After walking around for a long time, Ling Yi finally found an opportunity to pick up some scraps.

In an area that had attracted a lot of attention, he found this thing:

[Stone Egg]: A stone egg sealed with the A-grade item [Regional Flag].

The Stone Egg was a unique item that could only be found in secret dungeons.
It was said that when a treasure was exposed to the air, it would attract the particles in the world, and after a long time, they would gradually condense into a stone sphere.

These stone balls were called Stone Eggs.
When they were cracked open, the treasure light accumulated for a long time would be released in one breath, showing different colors according to the quality.

Gray for grade E, green for grade D, blue for grade C, purple for grade B, and gold for grade A items.

“It’s green; it’s green!”

At that moment, a middle-aged woman was using a Golden Hammer provided by the boss to break one of the Stone Eggs.

As soon as the Stone Egg broke, it immediately emitted a green light.

Everyone could tell at a glance that it was a D-grade item.

“Aish.” The woman sighed, clearly not too satisfied with the result.

“Not bad! It’s not a loss to get a D-grade item.”

The fat boss with the golden chain said happily.
His eyes were almost squinted into a straight line.

“That’s right, that’s right.
Opening a Stone Egg costs 1,000 gold.
A D-grade item would probably cost around this price.” The middle-aged woman’s friend consoled her.

Just as the middle-aged woman was hesitating whether to continue to buy more, a relaxed and pleasant laugh suddenly rang out from the crowd.


Everyone looked for the source of the voice and saw that it was a young man wearing black-rimmed glasses.
The man’s face was fair, and his body was thin.
He gave off the feeling that he could be killed by a punch.

“Auntie Liu, you’re still so unlucky.” The man deliberately walked in front of the middle-aged woman and smiled at her.

Without waiting for the latter to speak, he turned to the boss and said, “I’m going to smash ten!”

After the deal was completed, he picked up the Golden Hammer and began to smash them one by one.

Bang! Bang! Gray light.

Bang! Bang! Green light.

“Hahaha, I got green on my second egg.
I really am lucky.” The man laughed.

Bang! Bang! Gray light.

Bang! Bang! Gray light.

Bang! Bang! Gray light.

So far, the young man got four gray lights and one green light after smashing through half of what he bought.

Now, it was Auntie Liu’s turn to laugh.
“haha, Li Yuan, Li Yuan.
It’s all thanks to you.
I suddenly feel like it’s all worth it.”

Ling Yi and the surrounding people looked like they were watching a show.

The man called Li Yuan snorted and continued to smash with the Golden Hammer.

Gray! Green! Gray! Gray!


When the blue light appeared, before Li Yuan got the chance to get excited, the crowd of people got excited first.

“It’s blue.
It’s blue!”

“Looks like this young man’s luck is pretty good.”

“It’s worth it, too worth it! 10,000 gold coins, and you can get seven E-grade, two D-grade, and one C-grade item.
It’s a very profitable deal.”

“Boss, boss, give me three.”

“Give me five!”

Affected by the C-grade item that Li Yuan had obtained, many onlookers wanted to test their luck and came over to open the egg.

Ling Yi was also among them.

However, there was only one Golden Hammer, so he had to wait for the other players to finish.

The first person got the hammer.
With one hit… Green light.
With another hit… Gray light… After smashing three, this player got two gray lights, and one was green.

“It’s a small loss, but it’s okay.” The first person consoled himself.

The second person smashed five grays.

He passed the Golden Hammer to Ling Yi with a dejected expression.

“Hahaha, I’m dying of laughter.
Five eggs and five grays!” Some people quickly came over to mock the player that just left.

However, before he could laugh more than a few words, he heard a “bang”.
The following person smashed the Stone Egg, and a dazzling golden light bloomed!

In an instant, the surrounding crowd was stunned.

“It’s… It’s an A-grade!”

“F*ck, who’s that? How can he be so lucky?”

“One A-grade item is worth a million gold! This hammer strike is worth a million!”

“Using 1,000 gold coins to get 1,000,000 gold coins in return is like a thousand times the profit! That handsome guy is rich!”

These Stone Eggs were practically the result of Stone Egg merchants entrusting teams of players to various secret dungeons to collect and accumulate them.

Only a few of them were obtained from this great dungeon.

Therefore, as soon as he saw the golden light, the fat boss felt like he had lost a lot of money.
There was a pained expression on his face.
If he didn’t sell it and extorted it himself, he might have already earned a million gold!

“Aish.” The fat boss sighed and smiled helplessly.
You are the first person to get an A-grade item since I became a Stone Egg merchant.”

Ling Yi smiled and walked out of the crowd under everyone’s envious gazes.

As soon as he walked out, he saw Yunji flying toward him.

She landed in front of Ling Yi and looked at the stall that was still bustling with noise.
“I heard someone here obtained an A-grade item from the Stone Egg?”

“Yes, it’s me.”


Yunji was slightly surprised, and a trace of splendor appeared in the depths of her beautiful golden eyes.

She sized Ling Yi up and walked side by side with him.
She smiled happily and said, “Why are all the profits running to you, huh?”

“The one who gained the most this time must be you.

“More or less.”

S-grade one-time-use items could only be obtained from significant events, butS-grade permanent items were still not available.
A-grade items were items even level 80 to 90 players might not have!

Not everyone could afford a million gold coins.

Yunji rolled her eyes at Ling Yi, but she was already certain of this fact in her heart.
After all, he had fused a 10 Star Skill an hour ago!

“It’s been more than an hour.
What are your plans now?” Yunji asked as they continued walking.

She was still holding the red paper umbrella, blocking Ling Yi and her from the sunlight.

“There will be an auction here later.
I want to see if there are any good items on sale.
That’s all.” If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t leave early, Ling Yi would have slipped away ages ago.

“You’re not going to continue exploring?”

“The most you can get out of this place is an A-grade item, anyway.
It won’t change no matter how many times we explore it.Ling Yi shrugged.

“He he… Only you would say an A-grade item like it’s nothing.” Yunji smiled happily.
She realized that Ling Yi probably knew that she knew about his identity.

The two walked side by side under the same umbrella, looking like a perfect couple.

The sun shone on the green floor tiles, and the two felt a hint of ambiguity in the silence.

After walking around various stalls for a while, the two of them finally came to rest under a large canopy that was temporarily built by players.

The shops on God’s Path sold all kinds of things, including temporary tents, temporary tables, chairs, and even some barbecue machines and freezers— of course, these items must have some special abilities.

For example, the ice in the refrigerator would never melt, and the barbecue machine could turn on by consuming physical strength.

The two of them found a random table and sat down.
They ordered some excellent food, and while resting, Ling Yi opened the A-grade tool he had just received.

This item could increase the effective range of an item by five times.

The effect was still acceptable.
Ling Yi habitually carried out the mutation.

[Regional Flag (A)]: Can be used on a specific item or Skill, increasing its range of influence to 10 times the original for the next 5 minutes.
It cannot be used repeatedly on the same target.
(Effect and power remain the same, only the range is increased)

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