Yi took out the Ancestral Gem and called Xia Wanqing over.

Xia Wanqing gently pursed her lips and elegantly walked over to sit beside him, softly asking, “My future…”

“There’s nothing unusual.
Everything’s developing in a good direction.”

Ling Yi smiled and briefly explained the function of the Ancestral Gem to her.
He then grabbed her hand and transferred exp and gold coins to her.

After a while.

[Ancestral Gem: you have gained 40,2420 exp!]

[Ancestral Gem: you have acquired 20,204,200 gold coins!]

[Double gold coins: You have acquired 20,204,200 gold coins!]

He gave the 200,000 exp and 10,000,000 gold he had gotten from clearing the 9th and 10th checkpoints of the main road to Xia Wanqing.

Therefore, with the effects of the Ancestral Gem and Double gold coins, he received a total of 400,000 exp and 40,000,000 gold coins!

Thank you for reading on

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