The effect of the [Endurance Dice] would only last for an hour.

But it was enough.

After all, it would be a new day in an hour, so it would be a waste not to use it.

When the 200 points of endurance were added, Ling Yi’s heart felt much more at ease.

This domain was like a golden cover, covering everyone within it.

When he looked up, he could no longer see the starry sky.
What replaced it was a sky curtain formed by countless golden streams of light.

The entire domain was filled with golden light, and everyone’s faces were reflected in the light.

“Waa! Who’s the one who opened the domain?”

“This is the Radiant Domain, right? Did someone get it from the lottery ticket?”

“There’s an event mission today.
If we kill more monsters, we’ll get more Night Stones as a reward.
It won’t be difficult to get a thousand Night Stones.”

“That’s great! With this domain, I won’t have to worry about destroying the surrounding buildings.
I can fight without any restraint!”

“No, there are many ordinary people in the building.
We have to lure the monsters further away.”

The players on the ground shouted as they fought and retreated.

The Phoenix Sword Saint was laughing on the opposite roof.

“Haha, we have a domain here.
This way, the effect of your magic ball will only affect this area!

The tall, blonde, red-eyed Nangong Li was in a good mood.

The magic ball was a B-grade tool.
After being hit by her attack, it only shifted its position slightly, and it was still releasing red light waves in the air.

She held the Phoenix sword that was burning with Vermillion Flames and looked at the black-robed man with a “Zero” pendant on his neck.
She said, “You must be the capable general of the Sacred Gate, Xuan Ling, right?”

“He is indeed very strong.”

The black-robed man, who was called Xuan Ling by Nangong Li, glanced at the domain that had suddenly appeared.
He did not say anything, but took out a large sickle and charged toward her.


The two figures turned into two rays of light, one black and one red, and they fought quickly in the air.

The rest of the people also began to fight with the experts sent by the headquarters.

There was only one silver-haired man in a black robe who didn’t have an opponent.
He stood by the wall and scanned his surroundings.
Suddenly, he noticed Ling Yi who was on the rooftop opposite him.

In the next second, his eyes suddenly lit up.

He didn’t hesitate and rushed over.

After dodging the ice wall formed by the Ice Queen, the man floated in the air about ten meters away from Ling Yi.
He crossed his arms and sneered, ” You ruined my plans at Qianjiang University last time.
And now that I’ve met you again, it’s really an opportunity bestowed by the heavens.

While he was speaking, Ling Yi had read through his condition through the [Eye of Truth].

[Name: Wang Ku (level 79)]

[Attributes: strength 262, mana 2, agility 243, endurance 106, physique 210]

… (Omitted)

On top of that, just to be safe, Ling Yi also activated his [Fate Prying] ability, which he hadn’t used in a long time.

This was the second time he had used this ability.
Usually, he didn’t need to use it.

[12th June: Failed battle.

[13th June: No useful information was obtained from the interrogation of the mental-type Skill due to the ‘demonic mark’ on his body.]

[14th of June: Interrogation during the day, no results.
At 11:10 PM, his accomplice detonated an energy bomb buried at the intersection of two different floor tiles in front of building 15 of Spring River Gardens.
After luring most of the Divine Alliance members away, he was rescued by his accomplice using a space-type Skill.]

[15th of June: Entered the ‘Temple of the Forest’, the great mystery realm.
At 12.15 AM, he found [Holy Water of the Forest] under a willow tree by the lake in the forest.
On his way back, he was ambushed by angry players.
Fortunately, he escaped with serious injuries, but was ambushed by his companions and died.]


This time, Ling Yi suddenly realized something when he saw fate.

That was, the fate trajectories of different people might contain useful information for him.

This was especially so when it came to enemies.
From their destiny, one could tell what evil things they were about to do, what opportunities they were about to obtain, and so on.

He could get the Divine Union to make preparations in advance for evil deeds and take advantage of opportunities himself.

“You’ll die here today!” Wang Ku sneered, took out a dagger smeared with poison, and shouted, “Sensitive mode!”

In an instant, a layer of blue light appeared on his skin.

It seemed like his speed had increased!

However, before he could move, a pink energy beam shot up from below at an extremely fast speed, hitting him directly in the chest.


Wang Ku screamed, and the part of his chest that was hit by the light began to petrify.

Ling Yi and the Ice Queen didn’t let go of this opportunity.
The former exhausted his physical strength and created a bright yellow lightning bolt that was several meters long above the other party’s head.
The latter condensed a large number of ice thorns in the air and pierced the other party’s body one by one.

After receiving this combo, the man screamed as he fell to the ground.

“There are still many people in the building, so troublesome…” Ling Yi frowned slightly.

The domains allowed them to ignore their surroundings.
If someone could send people away, they would have nothing to worry about.

He lowered his head and looked down.
The royal treasury on the ground was gradually petrifying, and beside him, Yunji was releasing pink petrifying rays at him.

‘So it’s her… So, the person who will defeat him is Yunji.’

Yunji was a level 80 player, and her combat power was much higher than Wang Ku’s.

Furthermore, she had a powerful petrifying ability.
After the woman joined him the man really had no way to escape.

Shaking his head, Ling Yi no longer paid attention to the battle below.
Instead, he began to sense the entire domain.

Although the players had the advantage in numbers, they not only had to deal with the monsters and the Leader Monsters but also the dark organization that always wanted to cause destruction.

Based on the current situation, they were at a disadvantage, and most of them were injured.

In the sky, the Burning Blood Magic Ball was still releasing light waves.
He could see some ordinary people fleeing from the building in a hurry.

Ling Yi heard their voices through the [Aeolus’ Call].

“Hurry, hurry, hurry! That red light wave is burning everyone’s life force.
If we don’t run now, we’ll all die!”

“Quick, as long as everyone escapes this domain, we’ll be safe.
That light wave can’t shine out of this domain.”

“Those in front, hurry up! There are still a lot of people upstairs!”

Ling Yi couldn’t sense their condition, but seeing that many of them were pale, he guessed that it was due to the lack of blood.

Thus, he mobilized the energy in the domain and turned it into a flash of light that scattered on everyone’s body.

At a speed visible to the naked eye, these people’s faces became much healthier again, their cheeks were rosy red.

“Wow, what’s this? Which player cast the healing spell?”

“Don’t worry about it, just run!”

Within the domain, Ling Yi could use his lightning to attack any enemy at will.
He could also use his lightning to heal others at any spot.

He didn’t know if it was the original ability of his domain or the ability of his mutated domain, but now he could “see” every corner of the entire domain clearly.

The difference between it and perception was that perception could only see the shape, not the color.
However, the inspection ability of the domain was exactly the same as the naked eye.

Ling Yi raised his hands high up in the air.
First, he cast a light on everyone’s head to restore their life force so that they could walk out of this area alive.

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