“If he’s really 01, then the expert who could most likely kill Sheng Futian in one strike that day could also be him!”

That mysterious voice, that divine artifact, could also be his!?

When she saw Ling Yi as the mysterious 01, she realized that all of these strange things had a very reasonable explanation!

Nangong Li couldn’t sit still anymore.
She wanted to fly to Ling Yi and ask him to confirm this fact.

However, she still forced herself to calm down.

“Anyway, I should still go to Ling Yi’s house first.”

She closed the player list and burned the paper she had written on.

She then opened the window and jumped out.

Ding dong ~

Ding dong ~

Ding dong ~

The gate bell outside the courtyard rang three times.

It was around 11 am.
Ling Yi and the others were chatting in the living room.

As soon as he heard the bell, he immediately flashed out.


Ling Yi was surprised to see the Phoenix Sword Saint standing outside the courtyard.
He immediately opened the gate.

He looked at her, waiting for her to speak.

She looked at him.
The question ‘is this guy 01?’ was swirling in her mind.

The two of them looked at each other for a long time.
Then, Ling Yi asked, “Captain Vermillion Bird, what’s the matter?”

Nangong Li opened her mouth silently, then laughed, “It’s nothing much, just… Don’t you already have Support? We haven’t seen you come over to receive your level reward, so I sent it over.”

When she came, she was too excited to be prepared.
Fortunately, she thought of an excuse in time.

There weren’t many gold coins awarded for leveling up, so it didn’t matter if she paid for it out of her own pocket.

“Oh… Okay…”

Ling Yi furrowed his brows and thought to himself, ‘That’s strange.
Why would the Divine Union send a reward to us? Don’t you have to collect them yourself?’

“Aren’t you going to invite me in to sit?” Nangong Li asked.

“Yes, come in.”

He moved aside to let Nangong Li enter.

The two of them walked on the path in the courtyard.
The latter looked around as if she had come to a new world, her eyes full of curiosity.

“Eh? Wasn’t the house next door Yunji’s?”

“Oh, the wall was torn down for better passage.”

Nangong Li nodded, a dark glint flashing in the depths of her crimson eyes.

Soon, the two of them entered the living room.

The moment she entered, Nangong Li immediately swept her gaze across the few people present.

Yunji, Xia Wanqing, and a woman she didn’t know.

When she saw the first two, the corners of her mouth could not help but curl up.
The guess in her heart was even more likely.

After the few of them greeted each other, Nangong Li casually pulled out a wooden chair and sat down.
She took out another interspatial bag from her backpack and stuffed 2,000 gold coins into it before throwing it to Ling Yi.

“This is your reward for reaching level 10.
I’ll give you the interspatial bag as well.
When you reach level 20, you have to come back to the branch to receive your reward.”

Although she said so, Nangong Li did not think that he was only at level 20.

‘If he’s really Level 01, he’s at least level 40.’

Ling Yi accepted it without hesitation.

Nangong Li urgently needed a reason to delay the matter, so she asked the only woman in the room whom she did not know, “And you are?”

Lin Shurou didn’t expect that the legendary Phoenix Sword Saint would one day take the initiative to ask for her name.
She was excited and replied with a happy face, “I’m Lin Shurou, the other owner of this place.
Nice to meet you.”

Upon hearing that she was the mistress, Nangong Li’s eyes lit up.
She instantly realized the importance of this woman to her.

She hurriedly got up and stretched out a hand of friendship to shake her hand with a smile, politely saying, “You’re so beautiful.”

“The moment I see your face, I’m reminded of the Queen who’s known as the ‘world’s most beautiful woman’…”

At this point, Nangong Li suddenly stopped.
She saw Lin Shurou’s face quickly stiffen and realized that she had said something wrong.

However, she didn’t think that she said anything wrong.
Any woman would be happy to see her as the world’s most beautiful woman, right?

“What’s wrong?” Ling Yi saw Lin Shurou’s expression freeze and asked curiously.

“… It’s nothing! Hehe.”

Hearing Ling Yi’s words of concern, Lin Shurou’s body went soft.
She immediately turned around and gave him a bright smile.

Then, she no longer cared about Nangong Li in front of her and turned around to fly into his arms.

Ling Yi wasn’t that easy to fool.
He already had some thoughts about the relationship between the two women.

‘A little similar? Could they be relatives? But didn’t her parents die?’

He stroked her smooth back through the thin silk, planning to ask her in private.

Meanwhile, Nangong Li sat back down with a natural expression.

She looked around at the few people present and had an idea to integrate into them.

“The higher-ups have said that we can’t reveal 01’s identity.
We must keep a low profile and protect him.”

Nangong Li’s brain was spinning rapidly.
She was trying her best to think of a way that wouldn’t make others suspicious while also trying her best to protect Ling Yi.

“But before that, we still need to confirm if he’s 01 or not.
It’d be too embarrassing if we ended up protecting the wrong person.”

It was actually very simple to judge whether the other party was the man she was looking for— she just had to see if Xia Wanqing could touch him or not.

However, in order not to offend Ling Yi, Nangong Li really didn’t dare to grab Xia Wanqing to touch him.
She could only try her best to create an opportunity for the two of them to touch each other.

While her thoughts were flying, Yunji, who knew her well, looked puzzled, “Why are you still here? Don’t you usually act swiftly and decisively?”

Nangong Li secretly cursed Yunji for being talkative, but an idea flashed into her mind.
She smiled and said, “Oh, I see that your house is quite beautiful.
I want to buy one like this.
I wonder if I can take a look around? ”

Lin Shurou looked at Ling Yi and the latter nodded his head.

“Our house isn’t that big, so I’ll take you around.” Lin Shurou smiled and led Nangong Li to the kitchen.

Looking at her back, Ling Yi frowned slightly.

‘This Vermillion Bird’s actions are a little strange… She wanted to enter and visit… Hmm… I’ll use [Prying into Fate] to check.’

He activated [Prying Fate] on Nangong Li.

[17th of June: Ling Yi was discovered to be a player from this year’s June batch on the player list.
Through his connections, she guessed that Ling Yi might be 01, so she came to visit his house.]

[18th June: She intended to move into Yunji’s house but was rejected by the latter.]

[19th of June: With Yunji and other high-level players, she challenged the level 90 Beast King in their district for the fifth time.
They were defeated again.
When they were seriously injured by the Beast King, they were ambushed by Aslan, a White Eagle Nation player with a goat mask.
They died and dropped in level.
The drops of their true souls were stolen, and their strength fell greatly.]

[20th June: Her arena ranking falls below 100.
Spplication to headquarters to withdraw from the captain’s position]

[21st of June: The position of the team leader is removed]

[22nd of June: When she went farming in the wild, she was ambushed by the players from Sunset Sakura Nation and killed all of them.
When she was about to return, she was interrupted by the North Bear player, Jereff.
Jereff confessed to her but was rejected.
After that, Jereff immediately teamed up with the White Eagle player Aslan and killed her.
Downgrade again.]

[Due to the fact that the number of Stars in this downgrade was less than the total number of stars in the Skill, the eight-Star Skill [Immortal Bird Scale] was lost, and her strength fell greatly again.]


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