The few people present were all lunatics.
Not only were they not afraid, but they were also excited.

“That’s right! The new boss is very unyielding, unlike Liu Chongbai, who is timid and cowardly.
I like it!”

“Exactly! With Liu Chongbai, level 80 players must always fight against those puny level 60 and 70.”

Upon hearing this, Liu Chongbai, who was originally sitting in Sun Wei’s seat, pursed his lips and said, “I’m being cautious, not being cowardly.
During my time as the boss, when did I not successfully kill the enemy and escape safely?”

“Hehe, isn’t Yunji still alive and well now?”

“Hmph, then someone must have saved her.”

Bang Bang!

Sun Wei banged the table to make everyone quiet down.
“In order to increase our success rate, we’ll split up into groups.
There are ten of you, so it’s just right for two to form a group.
Each group will have their own mission—”

“What? You want us to separate?”

When Liu Chongbai heard this, he immediately became anxious.
“If we split up, we might not be able to escape if we encounter a strong player!”

Before Sun Wei could say anything, someone laughed.

“Haha, how many experts can a small city like Qianjiang City have? One Phoenix Sword Saint and one Yunji.
At most, including the guardian, there are only three of them… Oh, and there’s also a mysterious expert.”

“If you’re afraid, then go home and drink milk.
There are risks in everything you do.
Shouldn’t you know this already?”

“Shut up, you’re no longer the boss.”

Liu Chongbai could only keep his mouth shut after being ridiculed by the crowd.

On the surface, he was still listening to Sun Wei’s plan, but in his heart, he was already thinking about how to escape if he encountered an expert.

That night, only two monsters appeared in the small towns around the world.

One of them had been killed by the Divine Union players led by the Phoenix Sword Saint, while the other had been killed by Ling Yi and Yunji.


Seeing that the boss didn’t drop any high-level Night Stones after it disappeared, Yunji’s eyes widened in surprise.
“Why didn’t it drop any? That’s impossible.”

Seeing her flustered expression, Ling Yi immediately explained, “They dropped something.
It’s in my bag now.
The monsters that I kill will automatically drop their loot into my bag.”

“Oh, I see.” Yunji heaved a sigh of relief.

After exhaling all her anger in one breath, she revealed a look of realization and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect you to have that kind of item.
No wonder you didn’t drop anything when you killed any monsters.”

After that, Ling Yi deactivated his [Radiant Domain] and returned with Yunji.

When the two arrived, Lin Shurou, Xia Wanqing, and Ling ‘er were chatting and watching a drama in the living room together.
Yunji quickly joined them.

Ling Yi went upstairs alone and leisurely soaked himself in the spring water.

While he was enjoying the “water massage”, he suddenly received a message from his old friend.

[Lin Qingyu: You’re famous! (✧◡✧)]

[01: Huh?]

[Lin Qingyu: You found the statues’ function in the great dungeon! Now, many foreigners are envious of our Shencia for having two great dungeons holding these mysterious shrines.]

[01: Oh, I was just lucky.

Lin Qingyu was the first friend he had made since he came here.

She was very ordinary, and every time he talked to her, he would feel very relaxed.

[Lin Qinyu: The Divine Union will definitely reward you handsomely.
You’re going to strike it rich this time! And this dungeon is right in our Yun Hua Town.
When I become stronger, I can go in too! (*^▽^*)]

[01: Don’t you think it’s strange for me to go in?]

[Lin Qinyu: Why? Because Yunji is protecting you?]

[Lin Qinyu: By the way, have you forgotten about our city’s Genius Plan? When I went there yesterday, people said that I’m the first person in the city to reach level 10 this month.]

[Lin Qinyu: I’m now an external helper of the divine union, hehe.]

[01: Congratulations.]

After sending this message, Ling Yi suddenly smiled.

Although she was an external aid from the Yun Hua branch, the scope of her work included the entire city.

In other words, as long as the other party carried out an external help operation, it would actually be within the range of his perception.

Even at this moment, he could find her in Yun Hua town through the wind.
Before the beginner’s trial, the wind had already remembered her personal aura.

‘Hmmm… Which reminds me, I previously obtained an Observation Crystal Ball through fusion… Can’t I see Lin Qingyu’s current situation?’

He used his perception to confirm the target’s coordinates, and he used the crystal ball to observe the coordinates.

There was a perfect match!

Just as Ling Yi was about to take action, the other party sent another message.

[Lin Qingyu: Alright, I’m going to take a shower.
I’ll talk to you later.]

[01: Uh… Alright.]

Closing the chat window, Ling Yi let out an unnoticeable sigh.

‘But even if I can’t see Lin Qingyu, I can see other things.’

He also remembered the aura of the district guard, Fang Cheng.

With a curious thought, he took out the crystal ball and quickly determined the position of the other party with his perception.
Then, the picture in the crystal ball was projected on the wall.

At that moment, he saw Fang Cheng on the first floor of the Firefly branch of the Divine Union.
The branch had three floors, but the scene in front of him was that of the first floor.

‘Looks like I can see through the building and see what’s going on inside.’

The effect of being able to penetrate a building or not was like the difference between heaven and earth.

In the “video”, Fang Cheng was sitting on a long wooden chair and chatting with a few people around him.
The image was very clear that even the freckles on Fang Cheng’s face and the black mole on his neck could be clearly seen.

Their voices were also transmitted from the projection—

“The one who destroyed the Alliance’s control room on the floating island of Ataranta, burned the Alliance’s headquarters building, and snatched the building’s protective barrier during the newcomer trial has been caught.
As expected, it’s a player from District 66.”

“Hahaha, when the entire Alliance suggested joining the server, it angered most of the players in District 66.
When I saw this news, I guessed it.
How does the Alliance plan to deal with them?”

“What else can they do? All three of them were from Shenxia, and the entire Alliance had no way of interfering.
We can only negotiate with the Divine Union and let them handle this.”

“What about the Divine Union? What are they planning to do?”

“I heard that they’re also in a dilemma, mainly because they don’t know what 01’s attitude is.
Now, it seemed that there was a rumor that he had to be gentle with them.
Anyway, this matter has nothing to do with us and it’s not a big deal.
It would be stupid to offend the big boss because of this.”

“Yes, that’s true…”

The group then began to chat about other personal matters.
Ling Yi stopped paying attention to them and stopped the crystal ball’s effect.

‘Tsk tsk, it’s like watching a movie.
Not only is the quality of the video high, but the sound quality is also very good.’

“Good, good.”

Ling Yi was very satisfied with his first experience of using the crystal ball.

As long as he had this thing, anyone who could remember their aura within their perception range would be able to see their situation and hear their words at any time.

It would be impossible to accurately locate him outside the range of his perception.

After an unknown amount of time…

Just as Ling Yi was leaning comfortably against the wall of the hot spring and closing his eyes to rest, he suddenly heard a “beep”.
A faint God’s Path message notification sounded in his ear.

He subconsciously opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was the information regarding the resource challenge in this area.

Just as Yunji said, the challenge only appeared once the number of people reached ten million.
In fact, he also felt that it would appear during this period of time.

The number of people in this region has reached 10 million.
The large-scale resource challenge will officially begin in 5 minutes!

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