If taken into account the amount of time he spent on God’s Path, with his new item, he could reach level 100 in no time!

“That’s right.
This news was about someone who rose to Level 93 after earning and training for three months.
Currently, that’s the highest record in the world.
If they were to see these mutated EXP Pearl, they would probably go crazy.”

One could imagine the bloodbath people would go through once they learned about this special item!

No expert would reject such a “divine item”, Especially not when they know how difficult it was to level up.

Ling Yi decided to test it out and used the item.

[You have gained 90 experience!]

In order to level up to Level 9, he would require 900 exp.
By using EXP Pearl, he would receive 10% of that every day, which means he would get 90 exp each day.


When he looked at the level bar again, it had already changed to…



‘This is very good.
I’ll definitely be able to reach level 10 when I get to God’s Path again tomorrow!‘ Ling Yi clenched his fists, a confident smile on his handsome face.

He was filled with hope for the future.

Early the following morning, when the sun shone on the land of Shenxia, waking the people from their sleep, a piece of shocking news had already spread all over the world.

News about the performance of a certain group of players.

It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

On the morning of the first day of each month, people usually see what the newbies in their respective zones have done, what sort of “amazing” accomplishments they have achieved, or what high Star skills they have obtained.

Though, in reality, these so-called “amazing achievements” were nothing but ordinary feats to the non-players.

It was always the same news playing over and over, month after month, and it wasn’t a surprise that many people gradually lost their initial enthusiasm and curiosity.

However, when many people saw today’s news, their eyes widened without exception.
Many viewers shared a look of disbelief and exclaimed, “What? How is that possible?” And so on.

[Level 70 player’s attack in a low-level map!] (HOT NEWS!)

This was the top news on the forum today.

When they saw this title, everyone’s first thought was disbelief.
It was probably clickbait to attract people’s attention.

But even when they knew, almost no one could resist clicking it.

[A shocking scene in District 66 opened in the early morning hours…]

There was a short video attached to the long text.

The video was only a few seconds long, but it showed the entire incident.

“Heavens! There’s actually such a thing.

After watching the video, both players and ordinary people were deeply shocked.

“What’s going on? What was that energy body that looked like a flaming meteor? And who summoned it?”

“Hahaha, this must be our White Elephant Kingdom’s rich merchant, Arhan’s doing! He is determined to become a celestial phenomenon mage!”

“66th District? I heard that the young alliance master of the Gods Alliance is also in that area.
Could it be…”

“This doesn’t make sense.
How could a player who’s not even level 10 use such a powerful skill? Even if it has a serious flaw, it shouldn’t be this powerful!”

“F*ck me.
This skill is even more powerful than mine.
And I’m a level 50, full-Mana!”


“This is the first time I’ve learned that the Wolf King can be killed within seconds on the first day.”


Everyone was deeply puzzled.

In the comments section, all sorts of haters also appeared one after another.

“Verification complete.
The video is fake.”

“Why do so many people believe such unbelievable news? It’s clearly fake! Why are people so gullible in this era?”

“Actually, that person is me.
If you want to know more details, please join my group.
The group entry fee is…”



While God’s Path forum and the world’s major online platforms were discussing this matter, in Shenxia’s upper capital, in a luxurious western courtyard, an old man and his grandson were playing a game of chess.

Two rows of young, handsome male servants stood respectfully beside the two, waiting to be called.

This was the Wang family’s courtyard.


The two people playing chess in the pavilion were the Wang family’s patriarch, Wang Ao, and his grandson, Wang Shaoyu.

Wang Shaoyu loved to play chess, and so did Wang Ao.
The older man loved to dote on his grandson and often came to play chess with him.
Their chess skills were on par, and they often spent most of their time doing this.

But now, seeing his grandson holding a black stone in his hand, Wang Ao couldn’t help but sigh.
“I’m still too easily affected by the news.”

Ever since he learned about the shocking attack at District 66, his grandson’s brows had never relaxed.

They were all wrinkled to different degrees.

He knew what the young man was thinking but didn’t want to say it.
He wanted to see if he could adjust his mentality.


The hand holding the black stone finally fell heavily.

It didn’t land on the board but the table instead.

“Aish.” Seeing this, Wang Ao let out another sigh.
He looked at his grandson, slightly exasperated, and the young boy finally broke the silence between them.

“Grandpa, what level do you think that person is at?” Wang Shaoyu was also a new player in the current batch located in District 7.

Last night on his first trip to God’s Path, he finally managed to level up to Level 3.
When he returned home, he was so full of himself, until he saw the news about District 66.

While other people were more concerned about the terrifying attack, Wang Shaoyu was more concerned about the experience gained from killing the Wolf King.

“The experience gained from killing monsters on God’s Path will be equally divided by the number of people who killed it.
Hundreds of us worked together to kill the Wolf King, but we only got a few exp.” Shaoyu said when his grandfather did not reply.
“If that attack killed the Wolf King, wouldn’t the person who launched that attack gain a few hundred exp at once?”


“If we count the Elites monsters too… That guy is probably level five or six by now!” Wang Shaoyu gritted his teeth.
His anxiety marred his fair and handsome face.

Last night, the Wang family and the Xia family had a bet.

The Wang family bet that if Wang Shaoyu of the Wang family were the first to reach level 10 among the new members of this batch, then the two families would be connected by marriage.
The demand that the Xia family would let their eldest daughter, who was still an ordinary person, marry Wang Shaoyu.

The Xia family bet their eldest daughter would marry only the first person to reach level 10.
However, if that person were not Wang Shaoyu, the Wang family would have to provide the Xia family with three A Class treasures.


At first, Wang Shaoyu had been confident that no one could beat him, which was why he had made that bet in the first place.

But now, he was anxious.

“If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have gambled on God’s Path!”

To ensure that the bet would be carried out, the two sides made the bet official on God’s Path yesterday.

It didn’t matter even if one party took back their word, as the bet on God’s Path would bind them with its boundless power.

The thought of the possibility the Xia family’s eldest daughter could become another man’s woman, his heart was filled with jealousy and anger.


He wished he could go back in time to stop this bet from proceeding.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs or time machines in this world.

Wang Ao looked at his grandson’s resentful expression and could only sympathize with the younger man’s plight.


He had met the two girls from the Xia family before.
As people said, they were gorgeous women with attractive figures and charming faces.

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