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[Details Of This Update] (Posted By: God’s Path)

The post’s title was typed in a glaring red font.
In the entire God’s Path forum, only the God’s Path itself had the power to change the color of the text.


Ling Yi quickly clicked on it.

[Update Details]

Combat Power]

[After the update, all of the players’ attribute points will be increased as they level up.
(Also applied to monsters)

The specific attribute combat power is the corresponding attribute x level.

For example, a level 100 player with 5 strength would have 500 strength and combat power.]

Player Summoning Card]

[After the update, players could create their own summoning cards by spending gold coins.

Summoning Cards are divided into two types: Permanent Cards and One – Time Cards.
A Player could only have one Permanent Card, while they could create multiple One-Time Cards.

If someone else used a summoning card to summon them, they could make the decision whether to respond to the summoning based on their situation.


The Summoning Cards could only be used in the main world.]


What Ling Yi liked about how God’s Path shared their important information was how they always summarized the main points at the top of the page.

If the players want to learn more, they could look it up themselves without wasting other people’s time.

Ling Yi didn’t really care about the Player Summoning Cards…

The key was still the first update!

“Attribute combat power?”

He read and re-read the descriptions word by word and gradually came to a realization.

‘In short, it means that the higher the level, the stronger more attribute points they would have.‘

‘In the past, it didn’t matter if a player was level 1 or level 100.3, their strength attribute points were the same.
A low-level player could have the same strength attribute points as someone with a high level.‘

‘But now with the update, while a level 1 player can lift one table, a level 100 player can lift 100 tables at the same time!‘

‘Their actual strength will be one hundred times stronger than the former!‘

He scrolled to the comments of other players and confirmed his thoughts.

[F*ck, f*ck! This is a huge level increase!]

[I’m level 50.
Doesn’t that mean that after the update, my actual strength and agility will be 50 times what they are now?!]

[That’s right!]

[Everyone’s improvement is equivalent to no one’s improvement.
There’s nothing to be excited about.]

[You idiot! In the past, a level 50 player might still be brave enough to challenge a level 70 or 80 player to a battle.
But now? Who would dare to do so? Now, the higher the level, the stronger you are!]


The players were discussing it intensely, even excitedly fighting to celebrate.

However, there were others who were swept by the wind of sorrow across the world.

“We’re doomed!” The owner of a tavern said as his knees collapsed to the ground, a devastated look crossed his face.

“We ordinary people were already in deep waters to begin with.
But now, with the additional update, players would soar even higher! Then we’ll be like fishes on land, waiting to be eaten!”

“F*ck! What’s even more infuriating is that those monsters will also be dozens of times stronger than they already were!” Someone next to him angrily smashed his glass.

The people’s pessimistic mood was like a flood.

“At first, we still had a chance against players… Now, no matter what attribute they add, as long as their levels are high, we won’t be able to deal with them.”

“Black Sky will be even more terrifying! With the extra strength, the danger level will be a thousand times higher!”

“Then wouldn’t the world be destroyed if a Beast King appeared?”

“Hehe… Then let’s be killed together.”


Just a few minutes after God’s Path news was released, a large number of shops operated by ordinary people around the world announced that they would temporarily close down.

It made sense.

With the rapid increase in player’s combat power around the world, the world would become very dangerous in the next few days… Or even for the next few years to come…

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