“I have one last question.”

“Ask away.” The woman, Lin Ying, was very cooperative.

Ling Yi touched his chin.
“You clearly had the chance to snatch the Skeleton General’s head.
Why didn’t you? ” he asked.

Kill-stealing was a common occurrence between players.
He could not understand how she could resist the temptation of obtaining three high-level Night Stones.

“Hehehe,” Lin Ying chuckled and sat cross-legged on the ground.
She plucked the grass from the ground as she replied, “Because I don’t want to take yours.
I want to help you.”

Ling Yi didn’t understand.

“Don’t you know that you’re a national hero?” The woman next to Lin Ying, who had been silent all this time, suddenly said.

“Uh… I know.”

“You don’t think that the people of the country are just saying it on the forum, do you? ”


Even though they couldn’t see 01’s expression, they could hear the surprise in his tone.

Seeing this, the woman who had not yet revealed her name continued, “If you go to many places, you’ll see your statue in many places.
Of course, the face of the statue hasn’t been carved.”

“Not only that, your reputation has also been widely spread among the people.
Many people would clamor to repay you, but there is no way to repay your good deeds”

These things weren’t spread on the news, and Ling Yi didn’t travel around the country, so naturally, he didn’t know.

Lin Ying continued the conversation and looked up at him seriously,”Boss 01, maybe in your eyes, you’ve only contributed a few things…”

“But if you rank them according to their contributions, you’ll find that even if the six National Guardian Divine Pillars were added up, their contributions to the people of the country are not as high as yours.”

“The Eternal Spirit Guardian Monument will give everyone an extra life, and the Cleansing Monument will purify the air and all the rivers and lakes in our country once a day.
Two B-grade treasure fusion formulas, one for defense and one for healing, I wonder how many people you’ve saved.”

At this point, Lin Ying chuckled and concluded, “That’s why I want to protect you, help you, and repay you on behalf of thousands of people.”

“I will fight the devil for you, so don’t even mention mere monster bosses,”

Ling Yi had could feel Lin Ying’s sincerity.

He couldn’t say anything for a long time.

Before conversing with them, he had thought he already received all the rewards from contributing the ancient monument to the country.

The so-called “National Hero” was just a title of praise, and he had never taken it to heart before.

It was only now that he finally felt his influence.

“So you came to my district to… Did your dad ask you to come here?”

“No, I wanted to come.”

Lin Ying shook her head and furrowed her brows.
There was a strange expression across her face, “After the district transfer card appeared, we already predicted that someone would come to your district to get rid of you.
That’s why the higher-ups send players to your area to protect you.”

“Huh? What? ” Ling Yi was dumbfounded.
“Someone stronger than you?”


After the fusion, Lin Ying’s combat power was extremely strong.
If Ling Yi didn’t summon the Ice Queen, he wasn’t confident that he could defeat her.

“I don’t think so,” Lin Ying had a rough idea of her strength after the fusion.

Apart from 01, who had defeated the Beast King, no one below level 60 was her match.

Although he’s not as strong as her, he’s still better than a normal level 60 player.

“It’s more than enough to deal with those distant people who are constantly looking at you with hostility.” Then, Lin Ying raised her eyebrows.

She turned back to look at the dozen or so people in the distance who were casting hostile looks at her, and a hint of impatience appeared in her eyes.

She turned to look at the two people beside her.
Immediately, the three of them seemed to have a telepathic connection and once again completed the fusion.
They turned into a stream of light and quickly shot into the distance.

In just a few seconds, they had sent a dozen or so people running!

When they returned, the Skeleton Soldiers in the sixth checkpoint had finally been killed by him.

[Congratulations! You have passed the main road’s sixth checkpoint.
All players in the district have received 1,500 Night Stones and 3 high-grade Night Stones.]

While everyone in the district was cheering, Ling Yi looked at the notification that appeared in front of him and smiled.

[You have received an additional 1,500 Night Stones, 3 high-grade Night Stones.]

The event currency in the event Store had now become–

[Night Stone: 24,028]

[high-grade Night Stone: 7]

‘This is great.
At this rate, it shouldn’t be a problem to exchange for a divine weapon within a month!’

He still had many enemies to defeat.

Other than the level 50 King Kong Giant Ape, there was also the level 60 Beast King.

He had to deal with the latter, or he wouldn’t be able to break through the level 60 upper limit.

However, when he thought of the Beast King in his district, he couldn’t help but frown.

‘The Beast King will be level 80 during the quest period.
I definitely can’t defeat it.
I can only wait for the quest to end in 10 days before I try.’

‘Besides, there are many more people coming to deal with me during this time.
Although there are also people like Lin Ying who came to help me, how can the number of people sent by one country be more than the number of people sent by dozens of countries?’

‘As long as they can hold the others back when I’m fighting the Beast King, I’ll still consider it a success.’

If it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t have the ultimate damage output and powerful means of keeping people alive, Ling Yi would have killed all of them dozens of times before fighting the Beast King.

If all of them were reduced by dozens of levels.

By that time, he would be able to fight Beast King uninterrupted.

Just as Ling Yi’s thoughts were drifting further and further away, Lin Ying’s words pulled him back to reality.

“Let’s go.
Shall we continue to the next checkpoint?”

“Ah, okay.”

The operation lasted from eight in the morning until past eleven at night.

When Ling Yi returned, they had already cleared the main road’s seventh checkpoint.

From the eighth checkpoint onwards, the monsters that were originally level 40, now they are above level 60!

Ling Yi didn’t have to worry about the normal monsters, nor did he have to worry about the level 65 Boss.

If a group of level 60 players had Lin Ying’s combat power, it would be impossible to defeat a Leader-level monster of this level.

That was why he could come back without worry, not afraid that people would snatch the boss monsters.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, it was already past 10 pm.

The Leader Monster would come out at 11, so he planned to go back and rest.

He was now lying on the sofa, letting Lin Shurou massage his back.

“After midnight, you’ll have to go through the qualification assessment, right?”

“… Hmm… That’s right,”

“I’ll ask Wanqing to come over too.
When the time comes, you can transfer our attributes before going in, so the chances of success will be greater.”

“No, I’m confident.”

It was impossible for the enemy to be stronger than the Five-Crowned Dragon, so she didn’t take it to heart.

Lin Shurou’s delicate fingers gently rubbed Ling Yi’s scalp.
Every movement seemed to eliminate the hidden fatigue in his body.
While it made him feel comfortable, it also made him feel a little sleepy.

“I heard that the path of invincibility can increase one’s life rating and increase one’s lifespan to maintain eternal youth.
Is that true?” She asked softly.

She had seen a lot of such articles on the forum, but she couldn’t tell if it was true or just a hoax.

“If you don’t know, I don’t know either.” Ling Yi said slowly as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment.

Lin Shurou continued to massage him, but her blue eyes were filled with worry for the future.

‘He might still look like this in a few decades, while I might turn old by then…’

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