ack on the outside and red on the inside, and had dirty golden hair.
Under his blood-stained eyebrows was a pair of bloodshot red eyes.
His skin was deathly pale, and there was a pair of sharp and slender fangs in his blood-stained mouth.

In short, he looked like a western vampire.

After the fusion, Lin Ying flew beside Ling Yi.
She looked at the Vampire Bat Lord, who was baring its fangs not far away.
There was no fear on her beautiful face.

She was still wearing a beige short skirt, and the eight golden shining tassels tied on the skirt illuminated her attractive legs.

Because he had fused with Xia Wanqing, only Ling Yi could see her exposed body.
In the eyes of the others, the skin that was exposed under her clothes was completely blurred.

Her hands reached behind her head to tidy up her high ponytail, and her eyes were fixed on the boss in front of her.
A hint of caution flashed through her beautiful, dark blue eyes.

“There’s a reason why the others can’t beat it.
This boss is very difficult to deal with.” Lin Ying said with her alluring glossy red lips as she tied her hair into a high ponytail.

Ling Yi was still thinking about what would happen on planet layan.
He nodded lightly and said, “Yes, he’s quite powerful.”

The Demon Bat Cave was a famous challenge in intermediate maps.

In the past, she would spend time here for three to four months every time she visited God’s Path.

“I’ll go first.” Lin Ying said and was about to move when she suddenly thought of something.
She stopped and turned to Ling Yi.
“Oh right! You’re a Mage, so don’t go up and fight the boss in close combat.”

“Otherwise, I’ll be distracted.” Even though she said callously, her words clearly contained concern.

“… Okay.” Ling Yi nodded.
However, he was thinking to himself that he would become a Warrior when he obtained some close-combat Skills, and when his strength and agility improved significantly.

Lin Ying looked at his expression seriously, then turned around and rushed to the Vampire Bat Lord.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

She started to fight with the Boss.

There were still many players who were fighting the Vampire Bats around them.
These people knew that they could not snatch the boss, so they no longer paid attention to the boss.

After all, killing normal monsters would give them a lot of exp.
After Ling Yi and the others defeated the boss, they would also receive a lot of rewards anyway.

They would be content either way, so why fight?

“Xiao Bing,” Ling Yi summoned the Ice Queen and asked her to help Lin Ying.
At the same time, he also commanded the wind to attack the smaller monsters.

Just by standing there, a series of God’s Path and System notifications appeared in front of him.

[You’ve killed Vampire Bat (level 62)! +23 EXP, +3 Night Stones]

[Double Gold Coins: +3 Night Stones]

[You’ve killed…]

[You have absorbed 72 points of excitement from Gao Liushui.]

[You have absorbed 66 points of Ma Dongyuan’s battle will.]


After a while, Ling Yi saw the Ice Queen take out her S-grade weapon, Zero Degree Ice Spike, and use [Shooting Star Toss] to freeze the Vampire Bat Lord into an ice sculpture.
Ling Yi took the opportunity to activate the [Triple Seal].

When the red triangle passed through the boss’s body from the back, the Ice Queen also used many layers of ice to thicken the ice sculpture.

As long as the Zero Degree Spike pierced the enemy, it would continue to deal damage to the enemy.

Ling Yi had already sealed off the other party’s recovery, so all they had to do was wait.

Lin Ying retreated to Ling Yi’s side.

Her gaze moved back and forth from the Ice Queen and him.
She couldn’t suppress the curiosity in her heart and asked Ling Yi in a small voice, “Is it okay for her to kill the boss?”

The ‘her’ she was talking about was obviously the Ice Queen.

“It’s fine.
If she kills, I’ll kill.”

“Oh… That’s amazing.”

She marveled at the close connection between the two.

Just as she was about to cancel the fusion, she suddenly saw a golden-haired young man running towards the frozen Vampire Bat Lord.


Looking at the thick layer of ice, Lin Ying shook her head and smiled.

She didn’t think that the young man could steal the boss from the woman in the blue dress.

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