At this moment, the players around the world who saw this announcement were either surprised, confused, doubtful, or shocked before they finally realized what was going on.

“Heavens! 01 has made history again!”

“Legendary road of invincibility! So there’s an even higher level above the road of invincibility?”

“Haha, I wonder what the expressions of the powerhouses of the present age are like.”


At the same time, Ling Yi, who had just returned to the main world, had just taken a sip of water from the cup on the table when Lin Shurou, who was sitting on the sofa, asked in surprise, “There’s a difficulty level for the qualification reiview?”

“It had been 20 years since God’s Path descended, and countless people had already gone through the qualification review…”

But nobody other than the guy sitting next to her ever experienced this…

Lin Shurou looked at Ling Yi in a daze.
She couldn’t help but think that Ling Yi truly had a wonderful beginner’s luck.

“Ah, that’s right,”

Ling Yi received a message from Luo Yao right after he replied.

[Luo Yao: There are different levels of difficulty in the qualification review?]

Seeing that the other party’s question was exactly the same as Lin Shurou’s, the corners on his lips couldn’t help but twitched.

[01: Yes.]

“How did you trigger it?” Lin Shurou asked.

[Luo Yao: Are there any conditions to trigger it?]

Ling Yi first replied verbally to Lin Shurou before he slowly typed his answer to Luo Yao.

[01: I’m not too sure about the trigger condition.
Maybe it’s to defeat the Beast King alone.]

[Luo Yao: what is the enemy?]

[01: It’s a Beast King of the same level.]

[Luo Yao:…]

After she thanked him and left, Lin Ying also chatted to ask him about the same thing.

Ling Yi replied the same way.

[Lin Ying: Wow! My dad’s really surprised.
He kept praising you for being a dragon among men and having the potential to become a God! (◕ᴗ◕✿)]

[01: No, I’m not that good.]

[Lin Ying: I’ll visit you when I’m free.]

[01: Okay.]

Once Ling Yi closed the chat, he let out a sigh of relief.

Only then did he have the time to check the Legendary Proof of Invincibility that he had been rewarded with.

[Legendary Proof of Invincibility]: After collecting five pieces, one can enter the legendary road of invincibility and be promoted to the legendary rank.

‘Legend rank? What is that?’

Ling Yi went to the forum and searched for a while.
But naturally, he couldn’t find any clues.

After all, he was the first person to own this thing.

He didn’t persist any further and closed the browser.
There was still a long time before he could gather all five anyway.

Compared to this, getting to level 40 and entering the first place in the regional ranking was more important.

He opened his personal panel and looked at it with satisfaction before he slowly leveled up.

[-16,000 exp]


After adding all five of his free attribute points to strength, Ling Yi looked at the list of ranks.

Just like before, he was the first to challenge the player ranked 101st.

[01 VS Lanze]

As soon as the challenge was sent out, the other party accepted it very quickly.

At the same time, the two of them were teleported to one of the dueling platforms in the PvP Hall.

“You must be 01, right?”

The moment he entered, Lan Ze, who was standing opposite him, shouted at him.

Ling Yi didn’t reply.
Instead, he controlled the wind and attacked.

“You’re 01,” The other person said, this time with certainty.

The next moment, something Ling Yi didn’t expect happened.

“I surrender,” The other party raised both hands.


While he was still in shock, the arena had already determined the result.

[The opponent has surrendered.
You have won.
Your ranking has risen to 101!]

[PvP points +1]

[Double Gold Coins: PvP points +1]

In the blink of an eye, Ling Yi had already returned to the main world.


He frowned and pondered for a moment.
He suddenly realized that this seemed to be a very reasonable behavior.

Or rather, those who knew that they couldn’t win and still insisted on fighting were the minority, right?

Shaking his head, he continued and decided to challenge the player ranked 11th.

Three minutes later.

[Congratulations on your victory! Your ranking has risen to 11th!]

[PvP points +1]

[Double Gold Coins: PvP points +1]

There were only three chances to challenge someone in the arena every day.
Ling Yi naturally used the last chance to challenge the champion.

Ling Yi’s confidence came from his powerful attributes and his insane Skills that allowed him to challenge the first place on the level 40 – 49 ranking list after just reaching level 40.

Even if he didn’t summon the Ice Queen, he was still confident in defeating his opponent.

[01 VS Zhou Tian]

As soon as they entered the arena, the two of them stood 50 meters apart.

Zhou Tian was a young man with black bangs in dark green sportswear.

He looked rather thin and weak.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” Zhou Tian said in a low voice, but his voice reverberated in Ling Yi’s ears.
He seemed to have a telepathic Skill.

Ling Yi ignored his words and went straight to his notification.

[Name: Zhou Tian (LV49)]

[Attributes: strength 3, mana 330, agility 201, endurance 30, physique 106]

[Skills: Poison Fog (1 Star), Sound Transmission (2 Star), Tricolor Notes (6 Star), Apparition (5 Star), Sound Soul Winding (5 Star), Irritating Sound Wave (5 Star), Demon Summoning Tune (6 Star), Whirlwind Trap (6 Star)]



‘Oh? It seems like he’s a spell user who uses sound waves as his main attack.’ Ling Yi was most happy to meet a Mage.

They were not very fast, and their physiques were not very high, so they were relatively easy to deal with.

Seeing that 01 didn’t reply, Zhou Tian thought that 01 was surprised at his telepathic ability.
He laughed and said, “It’s just a small trick, not worth mentioning,”

“Compared to that, let’s hurry up and start.”

“Many people are watching this battle.”

Zhou Tian raised his head and looked around.
He saw that more and more people had gathered in the stands.

There were at least ten thousand people in the dense crowd.

He opened the current battle interface.

[Battle Details: 01 VS Zhou Tian]

[Duration of battle: 00:15]

[Number of Spectators: 124,267,254]


‘Wow! He’s really the most famous player in the world! It actually attracted so many people to watch the battle.’ Zhou Tian was shocked.

Normally, it would be good enough if a million people watched his battles.

Now, it has soared by more than a hundred times.

Without any further waiting, the two sides officially started fighting.
The process of the battle was as follows-

“Sound Soul Winding!” Zhou Tian shouted.

“Wind,” Ling Yi commanded.

“[Apparition]!” Zhou Tian shouted and avoided the oncoming wind.
“Irritation Sound Wave!”

“Wind,” Ling Yi said.

“[Apparition]!” Zhou Tian avoided another oncoming wind.
Then, “[Demon Summoning Tune]!”


“[Apparition]! [Whirlwind Trap]! [Tricolor Note]! [Irritating Sound Wave]! [Irritating Sound Wave]! [Irritating Sound Wave]…!”

“Wind.” Ling Yi calmly said.

Three minutes later…

Ling Yi was still standing in the same spot, not even panting or a hint of blush on his cheeks, as if nothing had happened.

Zhou Tian, on the other hand, was so exhausted that he was panting heavily while holding his knees.

“You’ve got me… Do you only know how to control the wind?”

Zhou Tian panted as he helplessly said, “You can summon meteorites, right? You can summon a meteorite to kill me.”


Only when they really started fighting did he realize that he was severely restrained.

His fighting methods were all based on sound waves.

Not only could his opponent’s wind block the transmission of his sound waves, making it difficult for his attacks to hurt his opponent, but it also dealt some damage to him.

This made him lose all hope.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were more than 100 million people watching, he would have already surrendered.

Opposite him, Ling Yi smiled in a relaxed manner.

I also want to end the battle quickly.”

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