he discussions of the people around him and laughed heartlessly.

He clicked on it and chose the third difficulty.

Not long after that, the difficulty of District 66 was determined.

[More than half of the players in this district have chosen Nightmare Mode.]

[The mission’s difficulty is confirmed to be: Nightmare Mode.]

[Main road’s monsters level +20]

The main road monsters referred to all the monsters on the main road, including Elite Monsters, Leader Monsters, and Beast King.

Seeing that the mission difficulty had been confirmed, Ling Yi didn’t dawdle any longer.

He got up and flew towards the main road.

However, the closer he got to the sixth stage, the darker the sky became, and the more humid the air was.

After crossing the Golden Altar and passing through a forest that was a hundred meters high, the area in front of them was pouring with rain.

[Current Area: Skeleton Corps (sixth checkpoint of the main road)]

[Monster Information: Skeleton Soldier (Lv50-LV55), Skeleton Archer (Lv50-LV55), Skeleton Mage (Lv50-LV55), Skeleton General (LV55, Leader)]

Then heavy rain poured down.

Ling Yi stood on higher ground and created an updraft around him to avoid the rain.

He lowered his head and looked towards the area below.
What he saw was a vast, flat yellow-brown land.

Through the rain, he could see huge blood-stained tents set up.
Even from the pouring water, the blood didn’t wash away from them.


Thunder rumbled in the dark clouds, and lightning occasionally shone between the sky and the earth.

Not all checkpoints on the main road had clear skies.
For example, the checkpoint at the Skeleton Corps will always rain.

Ling Yi wasn’t in a hurry to attack.
Instead, he turned his head and looked elsewhere.

He was not the only one standing here.

On the contrary, there were hundreds of players he had never seen before.

Some sat on the shoulders of 30-meter-tall mud Giants, some stood in the air with their arms crossed with their teammates, and some were hidden in the black fog, their figures barely visible.

These people were all watching him.

He heard their voices through the wind.

“That blurry figure must be 01.
Who wants to go over and test him?”

“Can’t we make a decision after we see his combat strength?”

“Let’s be fully prepared before we attack.
We came to this district specifically to kill him.
We can’t let him notice us before we act.

These were the few people who stood in the air with their arms crossed.

“Wow, I’m finally able to see this legendary figure up close.
Is he really as powerful as the rumors say?”

“After defeating two Beast Kings, he definitely has the strength for it.
However, as for his elemental combat power, who knows.”

“He is definitely a Hidden Dragon.
I’ll go and make friends with him later.”

“01 is in danger.
I heard that many foreign organizations have sent their powerhouses to this area to deal with him.”

“He’s only ranked first in the regional ranking between 30 and 39.
Most of these people are powerful beings in the regional ranking between level 50 and 59.
He’s in a very dangerous situation.”

“Hehe, I’m also an expert on the list.
If I were to help him at the critical moment, this legendary figure would have to thank me.”

It was obvious.

The people who had transferred to his district were generally divided into two types.

One was specially made to deal with him.

These people had a high level and strong combat power.
They were well-organized and had plans, so he had to be careful.

The other type came because of his fame, with the intention of making friends and other ideas they wanted to do.

He didn’t need to care or worry about those kinds of people.

Ling Yi glanced at everyone present, thinking that it would be troublesome for them to be there.
At the same time, he was ready to start the battle.

‘I’ll scare them with a [Starfall] with a diameter of 40 kilometers~’

Ling Yi raised his hand to the sky and whispered softly, “[Starfall]!”

When the surrounding people saw his actions, they couldn’t help but look up at the sky.

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