After a while, the light receded…

The Ice Queen’s second form stood before him.

She was about 1.9 meters tall and had perfect curves.

Her snow-white long hair was tied up neatly, and her egg-shaped lines outlined her beautiful and mature jade-like face.
Under those slender eyebrows was a pair of charming peach-shaped eyes, which were still pure white and clean.
Under her straight and delicate nose, her thin cherry lips were slightly open, and her lips exuded an alluring luster.


She was wearing a white dress with golden edges and a slit, revealing her straight, slender, and beautiful right leg.
On her initially bare and delicate feet, she was wearing thin high-heeled sandals that seemed to be made of gold, emphasizing her snow-white and round instep, soft ankles, and white and cute little toes.

Her skin was as white as snow, as if it could emit a white light in the dark night.

“Master.” The Ice Queen couldn’t help but call out when Ling Yi only continued to stare in awe.

Two charming patches of red quietly appeared on her delicate and dignified jade-like face.

Then, as if she was feeling self-conscious about her appearance, the Ice Queen quickly turned around and flew into the distance.

Ling Yi could only blink his eyes in confusion and was surprised by what just happened.

‘Did she go from a young girl to a mature woman?’

The Ice Queen was already very beautiful before she transformed.

After her transformation, she was even more beautiful, and he wouldn’t doubt that anyone who saw her for the first time would be slightly dazed.

As soon as he flew out, the expression on the Ice Queen’s face quickly turned cold.

Her alluring, pure-white eyes were fixed on the Five-Crowned Dragon in the distance, and the killing intent in her eyes was almost overflowing.

Faced with the lightning and poison energy waves shot out by the Five-Crowned Dragon, she merely raised a single hand and created an ice-blue round mirror in front of her palm, absorbing all the incoming lightning and poison energy waves.

Right when the Beast King stopped attacking, the Ice Queen then flipped the giant mirror.

The face that was originally absorbing the energy wave released a lightning poison energy wave that was twice as large as the quasi Beast King’s!

This was one of the Ice Queen’s second form’s new skills.

[Ultimate Reflective Mirror Wall]: Creates a mirror wall that can absorb energy.
The mirror wall will then be flipped at any time to reflect the accumulated energy inside with double the power.

So whatever energy the Beast King’s had just spewed into the mirror wall, will be reflected back but doubled the power!

As the Beast King flapped its wings to avoid the energy counterattack, the Ice Queen stretched out her hand again, and a light blue ball of light quickly condensed in her delicate palm.

Then, she threw the ball of light to the Beast King’s side.

As soon as the ball of light landed on the ground, it turned into a fifty-meter-tall ice life form.

The living being had used some kind of skill to summon a large number of ice elements.

“Huh?!” Ling Yi, who was flying over from afar, looked on with shock.

“My summoned beast summoned a summoned beast?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the Ice Queen turn around and look at him with a pleading look.

It was as if she wanted him to leave the battlefield and go to a safe place.

Ling Yi shook his head and said seriously, “I copied your agility.
The Beast King can’t hit me.”

“Even if they can hit me, they won’t be able to kill me in a short time.
Don’t worry.”

A few moments ago, he had been hit by the Beast King’s tail, but in the process of flying backward, the “Solar Energy Absorber” had restored his vitality fully.

And, there was still about 1,300% energy left in it!

Even if he stood in front of the Beast King and let it hit him, it wouldn’t be able to kill him that easily.

Hearing Ling Yi’s rebuttal, the Ice Queen only sighed imperceptibly.

She didn’t say anything, but turned around and rushed to the battlefield.

The sooner she killed the Beast King the sooner her Master would be safe!

Ling Yi watched as she rushed into the battlefield and opened her interface.

[Name: Ice Queen (LV30)]

[Gender: Female]

[Attributes: strength 900, mana 900, agility 1340, endurance 900, physique 900]

[Skills: Ultimate Reflective Mirror Wall, Ice Spirit Summon, Great Frozen Day, King’s Breath (Passive), Space-Time Freeze, Extreme Frost Frost Burst…] (Other original skills are omitted)

[Equipped Treasure: Jade Cloud Crystal Chain (A)]

[Soulbinding Weapon: Zero Degree Ice Spike (S)]

[Current Status: Peak – Queen’s true form (special form)]

[Current Mood: Anxious, worried]

‘Such high attributes.’

“Wait…? ” Ling Yi was surprised.
‘Isn’t this the same combat power as the Beast King?’


Many Bosses had the Skill to enter their second form when their health dropped to a certain level.
If he wasn’t mistaken, this ‘True Empress Body’ was a variant of that skill.

Among the Ice Queen’s skills, he also saw the [Ice Spirit Summons] Skill.

‘So, that fifty-meter-tall ice creature is actually an Ice Spirit?’

Ling Yi looked at the top-shaped ice lifeform that was cooperating with the Ice Queen to suppress the Beast King.
He activated his [Eye of Truth] and confirmed that it was a Leader Monster, the Ice Spirit!

‘Sh*t… He’s too powerful.’

Despite how happy he was, Ling Yi couldn’t help but feel a little complicated.

The stronger the Ice Queen was, the safer he would be.

But, normally, the player should be stronger than their summoned beast.

It was the opposite when it came to him, which made him a little uncomfortable.

‘One day, I’ll catch up to her and even surpass her!’ Ling Yi was determined.

And he made up his mind as he looked at the Ice Queen’s figure in the distance.

After that, he once again duplicated the Five-Crowned Dragon’s magic power and joined the battlefield.

Under the combined attacks of the Ice Queen and Ling Yi, the Beast King’s life force was decreasing at a rapid rate.

[Current Status: 51.2%]

[Current Status: 40.1%]

[Current Status: 28.4%]

[Current Status: 7.6%]

About twenty minutes later, the Beast King’s HP finally dropped to less than ten percent!

Seeing that the situation was going well, Ling Yi, who had become more relaxed, flew to the Ice Queen’s side, “Why didn’t you use such a powerful transformation skill earlier? If you had used it earlier, we might have already finished fighting.”

Hearing this, the Ice Queen gently shook her head.

She turned her head to look at him and said with a serious expression, “I don’t want to leave Master for even a second.”

Ling Yi looked into her eyes for a moment and only saw her fierce determination reflected back at him.

It was as if she was saying even if heaven and earth were to fall to ruins and rivers started to flow backward, her decision won’t change.

‘If I didn’t die just now, she probably wouldn’t have used this skill for the rest of her life.’ The thought suddenly crossed his mind.

She seemed to have only used this skill in a moment of anger.

She might be secretly regretting it now.

— and apparently, he was right.

The Ice Queen was indeed regretting it now.

‘Even if I don’t use this Skill, if Master and I work together, we can kill the Beast King in a little more time.’

‘Although using this skill now will increase my speed, once the Skill ends…’

She looked at Ling Yi beside her, and a hint of reluctance appeared in her pure white eyes.

But soon, the Ice Queen turned her head and focused back on the Beast King.

Now that things had come to this, she could only cooperate with her Master to kill the Beast King as quickly as possible so she could shorten her “Ice Sleep” time.

A minute later…

When Ling Yi saw that the Beast King’s life force had finally dropped below 1%, he said excitedly, “Alright, we’re done!”

“Let us give the Beast King the final blow!”

“Yes!” The Ice Queen nodded resolutely.

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