I couldn’t kill them in one shot.’

There was an invisible barrier between the main road and the wilderness area so that the battle on the main road would not affect the wilderness.
At the same time, it also prevented players from using the wild area as an easier shortcut to reach the checkpoints.

As a result, even though the attack range of his [Starfall] was large, the flames only spread along the main road.

Right now, he and a group of high-level players are in the territory of the seventh checkpoint of the main road.
Due to the barrier between the sixth and seventh checkpoint, the flames did not spread to the other side.

At this moment, the group of people looked at him with a sense of reverence that they had not had before.

They stood in the distance and talked softly, but they didn’t know that he could hear everything.

“Is that really the Comet Boss? He is indeed worthy of his name.”

“I finally understand why those people want to kill him.
With such a large AoE, he’s like a bomb that can go off at any time.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

“No, those people wanted to kill him because he had terrifying potential.
They didn’t know he could pull such a big meteorite.
When we return and report this, the number of people sent to deal with him will only increase.”

“He seems to be a Mage, so he shouldn’t be strong in close combat.
I think we have a higher chance of defeating him…Do you want to test it out now?”

When he heard this, Ling Yi quickly focused his senses on the people who wanted to deal with him.

They were the four young men who had been standing in the air just now.
They were all wearing the same clothes, short sleeves with eagle patterns on the top and gray-white shorts on the bottom.
They were all about 25 years old.

They were obviously from the same organization.

“It’s not safe to act now.
If we fail, it’ll be difficult to act in the future.” The four of them continued to talk in low voices

“That’s right… I think we can use some small tricks first.”

Ling Yi was happy to hear that these people wanted to scheme.

He had never seen what kind of effect the [Intelligence-lowering Halo] could do and he can’t wait to see them.

On the other side…

The four level 59 elite players from White Eagle Nation’s number one player guild, United Gods, were secretly plotting in a place far away from the crowd.

[Intelligence -10%]

“There should be other people here who want to deal with 01.
We can use them to test him.
After we get a rough idea of 01’s stats and Skills, we’ll be more confident in our strategy.”

“That’s a good idea, but how do we get the others to do it?”


“It’s simple.
As long as we give them some benefits, they’ll definitely agree.”

“That’s right.
They’re going after 01 anyway.
Now that they’re getting some benefits for free, they definitely won’t reject our plan!”

“The other people who wanted to deal with 01 are all elite players from other countries.
If 01 is not around, they would be enemies— these people had already forgotten this.”

[Intelligence -30%]

“But instead of giving others benefits and letting them test him, why don’t we just give it to 01?”

“F*ck! You’re right! Just give 01 some benefits and ask him about his attributes and Skills!”

“This… Will he answer?”

“Haha, he doesn’t know that we’re here to deal with him.
As long as we give him enough benefits to satisfy him, he’ll definitely answer!”

After discussing the plan, the four of them were very happy with their “genius” idea.

Ling Yi was very happy to hear the whole story.

‘Yes, yes.
True happiness is when everyone is happy together.’ He thought happily.

He was very satisfied with the power of the [Intelligence-lowering Halo].

Then, as per plan, the four of them came to find him.

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